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Personal Details

Nationality:        South African
Date of birth:    20 September 1982
Gender:             Male
Race:                 Caucasian
Language :       Afrikaans & English

Work History


Software Test Automation Engineer

Miway Insurance 
  • Lead the community of practise of testing
  • Implement an agile test strategy and up-skill testers 
  • Implement a test automation strategy
  • Create selenium automation framework in java with IE,Chrome and Headless browser
  • Build selenium test automation tests and suits
  • Agile Coach

Technical Test Analyst / Test Lead

MMI Holdings (Momentum) - BTS Department
  • Create a agile test strategy
  • Apply a context driven testing approach (Level of documentation and Test Coverage)
  • Apply session based testing and exploratory testing
  • Tools for document testing: HP ALM (Application lifecycle management ) and JIRA Capture
  • Transfer knowledge / up skill rest of test team
  • Share testing knowledge within the Kanban Team
  • Automate Rest and Web service through SoapUI
  • Pair with developers to create BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) tests through cucumber
  • Use advanced SQL for back-end testing
  • Assist with creating the acceptance criteria of the story 
  • Agile Environment
  • Projects: Voice of the client, sending out surveys and receiving feedback from the client. Continuously integration with all departments at Momentum and Metropolitan. Bank Confirmation - Sending client details through to verify Hyphen to confirm that is the client bank details. Filenet Migration - Converting all current documents on AWD to Filenet (250 million records). BPM - Creating rest service for all other application that will integration with Filenet and BPM. FATCA - Flagging all US clients

Technical Test Analyst

MMI Holdings (Momentum) - FNB Life Department
  • Create a agile test strategy
  • Apply a context driven testing approach (Level of documentation and Test Coverage)
  • Apply session based testing and exploratory testing
  • Test within a scrum team
  • Agile Environment
  • Project: Building a new java platform for new and current funeral products

Technical Test Analyst

MMI Holdings (Momentum) - PDS
  • Create test cases on HP Quality Centre (Test Plan module)
  • Run tests cases on HP Quality Centre (Test Lab module)
  • Log defects (Defect Module)
  • Create reports on HP Quality Centre through SQL
  • Get test coverage through testing techniques
  • Create front end automation through HP Quick Test Professional 
  • Assist test team with SQL to get test data
  • This was a Waterfall / V-model environment
  • Project: Odyssey project, bringing Metropolitan policies over to a Momentum Platform

Test Analyst / Technical Test Analyst

MMI Holdings (Momentum) - New Markets
  • Create and run test cases (MS Excell and Testopia)
  • Get test coverage through testing techniques
  • Log defects on Bugzilla
  • Front end automation through HP Quick Test Professional
  • Use SQL to get test data
  • Create and communicate release notes
  • Create manuals for users
  • FNB Hogan Administrator 
  • Projects : 7 Insurance products that was build from sales process through to claims process on a Java / eclipse platform. Testing 50 000 test cases through Quick Test Professional for underwriting.  Call Centre Solutions that run a Linux platform
  • Was SCRUM Master when we moved to Agile Methodology (+- 2 years)



Bcom Informatics Bachelor's Degree

University of Pretoria (UP)

"Informatics is a multi-disciplinary subject, where information, Information Systems, and the integration thereof into the organization, are studied for the benefit of the entire system (individual, organization and community)." according to UP



High School Uitsig

I had the following subjects: Natural Science, Maths, Afrikaans, English, Computer Science, Accounting

Certifications & Online Courses


Creating an Automated Testing Framework With Selenium


In this course, you'll learn how to create a real automation framework using Selenium.


Automated Web Testing with Selenium


In this course you will learn how to use Selenium to write automated tests for web application and how to create a basic web application testing framework.


JavaScript (No certification was provided)

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, the programming language of the Web.


Learn Java (No certification was provided)

Learn the fundamentals of the Java programming language.


SQL Training Course

Leading Edge Training
"This course will teach you all you need to know about SQL from basics to advanced joins." according to

KANBAN Training

Scrum Sence - (No certification was provided)
Understanding and applying the Kanban methodology

Certified Agile Tester (CAT)


"During the four day training, you acquire all the skills required to test agile successfully. While theory about the Agile Manifesto, frameworks, processes and methods are essential to understand agility, the “Certified Agile Tester” takes you one step further. The key to success in agile projects relies heavily on individuals able to collaborate and self-manage. When strict guidelines and hierarchies are exchanged for a dynamic, communication-rich environment, a common language is vital.

This is why the “Certified Agile Tester” provides you with all skills and competencies required to run agile projects efficiently. Focussing heavily on practical exercises and a hands-on approach the “Certified Agile Tester” will provide you with the requisite know-how to succeed in any agile project." according to


SQL Advanced Training

In-house Training (No Certification was provided)
This was advanced SQL training that I attended with Java Developer Team

SCRUM Training

Scrum Sence - (No certificate was provided)

Understanding and applying the SCRUM methodology


Foundation Certificate in software Testing (ISEB)

Bites People Solutions Static(PTY) Ltd

"The CTFL qualification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing. This includes people in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers. This CTFL qualification is also appropriate for anyone who wants a basic understanding of software testing, such as project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors and management consultants. Holders of the CTFL Certificate will be able to go on to a higher level software testing qualification." according to sastqb


Practical Software Testing Course

Test and Data Services (now known as iLab)

"This course explains the fundamentals of software testing. It not only provides a theoretical framework, but also shows how to practically implement software testing techniques." according to iLab



Build Frame Work and use POM (Page Object Model)

Java Script

Fundamentals of Java Script


Fundamentals of Java

Context Driven Testing
Applying a context driven approach to testing. Level of documentation varies from project to project. Much more to testing than just applying testing techniques for example understanding the  requirement correctly as a team and also have business and teams input testing. 
HP Quick Test Professional
Automating GUI's - VB scripting (If statements, loops, case, array)
Front and Back end Testing
Have extensive experience in testing GUI and back end process (API and Databases)
SoapUI Pro - Automate API's
Automate rest and web-service  through SoapUI pro. Apply allot of SQL for data generation and data base checkpoints. Exposed to extensive groovy scripting (If statements, loops, case, array,db connection, file creation,text file logging) for json assertions.
Cucumber - BDD
Create given ,when ,then scenario's and execute against classes and methods (with developers help of course)
Jira with Jira Capture
Document session based & exploratory testing on JIra Capture against stories
User queries to get test data and confirm that database is updated correctly. (Inner joins, where clause, sub queries, wild cards,counts). 
HP Quality Centre
Document and run test cases on HP Quality Centre.