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I am working towards earning an executive leadership position that will allow me to ensure quality outcomes in the Healthcare Industry.   I desire a satisfying position where I have a high level of autonomy and resources allowing me to implement innovative initiatives that would increase efficiency, stabilize workflow, and improve patient outcomes.  I believe I have the skills necessary to achieve this goal, including a high level of organization, leadership, and self motivation.  I am further developing these skills by completing a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program; completed projects and courses are available on my e-Portfolio listed above at GWU.

Work History

Sep 2009Present

Pharmacist In Charge

JAT Pharmacy, LLC

Supervisor: Stefan Lindberg (952-567-6263)

   Hrs/Week: 40-45

The pharmacy operates under a closed door veterinary product mail order business model with the objective of dispensing non-compounded medications directly to customers via a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship.  At any given time, a team of up to 12 pharmacists, technicians, and ancillary staff are being managed.

Excellent data management skills
Maintain data-sets in excess of 500,000 data points.  Perform data analysis in Excel via formulas as well as table and chart functions to extrapolate information to influence business decisions such as:

  • Forecasting personnel needs using FTE analysis.
  • Identifying points of improvement by drilling down on specific pharmacy programs to visualize gains/losses.
    • Identified a program that was showing losses and recommended improvement plan to adjust charges to improve margin.
  • Identifying national trends by drilling down on data specific to state and regional locations and recommending target campaign for items commonly shipped to locations.
  • Completing depreciation model on potential capital equipment purchases to visualize ROI as compared to current manual processes.
    • Identified time needed to recoup costs on particular machine based on manual labor rates and hours.
  • Utilizing histograms and Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio (ICER) analysis tools to identify optimal order value for insurance contracts.
  • Conducting error rate analysis to identify inefficiencies in workflow and ultimately devising plans of action to rectify these inefficiencies.

Further develop Microsoft Excel skills by creating and maintaining spreadsheets from user generated reports that allow for improved data analysis and metrics management skills.

Experience with Policy and Procedure Processes

Develop and maintain Policy & Procedure Manual used to obtain Vet-VIPPS accreditation (Sample in Portfolio Section).  Hone organizational and Microsoft Office Suite skills by creating and maintaining an intensive Policy & Procedure Manual for licensing and accreditation standards.  Enhance Adobe Acrobat skills by converting both digital and paper documents into digital PDF files, many of which are further altered into forms to be digitally filled out, allowing for better documentation and data organization.

Extensive knowledge of state and federal pharmacy regulations
Ensure compliance by managing pharmacy licenses for forty-six states as well as personal pharmacist licenses for sixteen states.  Obtained original license for pharmacy in order to begin operations.  Develop and maintain Policy & Procedure to be in compliance with Federal and State pharmacy regulations including anti-kickback and Stark laws.

Experience with Quality Assurance/Improvement techniques
Utilize SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) and Root-Cause error analysis tools in order to address errors in a non-punitive system-based manner.  Familiar with Fish-Bone and SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) quality improvement tools to improve working environment as well as workflow.  Utilize creative thinking skills to solve workflow and efficiency issues as well as to develop future projects such as bar-coding and e-prescribing integration.  Collect and analyze metrics related to employee and business performance.  Develop and present annual Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement analysis to corporate level executives.  Develop versatility in approaching unpredictable situations and adapt accordingly to complete tasks in an efficient manner. 

Excellent Customer Service
Employ customer service and listening skills when assisting veterinary staff and pet owners via telephone and e-mail in order to achieve highest customer satisfaction possible.  Have acquired knowledge on how to professionally,  calmly, and respectfully express empathy towards upset clients. 

May 2008Sep 2009

Staff/Clinical Pharmacist

St. Joseph's Wheaton Franciscan Hospital

Supervisor: Chris Sanders (No longer with company)

  Hrs/week: 40

Exceptional patient care
Provided care to patients as an  interdisciplinary member of the healthcare team on the cardiology, medical, and ICU floors strengthening many clinical skills such as:

  • Recognizing medications for IV to PO conversion
  • Renal dosing 
  • Initiating monitoring for patients on phenytoin, phenobarbital, digoxin, or any other medication dosed by levels
  • Performing daily kinetic calculations for patients on heparin, vancomycin, aminoglycosides, and occasionally phenytoin

Attended daily patient care rounds on the medical floors where issues pertaining to dosing of medications in the geriatric population were discussed as well as other clinical issues as they arose.  Was the preceptor for the medical floors.  Engaged pharmacy students and residents in educational/experiential activities.

