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1. Charles Gick, Professor Visual and Performing Arts, Purdue University

2. Catherine Dossin, Assistant Professor of Art History, Purdue University


1. Jerry Reynolds, Owner/Operator Edwood Glen Country Club

2. Bridget South, Owner G.T. South


1. Donald H. Williams, Vice President of Mid States Insurance, Inc.

2. Lorraine Bartenbach, Certified Residential Appraiser


            As a Fine Arts student graduating in May of 2012, I have a wide variety of knowledge, techniques, and applications to enhance designs and create innovation. I have an eye for design and layout. I am stylistic, balanced, and expressive. Throughout my artwork, you will see my stylistic style while maintaining balance and expression. I have a strong ability to express the needs and wants of clients while implementing their personal brand guaranteeing happy clients.. I have worked with pencil, ink, charcoal, oil and acrylic paint, clay, and many more. My education as a Fine Arts student has consisted of drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, jewelry and metalworking, and basic design classes.  I have impeccable coordinating, time-management, and leadership skills. Through my minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, I have mastered being an effective leader, working in a team environment and managing time effectively and efficiently. Also, my Landscape and Architecture 490 course where we worked with artist, Patrick Dougherty, to construct an installation out of willow branches in three weeks taught me how to effectively manage time, work in teams, and how to be a successful leader. I am a hard-working, dedicated, and passionate individual who would be a great asset to your company.

Fine Arts Portfolio


Aug 2007Present

Bachelors of Arts

Purdue University

Work experience

May 2011Oct 2011


Edwood Glen C.C.

·Created amazing customer service by greeting customers, providing food and beverage service, and laying out the course rules

·Accountability in collection of money, opening and closing the building, and scheduling events

·Help coordinate events by taking the appropriate amount of golf carts out, all food and beverages are stocked and ready, and everything is in place for the event to begin

Nov 2004Aug 2009


G.T. South

·Careful attention to detail in always having an eye on my customers ensuring their expectations of the service and food were met above standards

·Time-management skills in ensuring food gets out at the appropriate time, having catering orders ready on time, and continually checking on customers

·Communication between the kitchen crew, managers, and owners to ensure orders are ready on time