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Work experience

Oct 2015Current

Founder of LACtic & Freelance Full Stack Software Engineer

LACtic ,

Founder and sole programmer of LACtic , a social network built for finding a Fitness partner. 

LACtic platform is a web responder site , built with Ruby on Rails along with bootstarp

to be used cross platform on the web and mobiles. Using PostgreSQL (9.4) on Heroku. 

LACtic Social technologies include live notifications alerts (using Pusher plugin) upon messaging ,commenting, voting ( likes).  Facebook Login , Instagram & Google sign in and integration are also enable for retrieval of photos , friends & check in via location tag from Facebook or Google.  LACtic also uses a background processes & workers, one of which sends a notification email reminder for all users upon new site features and more. (using Clockwork- a clock process to replace cron).

Calendar feature for adding events (full-calendar rails plugin). with ability to iCal/Google calendar integration. 

Airbrake is used for catching all exceptions and logs coming from the site. 

LACtic is currently on its beta version, running with a closed group of tester users ,needed to be sign-in confirmed (by Sharona)  before letting in the site. 

Sep 2014Sep 2015

Solutions Engineer Manager


Work with 3rd party Partners & integrators from cross-device video analytics and monetization solutions platforms ,advertisements platforms, and on screen graphics.  These include : Ooyala, thePlatform, Gracenote, Brightcove, Tribune, FreeWheel ,VizRT, Civolution and more.

Develop sample applications and code snippets for customers that demonstrate common use cases and innovative ways to integrate with Applicaster CMS.

Deliver customer feedback and feature requests to Professional Services, Product Management and Engineering teams in an effort to improve Applicasters' products and processes.

Pre-Sales Developer Support:  review use cases, assist with “proof of concept” 

Post-Sales Developer Support:  provide developer technical training & best practice education, assist with implementation, debugging and code optimization.

Oct 2012Jun 2014

Lead Cloud Engineer

 Calaborate, Inc

Lead Android developer, Lead Android developers of the Android version of the Atlas (, and managed two front-end Android developers remotely , using Parse as backend and Facebook API for login. Also , built the company's site ,first using Javascript then switched to PHP (all with CSS,HTML5, JQUERY &AJAX and with Parse API for both PHP and JavaScript). Later the road ,as the company changed her app concept to Clowder ( ,grown and expected a more scalable backend ,moving to AWS (Amazon Web Services) . was in change of building all the communication between the mobiles and storing all data ,using Ruby On Rails an AWS SDK (main services used : SQS (Queues), SNS (for push Notification), S3 Bucket (for logging and data storing),DynamoDB (NoSQL database), CloudWatch (for setting Alarms)). Also used outer source as Twillio (for SMS texting) and Airbrake  (for app exceptions catcher ).

All team communication was done using GitHub (either through command line or SourceTree)

Mar 2012Oct 2012

Software Engineer

Civillius Social Gaming

Civillius a startup that developed an innovative product in the space of social gaming. During my employment period, part of my duties were in areas of technological research, system architecture and database design, coding, testing and deployment of the continuation version to SiteTycoonTM. I was mainly working with backend Microsoft technologies (namely ASP.Net/C#/Azure DB), HTML5/Javascript and jQuery.

Dec 2006May 2009

Project Manager

StepIn Ltd

Responsibilities Project Manager in charge of targeted technical development. Responsible for collecting and organizing the needs of customers. Deciding on the best technical solution (while considering cost efficiency) Characterizing that solution in close correlation with the abilities of the technical development team. Working with the development team to produce the product and help implement it with the customer. 

Part of the Software Developers team, implementing a client application that gives a full fitness class using animation and music. mainly programming language used : Java and Flash (action script)


Oct 2009Jun 2010

  Analytical Research & Creative Development, MEDIA LAB 

Created and developed unique location based game for the Android platform.

Features include, ability for users to track routes, and create art through

movement, research and analytical performance capabilities based on variables

related user engagement and interaction with gaming functions, mobile device

GPS locator capabilities, and generation of advanced visual effects through

OpenGL in a 3D perspective.


Bachelor's degree

The Interdisciplinary Center

Computer Science with specialization in developing computer games and

interactive media


Bachelor's degree

Tel Aviv University



Specialized in :

  • Android programming,
  • Java (incl. J2EE)
  •  Ruby on Rails,
  •  AWS , DynamoDB (noSQL) (among other AWS services )
  • Parse API
  • Python
  • Google App Engine
  • PHP
  • .NET (C#), SQL Server,
  • JavaScript, HTML,CSS
  • Flex, Flash, CS3
  • Unity3D,OpenGL


Oct 2002Jul 2003

Aerobic Instructor 

Wingate Institute

A Certified Aerobic Instructor from Wingate Institute, Israel's National Centre for

Physical Education and Sport with More than 10 years experience.