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Marketing Specialist with a Passion for Social Media, Public Relations, and Hospitality.


Marketing Specialist with a Passion for Social Media, Public Relations, and Hospitality. I help my clients spread their unique story through new and innovative ways.

I started my career as an operations hostess with the Walt Disney Company. Over eight years I gained firsthand experience in training, teaching, facilitation, and guest service.

I have attained first hand knowledge in hospitality marketing through Wyndham World Wide Vacation Ownership and SeaWorld Orlando. I have attained additional marketing experience through Chatter Buzz Media.

I use my experience to help my clients and employers spread their unique message through creative and innovative marketing techniques.

Specialties: Grant Writing

Nine years of firsthand hospitality and guest service experience

Social Media Geek

Self-Proclaimed Disney Geek

Conferences Attended:

* D23 Expo - Sept. 10-13, 2009

* IAAPA Attractions Expo 2010 Nov. 19, 2010

* Destination D: Walt Disney World 40 - May 14-15, 2011

* D23 Expo - Aug. 19-21, 2011

* Invention to Venture: Central Florida - Nov. 18, 2011

* IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit - Sept. 5-7,2012

Work experience

May 2012Dec 2013

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Chatter Buzz Media

Marketing and Sales is one of the most important aspects of business. No one can buy your product if nobody knows about it. With the creation of social media, inbound marketing has become one of the fastest growing forms of marketing.

Chatter Buzz Media combines the best of both worlds. They take the creativity of outbound marketing and combine it with the effectiveness of inbound marketing. Chatter Buzz offers a one stop marketing shop - from content generation to social media to website design to graphic design and so much more.

I am the Marketing and Sales Specialist for Chatter Buzz Media. Specifically, I create SWOT analyses, marketing reports, sales recommendations, sales portfolios, create presentations, and train others how to sell our product. In short, I assist with all of Chatter Buzz Media's Marketing and Sales needs. 

I also have the opportunity to do other activities at Chatter Buzz Media. I write blogs about sales, marketing, hospitality, and presentations. I present my topics on power point, which are then recorded and put onto You-tube. I give my advice and knowledge to anyone who needs help. I am the project manager for our companies Google+ and Linked-in page.

Jan 2013Aug 2013

Public Relations and Marketing Intern

SeaWorld Orlando

• Responsible for generating positive publicity for SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark, and Discovery Cove, supporting all PR department initiatives, coordinate and planning media events, host visiting media, maintain media coverage spreadsheets, write press releases, and research media archives.• Research new markets in emerging social media fields; Responsible for maintaining relationships with key social media influencers• Plan, organize, and schedule blogs on behalf of SeaWorld Orlando and contribute multiple blogs each week to and • Key member in developing and executing creative ideas for SeaWorld Orlando’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

Aug 2011Dec 2012

Project Manager Volunteer

Devereux Florida

My group, Knights Rescue, worked together to raise funds for Devereux Florida to help create a new program called "Welcome Bags". As children enter the foster care system, they either have no belongings or their few possessions are placed into trash bags. Thanks to our efforts, the children now receive a bag filled with anything they could need (clothes, school supplies, ...). Through our efforts we managed to raise $1,400 and have a house donated to Devereux.

May 2012Aug 2012

Inventory Control Specialist

Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Wyndham Vacation Ownership is the largest vacation ownership in the country. 

As an inventory control specialist, it is my responsibility to run marketing reports and hotel manifests, fax these reports to hotels  around the country. When the reports come back, I mark them off as 'returned', then 'key' in all of their reservation confirmation numbers. If any issues arise, such as: no hotel availability, date changes, hotel changes, or cancellations, it is my responsibility to fix these issues to the best of my ability.

Must be ready to handle difficult situations at all time and use my skills and abilities to bring them to a satisfactory conclusion.

In addition, I organize the office, help administrative duties, filing, copying, and faxing. 

I utilize many computer programs, such as: Microsoft Outlook, CRS, Hyperion, and Workforce

Nov 2006Feb 2010

On With the Show Facilitator

Walt Disney World

When individuals are hired to work at Walt Disney World, they become cast members. These cast members are assigned to specific areas and jobs. They are not required to know anything about the place or position that they will be working. Instead, the Disney company offers on the job training. Each area offers a introductory class to teach new cast members about their new area, their positions, and about the company in general.At Disney's Hollywood Studios, the class in called 'On With The Show'. As a facilitator of this class, I was responsible to escorting approximately 20-30 students around the parks, giving them a history of the park and a basic layout of the park. Once the park tour is finished, I would teach a one hour class on the basics of our company and how to be a good cast member. Afterward, the students would take some computer classes, which covered safety basics and company information. As the facilitator, is was my responsibility to ensure that the students took the proper classes, understood the information, and passed the classes. Once they finished, I would help them find their way back to the cast entrance and prepare them for the upcoming days for them - i.e.: where to meet their trainer, where they could get their work attire, and where they could get any of their other questions answered.In addition to helping out our new cast members, I was responsible to setting up the classroom, both at the entrance where we met the new cast members and the classroom where we gave the presentation after the park tour. Afterward, we were responsible for faxing and filing paperwork, cleaning up, and preparing for the next days class.As a facilitator, we were the face of our park and were in a sense ambassadors. We set the tone for the cast members coming in, so only those with a great knowledge and passion for the company were chosen. Out of the thousands that worked at just The Hollywood Studios, there were 15-20 facilitators.