Experience with managing employees in healthcare setting

Managed central pharmacy which required completion of following duties:

  • Management of 4-6 technicians/ancillary staff at any given moment
  • Verification of medications prepared in a sterile environment
  • Verification of technician picked medications for use on floors
  • Making/verification of chemotherapeutic medications
  • Verification of machine made TPN's (machine ran by technicians)


July 2017Aug 2019

Executive Master of Health Administration (MHA)

The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health

Extensive info and completed projects are available on ePortfolio at (

Competencies: Leadership, Motivation, Strategy Development, Project Management, Time Management, Population Health, Quantitative Analysis, Quality Improvement

Fourth Year Rotations

Site: Waukesha Memorial Hospital                                                  January 2008-March 2008

Administrative Pharmacy Student:  Gained experience in the inner workings of a hospital pharmacy department by attending meetings and preparing reports for the P&T Committee.  Developed skills in managing policies and politics by developing an anticoagulation policy and giving an in-service on the recent PSW Legislative Day.

Project (See Portfolio Section): Anti-coagulation Policy

Site: University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics         October 2007- December 2007

Cardiac Specialty Pharmacy Student:  Gained experience with cardiology medications and disease states commonly seen on the cardiac unit such as atrial flutter, congestive heart failure, and myocardial infarction.  Experienced an ICU setting and the patient care associated with such.  Attended weekly in-services about topics ranging from Diabetes Mellitus medications to fluid and electrolyte management as well as partook in daily rounds with medical team.

Site: University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics                August 2007-October 2007 

Psychiatry Specialty Pharmacy student:  Gained experience with psychiatric medications and disease states commonly seen on the psychiatry unit such as depression, psychosis, and bipolar disorder.  Organized informal medication round table educational discussion with patients as well as partook in daily rounds with medical team.

Project (See Portfolio Section): Medications Intervention Project

Site: Oregon Pharmacy                                                                                 July 2007-August 2007

Retail Pharmacy Student:  Gained experience in a small community retail pharmacy that also performed compounding of medications.  Honed consulting skills as well as compounding skills.

Projects (See Portfolio Section): Proper Medication Disposal Poster & Proper Medication Disposal Pamphlet 

Site: Dean Pharmacy in Oregon, WI                                                             May 2007-July 2007

Clinic Pharmacy Student:  Gained experience in a small outpatient clinic pharmacy.  Partook in Warfarin management at weekly anti-coagulation clinic.  Honed consulting skills as well as general medication knowledge.

Cross Cultural Experiences

Japan (2008):  Spent seventeen days experiencing Japanese culture.  Greatly strengthened communication, people, and independence skills.  Due to the language barrier, learned how to adapt quickly to situations and communicate in different ways.

Ecuador (2005):  Multidisciplinary Medical Anthropology Course in Ecuador (3cr).  Studied local medical practices as well as provided hands on care to local communities.  Gained a greater appreciation of a health care system in a third world country.  Learned patience with working with people of a different culture.

Europe (2004):  Spent twenty-one days experiencing cultures of ten Western European countries.  Greatly strengthened communication, people, and independence skills.  Gained significant experience in problem solving quickly.

Austria (2003):  Austrian Ski Trip.  Spent spring break with group of five other college students in Innsbruck, Austria.  Teamwork, decision making, communication, and independence skills were strengthened by working with a group and being on own in a foreign country.

Costa Rica (2002):  Tropical Field Ecology in Costa Rica (3cr). Gained appreciation and knowledge of tropical dry/wet forests, tropical rain forests, and cloud forests including creatures and habitats contained within.  Enhanced teamwork and decision making skills traveling with fellow students.


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