Tzung-Hsien (Shawn) Ho

Doctoral PreSales

Work History

Work History
Jan 2015 - Present

Senior Systems Engineer


Mainly responsible for FSI sectors, including government-owned banking, securities, and insurance companies in Taiwan. Also cover large enterprise account, including Formosa Plastic Group and Taiwan Chinese Petroleum. 

  • My sales and I own the highest quota achievement rate among Taiwan Enterprise Account Managers (EAMs) in 2015, over 130% achievement.
  • Closed a 500K project at Hua-Nan Commercial Bank. This project is intended to transform their on-premise cloud to adopt the fast-changing requirements at 3rd-platform.
  • Closed a 900K project at Yuanta Financial holding. Successfully deliver a combo solution to help Yuanta Securities securing emails on their employees' BYODs (bring your own devices).
  • Closed a 15,500 EMM units (500K) in Formosa Plastic Group. This project secures their plant's confidential information being stolen by mobile devices.
  • Closing a 500K project at ChungHwa Post. This project is to assist customer expanding their application development capability at open platform as well as improving their DevOps manageability.
  • Started to join CNA (Cloud Native Application) team as a local subject matter expert (SME). My goal is to participate in developer's community to promote VMware's container technology. 
Oct 2014 - Nov 2014

Senior R&D Engineer


Lead efforts in prototyping frameworks for business intelligence.

  • Dart + Polymer
  • Angular Framework
  • D3js with SVG
  • OpenData Usage
Sep 2013 - Sep 2014

Product and Marketing Director


NUUO Inc. is a software manufacturer, specialized in video management system as well as network video recorder. NUUO currently has a global branch office at Brea, USA, and local representatives in India, Russia, South Africa, French, and United Kingdom.

I was lucky enough to participate in NUUO's IPO process to serve as one of the five representatives to promote our company at GreTai securities market. I lead a product team of 14 members and is responsible for delivering a comprehensive product information to our sales, distributors, and system integrator. Marketing team has 6 members and is in charge of brand/product awareness which includes promotion at exhibitions, partner events, and website. Some important team achievements are listed below:

Product Team:

  • NUUO Crystal™:
    • The first linux-based enterprise video management solution worldwide. 
    • Winner of the Security Industry Association (SIA) Award of ISC West 2014. 
    • Account for 15% of company's revenue and 24% of the company's profit in 6 months.
  • NUUO Crystal™  VM:
    • Design pure software version of NUUO Crystal™ in VMWare, which targets at IT customers and video storage cloud solutions. 
    • Alliance with SAN storage companies (EMC) for creating no-single-point of failure surveillance solution, ideal for cloud service.
  • NUUO Plugin Framework:
    • Initiate plugin frameworks for 3rd-party device integration into NUUO Crystal™ product. This framework is the basis for future BigData analysis on video management system.

Marketing Team:

  • In charge of half million USD budget for launching a brand new enterprise solution, NUUO Crystal™. 
  • Deliver product information to our VIP customers as well as collect customer's requirements in international Tradeshows, including
    • ISC West @ Les Vegas, USA
    • Secutech @ Taipei, Taiwan
    • IFSec @ London, UK
  • Responsible for technical alliance activities.
  • Boost's website traffic flow by 400%.
  • Build a cost-per-lead analysis framework.
May 2011 - Sep 2013

Quality Assurance Manager

Trimar International Corp.

Trimar International Corp. is a pharmaceutical trader and manufacturer in Taiwan. As a manufacturer, our bottles and closures are supplied to all major pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan. As a trader, we are the sole and exclusive representative for couple major pharmaceutical packaging suppliers in Taiwan. 

As a quality assurance manager, I established quality assurance department from scratch and implemented quality system into all three of our plants. Our quality system assisted us passing audits from all major customers, including auditors from United States. Some important achievements are listed below for further reference:

Quality Assurance:

  • Establish quality assurance team for daily production items release.
  • Teach GMP(Good Manufacturer Practice) class for 3 plants in a monthly basis.

