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  •  Behaviour Driven Development [BDD] tools,
  • Continuous Integration Tools.
  • Cloud Testing Services. 
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Blogging about BDD and CI server.
  • Organizing and attending meetups.
  • Massive interest in Social Media
  • Cricket [playing for "BlackHeath Cricket Club" London]
  • Listening to Marathi songs on LastFM
  • Watching TV especially BBC 


BDD practitioner, Agile Evangelist & 'Quality Police' in 'outside-in' project development, Passionated about BDD tools and Continuous Integration. Focusing on bridging the communication Gap between business & technology with Behavior Driven Development and visible Continuous Integration. ISEB certified tester.

Organizer of "London Behat Users"  & "London JenkinsCI User" Meetup group. Mad fan of Behat (BDD in PHP), Cucumber (BDD for Ruby) Jenkins (Continuous Integration tool) & SauceLabs (Cloud Testing Services).  Twitter & LinkedIn junkie, Blogging about BDD tools. 


To be an expert developer in Test within Behaviour Driven Development [BDD]. To be expert in 'outside-in' softwarre development methodologies, Drive the massive continuous integration in distributed envirnoment in order to bridge communication gap between Business and Technology. Learn modern age tools and technologies and contribute to them.

Work experience

Senior Developer in Test

Jul 2011Apr 2013


SJMP Solutions Limited

Worked as a consultant.

Jun 2012Apr 2013

Automation Engineer


Working for AOL UK in the Adertising division. Working with Behat (BDD for PHP), Mink (Web Testing Framework for PHP), Browser Automation (Selenium). Continuous Integration (Jenkins). Cloud Testing (SauceLabs) and Domain Specific Language (Gherkin)BDD practitioner, Agile Evangelist & 'Quality Police' in 'outside-in' project development, Passionated about BDD tools and Continuous Integration. Focusing on bridging the communication Gap between business & technology with BDD

and visible Continuous Integration.

  • Implemented large-scale distributed continuous integration architecture [Jenkins] .

  • Behaviour Driven Development with full use of open-source tools like Behat, Selenium, Zombie, Mink, BrowserMob, PhantomJs etc

  • Automation of RabbitMQ Messaging and Storm Cluster
  • Setting up tools and services on Linux, Unix and Mac. Mobile test automation with Behat and SauceLab.

Sep 2011Jun 2012

Software Engineer in Test


Set up BDD framework with Behat.Set up test framework with Selenium and Sahi. Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Behat+Sahi+Mink, Gherkins, Continuous Deployment. PHPUnit, Ecommerce testing (Magento). Cloud Testing with Saucelabs

Mar 2011Jun 2011

Software Tester

ICNet International Ltd

Worked in Agile (SCRUM) environment, duties involve setting Automation testing framework, Unit Testing, Integration Testing of  Zend Framework controllers. White-Box Testing, Eclipse/Netbeans integration with Selenium-RC and PHPUnit, XML conversion, Database validation MYSQL, Tortoise SVN, FishEye, JIRA, Green hopper for JIRA

Core Responsibilities

  • Writing Unit Tests & Integration Tests using PHPUnit framework.
  • Testing Zend Framework Controller/Model/repositories with PHPUnit.
  • Introduced Agile/SCRUM practices and JIRA in ICNet Internation Ltd.
  • Setting Automation framework and Eclipse integration with PHPUnit and Selenium RC
  • Set up JIRA framework for bug tracking and project management. (JIRA Administrator)
  • Releasing product in production environment on release date. (Release Management)
  • Running PHPUnit/Selenium tests on Continuous integration server.
  • Continuous integration tools like Hudson and subversions like Tortoise SVN, FishEye.
Jan 2011Feb 2011

Software Test Developer

Imagini Europe

Worked in Agile (SCRUM) environment, duties involve Cross-browser testing, Performance testing, HTTP traffic testing and Automation testing with Selenium. It also include monitoring website performance on various pages of website.

