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Disney’s CEO Michael Eisner believes that “a brand is a living entity and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.” Shashank Nigam is driving the same message to airlines through his seminal efforts in airline branding. Shashank Nigam is a leading airline marketing and branding strategist referred to by branding gurus as “a future business leader to watch”. Shashank creates brand initiatives with airlines and airports that drive and create meaningful conversations with consumers, often through social media. He is the CEO of SimpliFlying, a leading international airline branding consultancy, which emerged from an award-winning blog by the same name. The blog is currently counted among the Top 100 aviation websites. Allen Adamson, MD of Landor Associates New York, refers to SimpliFlying as “a site well-respected by those in the airline industry and those interested in marketing to travelers. It’s a unique blog, both in its comprehensiveness and its emphasis on airline branding.” Based on airline case studies, Shashank developed a groundbreaking airline branding model and wrote a white paper detailing the model. This was published by Interbrand’s in Summer 2008. Since then, he has been a regular Columnist at and has been sharing his pioneering methodologies through global publications, speaking engagements and consultancies. He is currently building the world’s first global Airline Brand Index based on this model. Shashank is the contributing author of two highly acclaimed books on branding - Magic Numbers for Sales Management (Wiley, 2007) and Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs (Wiley, 2006). He has also written commentaries for The New Paper in Singapore for over a year. Visit to read more of Shashank’s work and learn more about him.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Global Head - Brand Strategy & Social Media

Airline Capital Associates, Inc

Spearheading the Brand Strategy Practice at ACA Associates, New York, working with senior executives of leading airlines and airports around the world to help define the brand promise and ensure consistent delivery. Remember, an airline brand is not what it says it does, but what it actually does. About ACA associates Since 1989, ACA Associates has specialized in the commercial aviation industry, which includes manufacturers, airlines, airports, after-market support companies, and ground service companies. The firm has fostered a successful strategy of combining the expertise and talent of experienced aviation industry executives from a wide variety of disciplines with those of financial executives who have an extensive background in corporate finance. This enables ACA to deliver value-added strategic, financial, and operational analysis and advice to its clients based on an understanding of the wide range of implications that a client's decisions can have on its overall business.

Nov 2008Present

Board of Advisors

Global Health Care Policy Council

A global organization focused on promoting heath tourism. Shashank adds expertise from and aviation standpoint to the Board of Advisors.

Feb 2008Present

Founder & CEO


SimpliFlying is an international aviation brand consulting company based out of Singapore and New York. We work with airlines and airports around the world to create brand initiatives that drive and create meaningful conversations with consumers, often through social media.

You can get a sneak preview of SimpliFlying's thought leadership at our blog (, which explores issues that affect airlines all across the world, from full service and premium airlines, to budget carriers - all with the brand in mind. The purpose is to have a great discussion on how airlines manage their brands, what they’re doing right, and what they can do better.SimpliFlying is the world's largest resource on airline branding, featuring over 200 airline case studies and interviews that have been read over 75,000 times! It's an award-winning blog on that is currently counted among the Top 100 aviation websites.Allen Adamson, MD of Landor Associates New York, refers to SimpliFlying as “a site well-respected by those in the airline industry and those interested in marketing to travelers. It’s a unique blog, both in its comprehensiveness and its emphasis on airline branding.”Read more about SimpliFlying at

Jan 2008Present



Shashank writes expert columns at the intersection of aviation and branding at "the world's only online exchange about branding, by Interbrand."

Jul 2007Oct 2008

Strategic Development Analyst

  • Quarterbacked the roll-out of an internal marketing information system for the global sales team, working closely with Marketing Managers for content and Special Ops team for the application development.
  • Led the execution for a workshop with Dr Michael Porter for VP and Director level attendees
  • Increased total attendance by over 5X in two weeks, with complete hands-on execution
  • Coordinated innovatively with all of the US sales team in driving attendance and follow-ups
  • Proclaimed by Endeca’s Chairman of the Board as “the finest moment of glory for Endeca”
  • Spearheaded the development of the Sales Readiness solution go-to-market strategy
  • Determined the right value proposition, markets and target roles for the solution
  • Designed all solution collateral, including datasheets, scripts, emails and presentations
  • Conducted webinars for partners and customers
  • Trained the inside-sales team on all materials, sat with them on calls
Jun 2006Jan 2008


Stix Media Pte Ltd

Today, few companies give a special thought to how you can convey your message to consumers strikingly, economically and with exceptionally quick returns. At Stix Media, we design innovative media that revolutionizes targeted marketing by multiplying sales within a week. We use something as innocuous as hand stamps and convert them into media with immense marketing potential.

Apr 2006Aug 2006

Marketing Executive

eSys Technologies
  • Spearheaded the effort of rolling out a global B2C system, starting with Singapore
  • Fully customised an off-the-shelf system for the company’s products and services
  • Designed and implemented business processes to facilitate end-to-end transactions, including credit card operations, logistics, billing and payment
  • Coordinated with global teams on product delivery and inventory management
  • Set up guidelines for execution in the USA and India
  • Trained teams for implementing the solution in India and complete maintenance of system
  • Prepared a detailed marketing plan to be implemented over six months
Apr 2005Aug 2005

Project Manager – Marketing

FACT Software International
  • In-charge of setting up the marketing department from scratch
  • Designed a six-pronged approach for marketing the realtime accounting software: customer care, strategic partnerships – HP and CPAs, competitor strategy, education and public relations.
  • Recruited twenty interns for the six focus areas within two weeks
  • Led the participation in PC Show 2005, generating sales leads of over S$0.6 million in 3 days
  • Led the execution first for the Singapore office (Corp HQ), followed by the Kuala Lumpur Office
  • Championed the marketing processes with the country heads for India, The Philippines, Nepal and Malaysia, and devised ways of implementation in these countries.
  • Effected increase in revenues of 200% and a return on investment of 500% by the 4th month
  • Recruited ten full time staff to take over all positions in Aug 2005
Sep 2004Jan 2005

Innovation Strategist

The Idea Factory

• Designed strategy/future scenarios as an innovation consultant • Conducted strategy workshops for National JC, Ministry of Education Cluster Principals • Held Insight (Out-of-the-box brainstorming) sessions for Principals and HODs.

May 2004Jul 2004

Technology Intern

• Created macros for automating tasks and generating business intelligence modules • Handled SQRs and took charge of de-bugging of malfunctioning modules • Handled Change Requests and provided support for User Acceptance Testing • Hands-on experience in PeopleSoft 8.0




Carnegie Mellon University

A Levels

National Junior College