Jun 2004Feb 2010

Attractions Hostess/Trainer

Walt Disney World

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, there is an attraction that helped inspire the creation of the park - The Great Movie Ride. This attraction takes guests on a tour through the movies, bringing some of the best movies to life through actors and audio-animatronics. Part of the attraction includes a tour guide escorting the guests through the scenes, at one point being kidnapped by a bad guy, only to triumph later in the attraction, and finish the tour for the guests.As a tour guide, I was responsible for opening and closing the attractions, answering guest questions - which ranged from park questions to company questions to local area questions, taking guests on a tour through the movie - which required memorizing a 34 page script, which varied between three shows, loading vehicles, assisting with guest safety, and assisting with conventions and special events.As a character, which is the bad guy that over takes the tour at one point, my responsibilities included supplying the characters with ammunitions, water, and other essential supplies(i.e.: holsters, microphones), ensuring that all of the equipment was in working order, required to memorize a 20 page script, ability to assist fellow cast members in emergency situations, and opening and closing the attraction. This position is only available to tour guides who had been working in the attraction for at least 6 months.In addition to these duties, I helped train new cast members how to operate the attraction, memorize the script, and how to assist guests.

Jul 2003Jun 2004

Monorail Hostess/Driver

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has several modes of complimentary transportation that help their guest travel around. One of the most popular modes of transportation is the Monorail.As a pilot of the monorails, there are many responsibilities, including: opening and closing the monorail stations, loading and unloading guests from the train, driving the train, maintaining guest safety, helping guests with questions -ranging from the monorails to park questions, and keeping the area clean.During my time in this department, the trains were upgraded from a manual operating system to a windows based operating system. I helped train other pilots how to operate the new system. I also helped to train new pilots on how to set-up and take down queue lines at the Magic Kingdom and at the Ticket and Transportation Center


May 2011Dec 2013

Bachelors of Arts

University of Central Florida

Marketing is vital to all organizations and individuals, from global corporations to small businesses, from CEOs to proprietors of small retail stores, from global manufacturing operations to a new "high tech" startup. Nearly one-third of the civilian work force in the United States is employed in jobs related to marketing. Marketing offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities, such as marketing / product management, professional selling, retailing, advertising, e-business, marketing research, sport marketing, procurement, distribution and logistics, and public relations

Mar 2009Jul 2010


University of Central Florida

The Grant Writing Online Training Program will teach you the essentials of writing, researching, obtaining, and maintaining grants. You’ll learn how to format your proposals, how to write effectively, and how to get funded.

Aug 2007May 2009

Bachelor of Arts

University of Central Florida

The political science major offers three distinct track options: American Politics & Policy, International Relations-Comparative Government, and Pre-Law. This dynamic major prepares students with the knowledge and understanding that spans the scope of the political science discipline. All three tracks require a total of 36 credit hours, which include required core courses in American National Government and Scope and Methods of Political Science, in addition to distributed electives from American politics, comparative politics and international relations, and political theory. The pre-law track also requires specialized coursework in judicial politics and law. Our program is designed to produce graduates ready to pursue careers in a variety of areas including but not limited to; state and federal government, non-profit, think-tanks, international organizations and businesses. Graduates from the Political Science BA program are also prepared to go on to graduate or law school opening more career paths.

Jan 2003Dec 2006

Associate in Arts

Valencia Community College

This transfer plan is designed to help you prepare to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior to complete a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government. They are placed within the General Education requirements and/or the elective credit requirements to earn your Associate in Arts degree. Please note that the specific university chosen for transfer may have additional requirements than those listed here. For specific transfer information, meet with a Valencia advisor to review your transfer plans, and check the transfer institution catalog for specific degree requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to take electives that relate to their intended Bachelor’s degree program.



Microsoft Office
Including: Word, Excel, Power Point, and Portfolio
Over eight years of working at major hospitality companies, such as The Walt Disney World Resort, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, and SeaWorld Orlando, I gained firsthand experience in training, teaching, facilitation,  uest service and marketing.
Social Media Marketing
·        Provide clients with social media marketing strategies, personal branding, and presentations. ·        Research potential industry specific clients, track trends, close accounts, and maintain client relationships. ·        Create content for company and client social media sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,            Pinterest, YouTube and a weekly Blog.   ·        Responsible for tracking, analyzing, monitoring and maintaining metrics for each social site.


Oct 2010Present

Grant Writing

University of Central Florida
Dec 2013Present

Services Marketing

University of Central Florida