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Sharone Perlstein is a trailblazer in the rapidly-growing marketplace lending industry, co-founding and directing his own company that is producing novel ways to provide much needed loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs. His resume spans a wide variety of industries, including real estate, investments and financing, and natural resource development.

Trade and Investments

Sharone Perlstein began his professional career on Wall Street, handling trades for a Chinese brokerage house. During his tenure as stockbroker, Perlstein quickly honed his financial investment skills, and one year later he joined the staff of Orly Capital, Inc. as the Corporate Finance Specialist. He was responsible for managing listings on the US and European stock exchanges. Perlstein’s tenure at Orly Capital lasted from 1997 to 2004, at which time he left to open his first company. From 2004 until 2011, Perlstein was the owner of BrookBank Enterprises, Ltd, a private investment house. Perlstein succeeded in building a strong reputation for finding investment projects with the highest likelihood of a good return. This enabled him to successfully solicit institutional investors to help support his growing portfolio of projects. BrookBank went one step further and also brought expert management teams to strengthen the performance of its funded companies.

Real Estate

Perlstein’s years of working on Wall Street and dealing with corporate finance investments more than adequately prepared him to open his own company in 2006—Canadel Group, which he launched with Robert Rubinstein, his co-founder. Canadel Group was involved in identifying and financing unusual real estate projects. The company was based in Israel, but maintained branches in Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine, Latvia and Moldova. Perlstein was Director of Canadel Group until 2008 during which time he focused his efforts on recruiting key partner investors to the Company, such as AIG Global Real Estate.

Agricultural Land Investments and Management
Sharone Perlstein shifted his career focus to agriculture in 2008, establishing BSD Ukraine Agro Ltd. which was managing agricultural lands in Ukraine. BSD Ukraine was actually under the umbrella of BrookBank. Perlstein served as Director of BSD Ukraine until 2010, and was responsible for the company’s management of 10,000 hectares of Ukrainian agricultural land.

Preservation of Natural Resources

It was only a natural fit for Sharone Perlstein to then take his expertise to the task of assisting governments to protect and sustain their fragile natural resource assets. In 2010, Perlstein teamed up with David Plattner, founder of the Rainforest Trust whose mission was to aid governments, such as Indonesia, Cambodia and Mexico, to protect rainforests. The Trust supplied the necessary financing and security measures to assist governments with accomplishing their mission.

At the same time, Sharone Perlstein became engaged in the development of alternative fuels as an income source for sustainability projects. He was an advisor and investor in Waterland International, which was managing jatropha tree plantations in Indonesia. Waterland teamed with Airbus and Boeing to discern if jatropha tree oil could be utilized as jet fuel.

Education and Interests

Sharone Perlstein received his B.A. from the University of Illinois, Champagne/Urbana in 1993. He is an avid art collector and spends as much time as possible shopping the art venues to find new paintings for his personal collection.

Work experience



Smith Inc

Provide administrative support to the VP of Worldwide Sales and the Directors of Marketing and Global Operations, managing schedules/calendars and overseeing event logistics.


Administrative Assistant

Jones & Co

Support two Senior Partners, blasting monthly marketing letters to a database of over 250 prospects. Prepared monthly attorney letters on case statuses and compiled expense reports.


Internal Communications Officer/Marketing

Indigo Inc

Supported marketing and corporate communications across the organization, traveling to Paris, France Headquarters as needed. Organized on- and off-site team building activities and traveled frequently across locations to adopt best practice methods.


Bachelor of Communications, Marketing

United States International University

Computer Skills

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), SAP, SRM, Visio