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I am a good speaker, confident,got sense of humor,polite,loyal.....

I dream big,my ethics are strong and strict.

I believe in myself.

Overall I am a lover and believer.



Computer Skills 

#got a good knowledge on Computer,


#experienced in windows xp,vista,7,8

#Office work:MS word

Language Proficiency

Good Command over English and Colloquial Bengali 



Travelling and Photography


I am a cyclist, My best long ride is 120 KM Gopalganj -Dhaka, 40 KM ride is my average cycle ride of normal time.

Extra Curriculum Activities 

Activist in "Badhan" Voluntary Blood Donors'Organization 

Its a Voluntary Blood Donors' Organization  , I donate blood and also manage donors for donating blood to the patients and in certain time we do campaign for free blood grouping.