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Sharon Cheruto

International Development Professional

Work History


Consultant, Program Support

Colleges and Institutes Canada 

Key achievements: 

  • Implementing the communication strategy of the KEFEP project and increasing its visibility and publicity and effectively communicating with and coordinating activities of 27 partners (Canadian/Kenyan) to improve of quality skills training programs within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions in Kenya.
  • Restructured project website, developing content on a weekly basis for all social media platforms
  • Developed the first fact sheet specific to the KEFEP project now being replicated in their other EFE (Education for Employment) programs around the world.
  • One of my main deliverables for KEFEP is to increase the visibility of the project in the media. So far, I have built new relationships with the local media had several articles published in the local newspapers like The Standard and Daily Nation and in an event in Q1 this year, our event was covered on live television.
  • In June 2018 I was the production manager of the KEFEP documentary where I led a stu film crew of journalism students from Durham College and coordinated over 50 interviews across 19 counties in Kenya, that launched in Canada on November 15th to highlight partnership objectives and strategies both in Kenya and Canada and to gather stories and capture the impact of KEFEP so far. Click here: KEFEP Documentary Launch

Overall role:

  • Lead in project communications, responsible for increasing the visibility of the KEFEP project with different target audiences in Canada and in Kenya
  • Created, curated, and managed all published content (images, video and written) on all social media platforms
  • Created press releases and articles for KEFEP and maintain relationships with media houses
  • Developed, planned and managed activities supporting KEFEP 
  • Provide operational support to member institutions, the funder (Global Affairs Canada), associated staff and consultants
  • Reviewed and edited narrative reports, concept papers 
  • Played a key role procurement of equipment for the 10 national polytechnics (CAD 5M budget) 
  • Provide support to the STA, team members and partner institutions (29)

Co-founder, Project Manager

Enigma Images Limited
  • Identify communication and marketing needs as well as maintain all client relationships 
  • Develop and manage all our communication resources 
  • Responsible for promoting Enigma's brand and core values, management and updating of all our social media accounts on a daily or weekly basis
  • Create visibility for our products and services
  • Responsible for business development (sourcing for new clients, writing funding and business proposals for our conservation projects)

Project Management Consultant

Handwerkskammer (HwK) Frankfurt-Rhein-Main
  • Identified  local Kenyan experts in various areas needed for achieving the project objectives
  • Provide overall recruitment and on boarding of local staff, and contextualisation of project to Kenya;
  • Anticipated and dealt with potential bottlenecks, provided innovative solutions to troubleshoot challenges, and balance programmatic emergencies with technical constraints
  • Support of multiple Kenyan partners in setting-up ToRs for requested short-term experts 
  • Organisation and implementation of trainings, workshops etc. in cooperation with the Kenyan partners
  • Support of international short-term experts and project related visitors and ensuring proper cultural integration 
  • Identified relevant VET initiatives of the private sector (also in other sectors) relevant for the project
  • Supported in planning activities with existing and possible additional partner organisations within the current partnership project as well as setting-up realistic budgets
  • Cooperation and networking with public and private stakeholders in the field of VET in Kenya
  • Procurement of material (for project activities or workshops) and support of customs processes (as e.g. customs clearance) 
  • Reporting on project progress and implemented activities

Project Manager

Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi Ltd
  • Expanded the Sauti Yetu program has expanded from one county to three during my time (Nairobi - 11 wards, Nakuru - 11 wards, Garissa 4 wards)
  • Achieved 30% improvement in engaging with elected leaders, increased community participation and ownership of the program by over 25% over the period 2012-2015
  • Trained 8 field program staff on on project cycle management, communication and use of social media
  • Ensured efficient implementation and integration of the Sauti Yetu and Maskani Ya Taifa initiatives
  • Coordinated activities with other funding agencies, networking with various government leaders, NGOS, working with 11 project partners 
  • Managed budgets and resources, donor relations, responsible for donor reporting 
  • Educated teams on the sensitivities involved in a multilingual, multicultural and multi-ethnic communities
  • Ensured timely, comprehensive and complete monthly reporting as per the agreed timelines

Project Coordinator

Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi Ltd
  • Successfully ran and completed the pilot program Sauti Yetu in 11 wards in Nairobi, 45 civic education events which led to grant agreement renewal for another 3 years based on the performance of Sauti Yetu
  • Served as a liason between aspirants/elected leaders and the communities
  • Organised community political debates and accountability forums with elected leaders during pre-election and post-election
  • Mobilised communities for debates, civic education and accountability forums
  • Supervised eight local coordinators working in the informal settlements 
  • Created the Sauti Yetu toolkit for other NGOs, local CBOs and faith based organisations for sustainability
  • Assisted with budgeting and facilitating payments as needed for all activities
  • Responsible for report writing for all Sauti Yetu activities



Bachelor of Arts -Government 

Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA, United States