As an Auditee (audited by Customer/ Third-party auditors):

  • All 3 plants are certified against ISO 9001:2008 Quality system.
  • All 3 plants are certified against GMP for all 3 plants - by major customers

As an Auditor for suppliers:

  • Lead auditor for cGMP and ISO 9001:2008 for both international and local suppliers.
Nov 2008 - Apr 2011

Development Manager


NUUO Inc. is a software manufacturer, specialized in video management system as well as network video recorder. NUUO currently has a global branch office at Brea, USA, and local representatives in India, Russia, South Africa, French, and United Kingdom.

When I first joined in NUUO as an R&D engineer in 2008, I was responsible for Intelligent Video System (IVS) development. My work applied background estimation algorithm to differentiate object trajectories for further system analysis. Starting from 2010, I was promoted as a manager to lead software development tasks. From June 2010, I led more than 50 people team, including R&D, PM, and QA, to develop pure software based applications. 

New Product:

  • iViewer 1.0: Mobile Client for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. 
  • SDK 2.0: Mainly used by 3rd-party integration. This SDK is cross-platform and available in CSharp, C++, and ActiveX. 
  • NuClient 1.0: Client software for NUUO's next generation enterprise video platform.

New versions of existing product:

  • Mainconsole 3.4 and 3.4.1: This product was responsible for 34% of NUUO's revenue. It was also the vessel for NUUO's video compression card (from Analog to IP).
  • CMS 1.3 and 1.5: This product connected all NUUO's product into a central viewing station, including Mainconsole and Mini2. 


  • Discuss product specifications with key accounts, including major network device manufacturers and system integrators from different countries.
May 2007 - Sep 2008

Research Engineer

TechnoScience Inc.

TechnoScience Inc is a system integrator who makes its profit by winning government's projects. Our founder, Dr. Blankenship, is a professor at University of Maryland. He creates such an environment to assist talented Ph.D. graduates building their careers. For topics of interest, winning government's project is the only way to receive funding. It is also encouraged to participate in other's project to deliver solutions collaboratively. This business model is quiet unique and I am greatly benefited from it. 

During my career with TechnoScience Inc. I mainly involve with two projects, Trident maritime surveillance system (TMSS) and Two-axis gun barrel. Details are listed below:

TMSS:  Led the R&D efforts of the vision subsystem for the next-generation TMSS (Trident Maritime Surveillance System) used to secure the Strait of Malacca. The vision system is implemented on TI Davinci 6446 platform. Several completed works include (1) high accuracy GPS-based (1° precision) and pixel-based (0.01°) target pointing system, (2) omni-directional monitoring interface (render by OpenGL), and (3) automatic zoom/focus control. The new focus is the vessel recognition system based on SIFT (shift-invariance feature transformation) algorithm.

Two-Axis Gun Barrel: In charge of two-axis stabilized platform consisting of two direct-drive brushless DC motors for office of naval research (ONR). The control system was realized with the synergy between TMSC6701 processor and Simulink. Users can directly compile the simulation results using RTW and then load code into the DSP controller with no additional efforts. The real-time loop of the controller, operated at 1KHz, takes 6 inputs (4 gyros and 2 encoders) and outputs commands through CAN bus. The command loop, operated at 10Hz, receives user command from UART port. The resulting system can carry a payload up to 140 lbs and complete a circular spin within 1 second.





Virtualization Technology for On-Premise Cloud, End-User Computing, and Enterprise Mobile Management.

Specialize in vSphere-based virtualization skills. Knowing how to build an on-premise cloud, establish a virtual-desktop infrastructure, and build an enterprise mobile management system with all the tools piled up. 

Web Programming

Combine Dartlang, Polymer, Angular, D3, and SCSS to build toolchains for web programmer.


Encourage open-minded thinking. Facilitation skill can collect opinions from team members and reach consensus efficiently.


Simulation of algorithms


Used Visual Studio/ Netbeans/ Qt as the Integrated development environment


Jan 2015 - Present


VMware Inc.
Jun 2012 - Jun 2013



Presentation Activities

Product Presentation Activities:

  • "Industrial VMS Solution" at GDSF Asia forum 2014
  • "NUUO Crystal Titan" at SIA New Product Competition at ISC West 2014

Conference Presentation Activities:

  • SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego, California, 2006
  • IEEE OMNIVIS in Beijing, 2005 
  • SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego, California, 2005 
  • SPIE Photonics in San Jose, California, 2005