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Senior Software Engineer / Architect

I represent and promote excellent business value through software sanity and agile development practices.

I am seeking a software development position designing and implementing software solutions in C or C++ to challenging problems on any platform, in any field.  I am a strong leader and I excel on getting projects done on schedule.  I have over 25 years of experience developing computer software.

I have concentrated on web applications under ASP.NET and Microsoft windows for most of the last 8 years with some Java, Linux and Eclipse development; I have spent most of my career architecting and developing enterprise applications and solutions for multiple types of devices under multiple operating systems.

In addition to my software engineering talents, I have a strong interest and background in requirements gathering, systems analysis, software project management and improving software development processes.  I have assisted several companies in their Software ISO certification efforts.

Work experience

Jul 2007Dec 2008

Jewelry Television: Senior Software Engineer – MTS III

       7/07 to 12/08In my 18 month tenure at Jewelry Television I participated in Agile software development practices.  As member of the Spartan’s Agile SCRUM team:* I helped add BillMeLater deferred payment and private label credit card to JTV’s web site using C#, ASP.NET, custom .Net user controls, Web Services, Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, Spring.Net, PL-SQL and Oracle.  This project also included setting up load tests and analyzing load test results from Borland’s SilkCentral Test Management platform.* I helped add PayPal payment flows to JTV’s web site using C#, ASP.NET, Web Services, TFS, MsBuild, custom Microsoft Windows Performance Counters , JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, PL-SQL and Oracle.  * I developed a secure SFTP server to send timely product data feeds to JTV’s Shop-at-Home offices in Nashville.    This project was developed on Linux using Java, iBatis, Spring, Eclipse, Tortoise and Subversion.* I added functionality to a JPEG image server for JTV’s enterprise systems.    This project was developed on Linux using Java, iBatis, Spring, Eclipse, Tortoise and Subversion.* I added functionality and a maintenance interface to JTV’s web content management system using C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, PL-SQL and Oracle.  * I added functionality JTV’s web product search using C#, ASP.NET, TFS, MsBuild, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, PL-SQL, Oracle and Endeca.* I helped rewrite JTV’s product details page using C#, ASP.NET Web Services, TFS, MsBuild, custom .Net web controls, custom .Net user controls, custom Microsoft Windows Performance Counters , JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, PL-SQL and Oracle.  This project also featured some SEO improvements using custom web controls and integrating with third party web services as well as load testing and performance analysis using Borland’s SilkCentral and Microsoft Windows Performance Counters.

Mar 2005Jul 2007

MarketLinx: Senior Software Engineer

* I developed web pages and business objects using C#, C++, JavaScript, XML, XSL, AJAX-like HTTP transfers and DHTML in a mixed ASP.NET and COM+ environment.* I developed web controls, user controls, business rules, data layer and UI classes using AJAX in JavaScript, C# and ASP.NET.  I also developed unit tests in nUnit and as well as an ASP.NET documentation solution using Microsoft’s Sandcastle.* Participated in the design and development of real estate transaction services using contract-first WSDL and service generation from XML Schema (RETS).* In my first year at Marketlinx, I developed and supported ISAPI authentication filters to secure high volume production websites in C++, C# and ASP.NET.

Jul 2004Feb 2005

Software Outfitters Inc.: Senior Software Developer

* I Completed .NET Compact Framework project which involves a PDA front-end using OpenNETCF 1.2, SDF and .Net CF using C# and C++ programming languages and SQL Server CE with RDA synchronization. The front end also contains a web browser control as part of the GUI. The back end is an ASP.NET web site with a SQL Server 2000 database. I designed and implemented the entire multiple tier web server architecture as well as the PDA installation, synchronization and application pieces.  The project features embedded third party controls (ASPNETMenu, Date Packages, etc), sophisticated stored procedures (E.G. dynamic Median and other statistical calculations) and the website can be individually tailored to each user (E.G. based on bandwidth).  The PDA and server portions feature advanced security measures and encryption methods.

