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Since its launch in 1994, Portin Parker Consulting has built its reputation on the experience of President Sharon Portin Parker. Lifetime, Showtime Network Inc., Comcast, and MTV Networks are a few of its more noteworthy clients. In its 11-year collaboration with Lifetime, the company played a significant role in growing the Lifetime channel into one of the most popular network brands among women viewers. 

Sharon Portin Parker spent her early marketing career at Showtime, holding the titles of Director of National Accounts as well as Vice President of Affiliate Marketing and Sales. She was responsible for the creation of innovative local marketing initiatives founded upon solid original research. Sharon Portin Parker was instrumental in the development of several network firsts including interactive marketing and on-demand operational strategies. Sharon Portin Parker has earned a reputation for rapidly assessing the needs and goals of stakeholders and moving forward with actionable strategies and measurable solutions. Her particular areas of expertise include the building of profitable, incentive-based affiliate relationships and actively partnering with local markets in order to build target-market satisfaction and advertising revenue at the local level. 

In her capacity as Vice President of Affiliate Sales at SportsChannel America, Sharon Portin Parker's sales leadership significantly contributed to the expansion of viewership as well as the popularity of such high-profile events as the Stanley Cup and the NHL Playoffs. During her company's six-year association with Versus, this expertise translated into new strategies for the successful growth of distribution and advertising revenue for the Tour de France, Louis Vuitton Cup, and other notable events. FX Networks, Comcast Spotlight, and Food Network have implemented the strategic marketing plans designed by Sharon Portin Parker. Beyond the realm of major media consulting, Sharon Portin Parker established partnerships in the areas of real estate, health care, architectural design, and retail companies.

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A sales and marketing professional with a successful track record in the corporate world and with her own consulting company. Highly accomplished in developing long-term client relationships on multiple levels. Managing, inspiring and leading companies to manage change and continually focus on results and client satisfaction



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