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Hiking, Running, Biking, Golf, Tennis, Martial Arts


An experienced senior executive, Shawn Broz founded Magellan Associates, a management consulting firm based in Henderson, Nevada. Shawn Broz oversees all aspects of the firm as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. Working with start-ups, early-stage businesses, and established small and medium-sized enterprises, Magellan Associates offers consulting for business development, financial management, and strategic planning. Mr. Broz and his associates focus on helping clients achieve superior growth and success despite financial and strategic challenges. An accomplished business professional, Shawn Broz possesses leadership experience in areas such as change management, strategic planning and tactical execution, marketing and sales program leadership, complex negotiations, joint ventures and strategic alliances, talent acquisition, business development, and market expansion. Responsibilities he held in the public sector early in his career included establishing partnerships with telecommunications and technology companies, coordinating public and private sector alliances, and managing strategic business relationships. Joining the private sector, Mr. Broz accepted a position at MCS Communications/Kelley Broadband Group as a part-time consultant, eventually earning a promotion to Chief Executive Officer and General Manager. Shortly after achieving this role, he spearheaded the complete acquisition of Kelley Broadband Group by MCS Communications. As a result of his ambitious leadership, the company achieved a revenue increase of nearly 265 percent during his first year as CEO. Over the course of his career with MCS Communications and Kelley Broadband, Shawn Broz helped the company achieve an average gross profit increase of 95 percent. Mr. Broz earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Studies from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Arts in International Relations from Yale University. He also holds a number of academic certificates, including an Executive Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business and Master Certificates in Information Technology management and Six Sigma from Villanova University. In his personal life, Shawn Broz actively supports a number of charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation, the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and Heart to Heart International.

Work experience

Mar 2012Present

Managing Director and CEO

Magellan Advisers

Helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.

Jan 2007Feb 2012

CEO and General Manager

MCS Communications (Mohave Cooperative Services, Inc. DBA MCS Communications)

* Facilitate business outside of the company while guiding employees and other executive officers towards a central objective.


Jan 2001May 2003


Yale University

Master of Arts, International Relations – Yale University Focus: Strategy, Security Studies, and Management * Completed renowned Brady-Johnson program dedicated to the study of Grand Strategy, International History, and Global Security. * Graduate and Professional Student Senate, Senator * Studies in Grand Strategy Class of 2002-2003 “Studies in Grand Strategy,” a two-semester, calendar-year interdisciplinary graduatel-level seminar offered jointly by the Yale Departments of History and Political Science and the Yale School of Management, and co-taught by Profs. Gaddis, Hill, and Kennedy, and joined by Distinguished Fellows Walter Russell Mead, John Negroponte, and Paul Solman, is the flagship course of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy. The Program investigates methods and materials for teaching and understanding grand strategy, and attracts a select group of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who, upon completing the course, plan to pursue their own research and career agendas in grand strategy. The aim of the course, like the program as a whole, is to educate students who, in the coming decades, are likely to assume positions of leadership in a variety of public and professional fields.

Aug 1994May 1998


University of Notre Dame

Cum Laude, Double-majored while undertaking studies in Japan and completing studies while undertaking an academic trip around the world., University of Notre Dame Glee Club: Recognized as one of the finest all male collegiate choral groups in the country, the University of Notre Dame Glee Club has a rich history of singing and brotherhood spanning the last ninety-five years.