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Work experience

Chairperson of the City of Los Angeles animal shelter standards committee

City of Los Angeles

Elected by my peers for a period of three years to be Chairperson of the City of Los Angeles animal shelter standards committee and successfully stopped the L. A. city shelters from selling animals to laboratories.

Chairperson and liaison for L.A. County animal welfare issues

Supervisor Baxter Ward, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Was appointed for three years by Supervisor Ward to be his Chairperson and liaison for L.A. County animal welfare issues.

Ramstein Air Force Base

Worked for nine months in the PX selling books.

Liaison officer and assistant shop manager

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection

Through actress Doris Day and actor and British stage and screen legend Brian Aherne, I was able to work in London, England as liaison officer and assistant shop manager for BUAV’s Animal Welfare Trust.

Rt. Hon. Muriel, Lady Dowding

I worked against experiments on animals with Lady Dowding, widow of famed hero of the Battle of Britain, Lord Dowding.  Her main focus was stopping cosmetic “testing” on rabbits’ eyes.

staff member and London, England representative

Vegetarian World Newspaper

Was staff member and London England representative for four years.

West Coast Director

The Fund for Animals

West Coast Director for Cleveland Amory’s Fund for Animals.  Coordinated appearances by celebrities such as Bob Barker, Robert Vaughn, John Forsythe, Rikki Rockett of the band Poison, Hugh O’Brian, Jim Fowler, Patrick Wayne, Steve Allen, Gardner McKay, Max Baer, Rock  Hudson, Richard Basehart, Earl Holliman, Betty White, Mary Tyler Moore, Angie Dickinson, Doris Day, Amanda Blake, Susan St. James, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Jayne Meadows to talk about animal rights issues on television. I also put on charitable fundraisers for animals; was television spokesperson for the Fund for Animals and appeared in a telethon for the Fund for Animals.

Feb 2007Present

usherette and ticket taker

The Gorilla Company

Work for The Gorilla Company , the largest outdoor entertainment staffing company in the world, Tempe, AZ, 480-921-2112, February 2007 to present.  Usherette and ticket-taker.


On camera spokesperson

Last Chance for Animals Arizona and Animal Commandos

I was on camera spokesperson for Last Chance for Animals and Animal Commandos.

May 1992Aug 2001


Caretaker, companion, provided transportation for, shopped for, cared for pets, administered medication and prepared meals for incapacitated parents.


Roxboro High School

Completed High School requirements for diploma.

Estelle Harmon Acting School

Completed acting training classes.

20th Century Fox Movie Studios Sanford Meisner

Attended the 20th Century Fox Movie Studios Sanford Meisner Starlet School.

John Robert Powers

Completed modeling training classes.

Dante Alighieri Language Institute

Took classes in Italian for six months.  

Sawyer Business College

Attended for one year.  Took classes in business ethics, telephone switchboard courses.

Took  classes in speech, dance, journalism, theater, geology, sociology, French, psychology, music.

Took  classes in speech, dance, journalism, theater, geology, sociology, French, evolutionary biology, psychology, music

Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, University of Arizona


House sitter and pet sitter
  House sitting and pet-sitting for Hollywood celebrities.  
Shopper for Senior citizens for ten years.
Demonstrable safe driving record.
Was in administration with Last Chance for Animals (LCA) in Los Angeles.  LCA was founded by prestigious actor and author, Christopher DeRose: recipient of the 1997 Courage of  Conscience International  Peace Award which he received for his animal rights activities. Demonstrable safe driving record.
Putting on events, fundraisers and celebrity benefits
More than a decade of experience putting on events, fundraisers, and celebrity benefits on behalf of animals for internationally recognized social commentator, book author, and magazine journalist,Cleveland Amory.
Contacting stars and celebrities
Extensive experience contacting stars and V.I.P’s to appear on television shows to talk on animal rights.
Animal care
  Cared for hundreds of rescued dogs, cats, ferrets,rabbits, coyotes, foxes & farm animals over the years.  
Companion to and caring for Seniors
  Experience in being a companion to and caring for Senior citizens for ten years.   


Mrs. Alan Greatorex

Have known for 8 years as co-director of Last Chance for Animals Arizona.

Dr. Pat Haight

Have known for 8 years as animal protection colleague.