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Work experience

Mental Health Nurse

Indian Red Cross Society
2014 November to-, Old Age Home as a Mental Health Nurse Duties: Caring for elderly those who are experiencing acute mental distress or who have an enduring mental illness; Assessing and talking to them about their problems and discussing the best way to plan and deliver their care; Building relationships with them to encourage trust, while listening to and interpreting their needs and concerns; Responding to distressed persons in a non-threatening manner and attempting to understand the source of distress; Applying cognitive stimulation therapy and other behavioral therapy to help people manage their emotions and behavior; Preparing and participating in group and/or one-to-one therapy sessions, both individually and with other health professionals; Providing evidence-based individual therapy, such as cognitive behavior therapy and counselling for depression and anxiety; Encouraging them to take part in art, drama or occupational therapy where appropriate; Organizing social events aimed at developing patients' social skills and helping to reduce feelings of isolation and grief; Preparing and maintaining client records; Producing care plans and risk assessments for individual; Working with client and care givers, helping to educate them and the client about their mental health problems; Promoting a' recovery' based approach to care.
Jun 2007Jun 2009

Charge Nurse

Padma Poly Clinic
in, Krishnagiri as a Charge Nurse Responsibilities Responsible for leading and managing the nursing activities of a designated area of the hospital, ensuring a full and professional service is delivered to patients at all times in accordance with the hospital policies, all statutory regulatory requirements and within the available budgeting framework. Duties Supervising and evaluating the delivery of nursing care. Planning a patients discharges from hospital and if required liaising with community nurses, GPs and social workers. Taking responsibility for the ward in the absence of senior staff. Utilising specialist medical and healthcare equipment. Responding quickly and effectively to episodes of verbal and/or physical aggression. Taking a patients pulse, blood pressure and temperature, also observing and recording the condition of patients. Ensuring that care plans are implemented and evaluated on a regular basis for every patient. Managing family planning and health clinics in partnership with other healthcare teams. Carrying out routine investigations and care procedures, such as administering medication, injections and intravenous infusions.
Oct 2003Feb 2007

Staff Nurse

Pilar Health Centre
in Andaman as a Staff Nurse




College of Nursing G.R University


College of Nursing SRM University

GNM-Gravismeds School of Nursing