Core Responsibilities

  • Performance testing using Keynote and Firebug (YSlow/PageSpeed)
  • Cross-browser Testing of application against A-graded browsers
  • Testing HTTP traffic of website using Firebug, Charles, Fiddler and HTTPWatch.
  • Design, prepare and maintain test rigs and bug tracking with JIRA
  • Develop and maintain test automation scripts for Selenium IDE/RC
  • Develop and maintain documentation of automated Quality Assurance processes
  • Recording KITE keynote scripts for performance monitoring.
  • Testing website for usability and Web Standards using various validators.
Aug 2010Jan 2011

Test Analyst

Deffinity MSA Limited

 Worked on IT service delivery modules within Deffinity modules are d-Project, d-Timesheets, d-Vendor, d-Training, d-Resources, d-Inventory and d-Tender.

Core Responsibilities

  • Creating Test Plan and test case matrix for each module
  • Set up automation framework within Deffinity
  • Recording of regression test script using Selenium and test management using BugZilla.
  • Working closely with senior management to deliver product within timeline.
  • Learned Agile (SCRUM) practices in Deffinity.
Apr 2007Dec 2009

Senior Tech Associate

Citigroup Global Services Ltd

Apr 2007 to Dec 2009                    Citigroup Global Services Ltd (CGSL), Mumbai, India

                                                                Senior Tech Associate (UAT)

Citigroup Global Services Limited was recently known as "TCS e-Serve Ltd" as acquisition took place effective from 31st December, 2008.Worked on major CitiBank project "CitiDirect-Online Banking". Sound Knowledge of Global Transaction Services within Citigroup.

GTS (Global Transaction Services) Awareness

  • Aware of citidirect functionalities like Payment, Reporting, Activation, Lockbox, Disbursement, Same Day Reconciliation
  • Worked on latest enhancement "CitiDirect-NextGen"
  • Aware of payment & trade flow within Banking domain
  • Aware of payment and reporting functionalities within State Street Bank (SSB)
  • Worked on award winning project of CItigroup "IDM (Identity Management)"
  • Worked on end to end processing of Canada, US and Worldlink payments.

Testing Responsibilities

  • Core responsibilities were to conduct User Acceptance Testing of application and interact with clients and developers in U.S.A.
  • Prepared UAT business scenario's and Test case matrix from requirements
  • Handled daily and weekly conference call  to discuss requirements & status of testing
  • Planning, Execution and defect reporting of test cases using HP Quality Center.
  • Defect tracking using Team Track
  • Involved in Configuration Management using ClearCase to meet Audit compliance.


Jan 2010Jan 2011

MSc IT with eBusiness

University of Greenwich

Modules :  Audit/Security, Interaction Design (HCI), System Analysis, Internet & Intranet technologies(Enterprise Level), Internet & Web technologies (Open source), Application Development, Strategic IT with e-Business, System Planning & Management.

Project: Critical evaluation of automation test tools: Selenium Vs Sahi

Aug 2002Jul 2006

Bachelors of Engineering

Walchand Collage of Engineering

Modules :

Data Structure, Computer Graphics, Computer Networking, Compiler Construction, Discrete Mathematics, Operating Systems, Database management, Microprocessor (8085,8086)


Personal Skills
Conference Speaking, Public Speaking, Organizing Meetups and events. Strong interpersonal skills with good telephone etiquettes Proactive, Self-motivated & team player Good listener & quick leaner    
Software Testing
BDD Tools : Behat, Cucumber Test Automation Libraries: Mink, Capybara, Calabash, WebDriver, Selenium RC, Sahi, Zombie, PhantomJS Messaging Protocols: AMQP, RabbitMQ, Storm Processor Development Envirnomet Tools: Vagrant, Puppet, Chef. Development Platforms : Mac OSX, Linux CentoS, Ubuntu Language independent Protocols:  JSON, XML Performance Testing Tools:  Keynotes, Firebug, YSlow, PageSpeed, WebPage Analyzer HTTP traffic Testing Tools: Firebug, Developers Tools, Charles, HTTPWatch, Fiddler. Cross browser Test Tools:  SauceLabs Bug Tracking Tools:  JIRA, TeamTrack, BugZilla, JIRA (Administrator) Development Technologies:  PHP Frameworks like Zend Framework &Symfony, Ruby, Java, XHTML, Javascript. RDBMS/Web Servers:   MySQL, SQL,TOAD MS-Access, Apache, IIS Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins (Administrator), PHPUnderControl Sub-version Control Tools: SVN, GitHub, Git


Nov 2010Present

ISEB foundation Level Certificate in Software Testing

British Computer Society