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Hi, my name is Shaya Klechevsky and I'm a career changer.  Up until now, I have been working as the Information Manager and Admissions Creative Consultant for a prestigious private Jewish high school. After years of providing technical support for the school at-large, primarily in helping them shift their data systems to a new web-based education-centric content management system, but in providing them with specialized technical expertise geared toward actualizing all of their projects and goals.

I also started developing new marketing strategies with the Director of Admissions and Associate Principal, which is where I discovered a passion for the challenges of marketing - specifically online marketing. Through my experiences, I was able to learn the fundamentals of good marketing techniques, and by keeping abreast of the latest and most innovative marketing solutions and strategies I was able to apply these concepts and even devise new ones in helping the school with their Admissions-related marketing obstacles.

Now, I'm taking my technical skills and my newfound knowledge and have been applying the concepts in the latest in effective marketing techniques in helping companies with their marketing goals.

Work experience

Jan 2006Jun 2008

Information Manager & Admissions Creative Consultant

Yeshivah of Flatbush

As Information Manager, I was responsible for aiding in the transition of the school’s data systems over to a web-based system that is accessible over the internet. This included ensuring proper data integrity related to students’ records as well as supportive data systems. My responsibilities included maintaining website content for the various aspects of the school, including academic and extracurricular programs. I was also responsible for maintaining and developing existing and new database applications. One such application is the Admissions Student Database, a database I’ve created and maintained which tracks incoming student applications. Another is the Community Service Hours Tracker, a new database application that is used in tracking the details of over 750 students’ community service volunteer hours. As graphic artist, I developed and created various publicity materials for the school, such as advertisements, flyers, and invitations. Among some of the events that are run at the school, I managed and directed all aspects of the school’s Open House, ensuring we procured lists of prospective students, creating proper publicity and invitations, and aiding the managing principal in developing an appropriate program for prospective parents and students.

Mar 2004Jan 2006

Fulfillment Systems Coordinator

In fulfilling my role as Fulfillment Systems Coordinator, I was responsible for maintaining, updating, troubleshooting, and creating database applications to fulfill varied and widespread needs to the Jewish National Fund. Among some of the projects I had worked on, I completed the JNF/KKL Projects tracking program, allowing the Israel Emissaries Department to accurately track proper project allocations in both US and Israel. An application I had developed from the ground-up was the Speakers Bureau Online Application, which is a database that stores information related to speakers’ qualifications, personal information, availability, and bookings. This application is primarily utilized by the Speakers Bureau coordinator as a means of tracking the bookings, and to create itineraries for the booked speakers. This will also be used as a means of tying-in the information to the JNF Intranet for regions across the country to be able to access this pertinent information.

Sep 1999Mar 2004

Office Aid/Creative Consultant to Associate Principal and Director of Admissions

Yeshivah of Flatbush

While pursuing my Bachelors degree, I worked for the Yeshivah of Flatbush within the capacity as a general office aid where I provided the various office secretaries with advanced technological support such as improved filing systems, more advanced use of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Publisher. As creative consultant I was responsible for technologically supporting the Director of Admissions and Associate Principal in all endeavors related to admissions. This included advertising design, direct mailer design as well as all print media brochures and literature. Additionally, I was responsible for coordinating and managing the Open House from compiling lists of prospective students from feeder schools and the entire programming of the Open House.


Sep 1999Dec 2003

Bachelors of Arts

CUNY Brooklyn College

I attended Brooklyn College where I received a BA in Psychology as well as a Minor in Health and Nutrition Sciences.


Native speaker of the Hebrew language. Literate in spoken and literal Hebrew.
MS Office Suite
Using the full breadth of Microsoft Office products from the earliest versions, up to and including 2007.