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I've enjoyed and excelled for the last 30 years in the communications industry selling and managing projects that included some or all of these products; 2 way radio, Cellular, IP transmission methods (VoIp, RoIP), Microwave, Command & Control consoles and ergonomic furniture, Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System, Voice Archival Recording, and Large Screen Displays .  Consultive and solution oriented sales have been my sucessful approach over the years.

Both in sales and project management, it is vital to establish and maintain a relationship with the customer.  Over the years, easily 40% of my business came thru referrals.  Not only is this the easiest sale, it is the most rewarding.  It means that my service has been remembered favorably and above others.

Work experience


Sales and Project Manager


Apogee has been the sales arm for multiple manufacturers dealing within the wireless communications arena.  Over the past two plus decades, we have sold large scale products to California and Nevada public safety agencies and large corporate dispatch centers.  My annual sales average $2,000,000.

During this time, we were also employed as project managers for all or a portion of the overall project.  These responsibilities included budgeting, scheduling, coordinating vendor schedules within the overall project, etc.  In my most recent job required evaluating, purchasing, and total installation of equipment and remodel facilities within 70 days.  This is unheard-of within the industry.  It was made possible in large part due to 30 years of establishing relationships with suppliers.



I began as a salesman and worked into management with 13 months.  The Motorola product offerings were extremely diverse.  Selling everything from small pagers to paging terminals, from radios to radio system controllers, from Microwave parts to Microwave systems and then selling and distributing cellular phones.  My 8 years management experience with Motorola included the day-to-day management of between 3 and 13 sales people.



University of Oregon - School of Journalism & Communication


Time and Organizational Management
MS Office Proficiency
This includes Project and Visio
Presentation Skills