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Seeking a position with a technology company that will allow me to enhance my skills of being a computer engineer and contribute my creativity and hard work towards the success of the company.


  • Installation of open source operating systems and knowledge of Linux commands and shell scripting like bash, etc
  • Understanding of Apache web server, Mail Servers, NFS, NIS, FTP, SSH, DNS and DHCP.
  • Experience performing administrative tasks such as backing up data using  Windows Server 2003  and use of ftp client to provide data access to the users, and assigning rights/permissions
  • Knowledge  using Routed Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk; and routing Protocols: RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF .
  • Knowledge of Virtualization softwares such as VMware workstation, VMware ESX, Virtualpc and Virtual box.
  • Experience in installing and configuring MYSQL and  knowledge of PHP, PERL
  • Experience with programming routers and switches, and performing troubleshooting tasks for connectivity, speed, and packet loss issues as a part of curriculum during Master’s in Telecommunications.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft windows operating systems like windows xp, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and experience with Microsoft Office Suite

Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Technical Assistant

Accessible Instructional Materials
  • Maintenance of several windows workstations and LAN environment.
  • Troubleshoot various issues installation of software, performing  updates, updating the anti-virus program
  • Performing back up of all user data
  • Installation/Assembling of various hardware devices
  • Mapping of network drives on workstations
  • Maintenance of ftp server and user creation to give access to  the server.
Jun 2010Present

Telecom Support Analyst

CRSoftware, LLC
  • Installed Centos and created user logins, administering the system performance and monitoring user activities
  • Building and configuring Centos Linux using Kick Start server as required f or the project.
  • Remote administration of the Centos and Windows, observe system functioning to verify correct operations using SSH, Symantec PCAnywhere, VNC viewer.
  • Perform RAID configurations on the Servers based on 3ware and HP smart Array controller.
  • Reviewing system log files f or errors. Setting up cron jobs f or backups and monitoring processes.
  • Refer major hardware or software problems or defective products to vendors or technicians f or service.
  • Configuring distributed file systems and administering NFS server and NFS clients and editing auto-mounting mapping as per system / user requirements.
  • Install Centos operating system on HP DL370 G6 series server and deploy dialogic hardware, software, or peripheral equipment, following design or installation specifications.
  • Answer customer inquiries regarding Dialer Server software or hardware operation to resolve problems.
  • Maintain records of daily issues and remedial actions taken, or installation activities on Sugar CRM interface.
  • Oversee the daily performance of Dialer Servers based on Centos and Windows 2000 operating systems.
  • Read technical manuals, confer with users, or conduct computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems or to provide technical assistance and support.
Jan 2010Jun 2010

Junior Helpdesk Technician

Inforelay Online Systems
  • Handling support tickets i.e., Kayako e-support and telephone calls for shared web hosting service and act as first line of contact.
  • Monitoring Nagios system and acknowledge automated service alerts.
  • Assist users in cPanel with quota issues of the accounts.
  • Manage rights on shared servers through Web host manager (WHM)
  • Used Cacti network graphing system to see bandwidth usage and datatransfer depending on time.
  • Create user accounts and set passwords for users , basic software/OS modifications, handling of spam and other abuse complaints.
  • Use dig to see DNS entries and modify TXT,A, PTR, CNAME, NS entries. Update reverse dns entries on request.
  • Tracking of inventory, assisting with off ice organization, tracking software licensing, assisting with customer service issues and other assorted tasks
  • Installation of server operating systems such as Windows server 2003 and Linux servers like Red hat and Centos editions.
Dec 2006Aug 2007

IT Trainee

Institute of Electronic Governance
  • Installation of Linux Server and Desktop edition
  • Running cron jobs for regular maintenance
  • Installation and Maintenance of Apache Web Server
  • Maintenance of User and Group Permission levels
  • Perform remote monitoring of server/system health and status
  • Web design using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and XML


Aug 2007Dec 2009


George Mason University

Voice over IP, Digital Communication, TCP/IP,BGP, IGP,Modern Telecommunications.


Technical Skills
Operating Systems   : Linux, UNIX, Windows 98/NT/XP, Mac OS X Server Technologies: Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Active Directory, Apache server, IIS Languages                : C, C++. Web Development    : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML Databases                 : MSSQL, MySQL Other Applications    : Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver CS3