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Work experience

Php Wrapper

Getresponse' ­ Contributed toOpen Sourced‘ PHP Wrapper for Getresponse'​ ​. Getresponse's API is used for managing email campaigns which was used in my project while working at TLS as Tech Lead.(​ Code on Github​). Wordpress ­ Reported and fixed bugs on Wordpress Core also fixed bugs in many open­ sourced Wordpress Plugins. ­ Answered questions on StackOverflow and other forums about Wordpress also part of Wordpress beta tester team. ACTIVITIES, AWARDS & INTERESTS ● Reading novels, news articles, wikipedia, love strumming my guitar, movies and travelling/exploring ● Hackiteasy. ​: Administer and maintain an​ ethical Hacking blog with over 10k subscribers ​ and over 20k montly visitors. Monetized blog with email marketing campaigns and advertising. ● Dailyjag, com:​ Developed and maintained a​ news blog with 400+ articles​ and hired & managed a team of over 10 writers. ● Founded college tech club“​ l337”​ to help students develop skills in algorithms and efficient programming. ● Finding vulnerabilities & bugs on websites&networks and reporting them forbug bounties​.​ ● Contributed code to various Open Source projects such as‘​ Wordpress', Ubuntu, & many WP plugins.​.


Open Access Journals/Articles Index & Ranking
ACADEMIC ENGINEERING PROJECTS System ­ present ­ A Web App for ranking and archiving over 2 million Open Access Journals & articles on AWS Stack ­ Developed a reddit like front­ end in​ php, mysql AJAX, and jquery with up/down voting for articles and journals.​ ­ Developed a​ RESTtful API in php & mysql with GET & POST methods for accessing over 2 million articles in database​ ­ Docker:­web­api/​ ­ Codebase:­DB­API​​,­API​ Data Mining as a Service Dec 2014­ present ­ Cloud­ based data mining training, model selection and tuning, and the ability to add training data on the fly. ­ CreatedDocker​ images to host multiple environments on one machine and create an​ API to predict​ data on trained models​ ­ Created systems for naive bayesian and recommendation engine using​ python­ scikit ­ Technologies used: docker, mapreduce, python, scikit, php, REST API framework​

Research Associate

The Ohio State University, CSE Department
Research Associate) ­ present ­ Worked under guidance of​ Prof. Rajiv Ramnath ­ Carried out independent research on ranking and quality analysis of Open Access Journals/Articles ­ Used data mining and machine learning techniques to cluster largedatasets(2 million nodes graph) and then find PageRank of subclusters to create ranking for articles. ­ Paper Awaiting publication titled‘​ The Open Access Academia Corpus ​' with A. Yates & R. Ramnath ­ Received research grant​ from Amazon​ &​ OCLC for supporting infrastructure and managing resources.​ ­ Used: python, php, AWS Stack, nosql, neo4j(graph database) & mysql​

Teaching Associate

Teaching Associate) ­ ­ Instructed the course: SP15 CSE 1222­ Programming C++(9266) ­ Responsible for teaching & grading approximately 40 students' assignments, quiz and exams per semester.


Freelancer Android developer(Part Time for 6 years) ­ Work on contract basis and make web apps and mobile applications as per client's requirements. ­ Designed and built over 100 websites including social networks, e­ commerce sites, CMS, web apps etc

Software Engineering Intern

Adroit Inc
USA(Software Engineering Intern) ­ ­ Worked on upgrading Android app“ Ganeshane” app which has over 100K downloads ­ Designed Android UI and worked on streaming music on low bandwidth network.


Transformative Learning Solutions, India Tech
Lead) ­ ­ Maintained multiple websites and servers on LAMP Stack(Ubuntu). ­ Optimized websites to reduce loading time using memcache, CDN, css sprites, cache etc. ­ Designed automated systems for user analysis, error logs analysis and online payment & order processing. ­ Developed CMS using​ M agento, Wordpress for ecommerce, order processing & email marketing with end­ to­ end integration​ ­ Installed/maintained​ DNS, SMTP, DHCP ​ and other servers.​ Used php, python, JAVA & mysql

Lead Data Scientist

Stockleap, USA Lead Data
Scientist) ­ ­ Research on evaluating the impact of news articles on stock prices of various companies. ­ Developed algorithms for predictive analysis on twitter data(t​ witter API), used​ bloomberg API​ ​ for getting stocks data and designed algorithms to find similarity in stock price spike and news publishing.



Aligarh Muslim University


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


The Ohio State University