Oct 2003Mar 2004

State of Texas CPA: Independent Consultant

* Analysis, aspect-oriented refactoring (AOP) with design patterns, coding and test support of an EDI data validation and conversion service in C/C++/STL.  This program was restructured and recoded to handle 140 % more types of EDI data with 35 % less code in a modular and scalable fashion.  This implementation runs as a mission-critical Web Service for State of Texas tax collection and reporting (Visual Studio). This effort incorporated extreme programming techniques. * Participated in a team developing a data entry system from scanned image files.  This project is implemented with Visual Basic.Net and C/C++.NET using Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET.  This project was part of a long-term aspect-oriented refactoring effort using design patterns, agile programming and extreme programming techniques. * Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Administration requiring analysis and administration of data integrity, security and database performance.  This included analysis of application usage, stored procedures, table design and constraints. * Developed configuration management, build and deployment process for verified deployment of labeled software configurations using Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft SourceSafe and Windows 2000 Server. * Developed an online SQL Server data dictionary service using XML/XSLT and SQL stored procedures. * Participated in architecture and design of new applications using UML modeling techniques.

Jul 2003Oct 2003

Accumatch: Independent Consultant

* SQL Server database, procedures, applications and tools in C/C#, Visual C++ .NET with STL, and T-SQL. * Refactored standard matching application architecture into a DLL-based pattern allowing modifications by the customers.

May 2003Jul 2003

Hewlett Packard Corporation: Contract Software Engineer

* Developing low-level diagnostics software in C/C++ .NET with STL for PC desktops and servers for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Linux and Suse Linux using SQL, WMI, XML, XSL, WFI, and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) methods.


Bachelor of Arts

As a geology major at Cornell I worked for the Consortium for Continental Reflection Profiling (COCORP).  I also minored in chemistry.  I attended Cornell on a New York State Regents Scholarship and a National Merit Scholarship from Sterling Winthrop and Co.

Sep 1979Jun 1981

Master of Science

As a geophysics major I worked on an oceanographic engineering project for the Office of Naval Research. I was also a minor in applied mathmatics.


I developed web controls, user controls, business rules, data layer and UI classes using AJAX.  I am currently developing the same using a custom Ajax-like implementation.
I have developed MFC applications for over 12 years.
I have been using PL-SQL for many years , recently I have written and maintained PL-SQL deployment scripts and stored procedures
I have been using Oracle for many years, I have been recently using SqlDeveloper and Toad for my IDE’s
Web Services
I have created and consumed many web services using both contract-first and contract-last methodologies.  I have designed XSD, WSDL and XML Schema and developed web services in high-availability environments.
Multithreaded applications
I have developed several production multithreaded applications including high reliability and high-performance applications with many threads.
SQL Server
I have used the SQL Server product since the 6.5 version and have designed and deployed many databases based on this product including terabyte sized databases.  My expertise is primarily in the area of logical and physical design and high performance applications.
I have used the ADO.NET classes to construct numerous data access libraries –accessing both Oracle and SQL Server databases. 
Internet Information Services (IIS)
I developed and supported ISAPI authentication filters to secure high volume production websites in C++, C# and ASP.NET.  I have been diagnosing and solving platform and build issues related to IIS and website performance and configuration.
Object Oriented Design and Development (OOP)
I have architected, designed and developed many applications, frameworks and libraries using OO methods.  This includes all aspects of OO including CASE tools and UML.
I developed web controls, user controls, business rules, data layer and UI classes using AJAX in JavaScript, C# and ASP.NET.  have held several positions concentrating on developing high-performance, scalable ASP.Net web applications for a large number of customers.  This includes architectural considerations for security, user interface, business logic, and data access and application deployment.
C / C++
I have been working with C++ since CFront in 1986.  I have extensive experience in designing, developing and debugging C++ applications and libraries as well as using the Standard Template Library, STL.
After using C++ since it was invented in the mid 80’s, I am now a C# convert.  Although I am not adverse to developing high-performance C++ subsystems I find C# to be a more efficient use of development resources for the majority of situations.
Visual Studio
I have been using Microsoft's development IDE's sinve they were first marketed. I have experience with every version.  My most recent experience at work as been with VS 2008 and C# 2.0.