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Work experience


Baby Sitter

Volunteer Work

I baby sit younger cousins here and there. Sometimes I get paid, and sometimes it's entirely voluntary work with no payment. 

May 2015Present

Concession Stands

Indian Springs Middle School

I was asked by one of my high school teachers if I could work the concession stands for a few hours at the middle. I agreed and got paid afterwards for my work. 

Aug 2004Jun 2018

Student Full-time

Whitley County 

I've been in school since 2004. I've been a student in Whitley County for eleven years now.


Aug 2004Jun 2018

Core 40 with Academic Honors

Columbia City High School/ Eagle Tech Academy

I will graduate in the year 2018. After that, I plan on going to four year college so I can become a teacher.



I love making things and being creative. I have some artistic abilities when it comes to drawing, painting, etc.

People Friendly

I enjoy being around people. I am patient and get along with most people.

Paint Program

I can edit, enhance, and create images on the Paint program.


I can edit, enhance, and create images on Photoshop. 

Microsoft Programs

I am proficient and can operate any Microsoft program effectively.