6 years experience in the IT industry with 4+ years experience in data related design, implementation and support. I have a broad range of skills but my passion lies toward data processing and engineering.

  • Experience in data modelling, migration and integration in MS SQL, MongoDB and SAP BW.
  • Working with structured and unstructured data, this includes extracting data from raw web pages and web services.
  • Experience in data profiling, cleaning and Analysis in Python and R.
  • Using visualization to help facilitate the understanding of reports, convey complex ideas and indicate performance at a glance.
  • Researching best practices and keeping up-to-date with new technologies.
  • Experienced in working with finance, mining production, plant hire, plant maintenance and procurement data.

Work experience

Work experience

BI Developer / Analyst

Aug 2014 - Present
Free-lance Consultant

After working for Eqstra/MCC Group for a total of 6 years, I decided to expand my skill set by taking time off. During this time I gained experience in among others things:

  • The core concepts of MongoDB, as well as the cleaning and profiling of data in MongoDB.
  • Cleaning, profiling, analysis and prediction of data in both python and R.
  • Familiarity with statistical, machine learning and plotting packages in both R and Python.
  • Parallel programming.

Whilst continuing to pursue data related studies and personal projects. I have also been working as a freelance consulate, completing several SAP BW projects.

Current Studies

  • Data Driven Document(d3.js).
  • NVidia Cuda.
  • Hadoop, as well as the core concepts of disturbed processing.

Personal Projects

  • Streaming data from Twitter's public stream with the intention of gathering large quantities of data and using Big data style analysis.
  • Analysing's loan data to gain insight into the correlation between credit scores and other variables, and actual loan performance.
  • Devolving a custom distributed processing system, with the intention of better understand the core concepts of distributed systems and benchmarking available technologies.
  • Processing, integration and analysis data.

BI Developer

Aug 2012 - Jul 2014
MCC Group


Being involved in all aspects of the EDW model, I had the opportunity to gain a wide range of BI and data related skills. Successfully designing, implementing and supporting both Microsoft SQL and SAP BW data warehouses. As well as implementing and supporting reporting and analytical developments in SAP Business Objects, Qlikview, and SSRS. I also assisted in other date related task, e.g. using LSMW and BAPIs to do data take on. As well as using T-SQL to generate master data in the ERP system

Project Examples:

  • Integrating data from SAP ECC, excel, and MS SQL 2005 data to ultimately be used in conjunction with regression plots and BO Analysis for Office Excel to aid the business in budget planning.
  • Integrating and homogenizing data from custom developments in SAP ECC and clients Modular Mining systems(MS SQL Based). This includes understanding the client's data model, automatically establishing a network connection to the clients system, building contingency plans to ensure data accuracy in case of a network failure, managing the data extraction to minimize the impact on the clients servers, and minimizing the amount of data transferred over the network between extraction.
  • Developed a T-SQL based delta mechanism in to extract orders into the Microsoft data warehouse. Because the source system lacked any fields that could be used as a pointer, the delta mechanism needed to account for this in another way.
  • Designing the ETL process to extract GPS vehicle data from a reset API, then integrating it into SAP BW.

Database / Systems Administrator

Aug 2010 - Jul 2012
MCC Group

Network Administrator

Aug 2007 - Jul 2010
Eqstra Holdings




SAP Business Objects

Microsoft SQL


Data Analysis