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Bi Consultant

Duration 1 year 7 months Industry Manufacturing Project Description Medtronic is a company based in US which manufacture health related equipment Function BI Consultant Responsibilities/Deliverables Major involvement in creating Reports by using free characteristics, Restricted Key figures, and Calculated Key figures, Variables and Formulas Conducting training classes for Client to teach them how to use system. In case of data load failures, involved in analysing the errors, and took corrective actions. Monitoring of the process chains and analysing the reasons for frequent failures of the processes Involved in solving tickets related to almost all the Sap R/3 modules SD, MM, FI and PP Role includes loading master and transaction data into BW server and worked on Data load checking and data flow. Checked Pre-existing process chains scheduling so that data is loaded perfectly Working with user and business analyst and user to understand their issues. Maintenance of tickets in Mercury Quality Centre

Trainee Consultant

Function Trainee Consultant Responsibilities/Deliverables Study of the client's business processes(AS-IS Study) Business Blueprint Preparation: Documentation of business process, which has to be Mapped in SAP. Configured business processes in SAP based on Blueprint document. Define Account Groups for G/L Accounts, Vendors, Customers and Assigned Number ranges to groups. Define/assign fiscal year, posting periods, document types and number ranges field Status variant Define/assign chart of accounts, account groups, retained/earnings account, G/L Tolerance and employee tolerance. Defined tolerance groups for vendors, created masters for Vendors and Customers. Configured Automatic Payment Program. Configuration of settings for Dunning Procedure. Define Chart of Depreciation. Define Asset Class. Define screen layout for asset master data and asset depreciation area. Configured Depreciation areas & Depreciation keys. Creation of controlling area basic settings and cost center Hierarchy Creation of cost centers, cost elements, and Profit Centre Master data.

Bi Consultant

Duration 11 Months Industry Manufacturing Project Description is the largest independent automotive parts distributor in the United States With over 300 locations throughout the country and is dedicated to sustaining its Reputation as a leader. They have over $1 Billion in annual sales, Distribution Centers and 288 corporate stores Function BI Consultant Responsibilities/Deliverables Participated in Requirements gathering, analysing and evaluating the need of the program or the report according to the expectation of the client Develop, review and refine technical specs with quality accredited standards. Involved in FI-Extraction(AP and AR) and Generic extraction(Tables/View, Infoset) to extract data from R/3 systems. Involved in creation and maintenance of various BW objects such as info objects, ODS objects and info cubes Involved in enhancing the standard and Generic Data source(Appending of customized fields to the standard extract structure, Replicating in BW) Involved on all kind of Transport activities(Transporting of info cubes, ODS, Queries etc) from BW-Dev to QA and BW-QA to BW-PROD Involved in creating process chain which involved triggering of chains Involved in solving tickets related to project and carrying out Maintenance work. Provide the technical support for production and resolve the critical production issues Involved in tracking issues in Rational Portfolio Manager tool. Working with user and business analyst and user to understand their issues Peer-review of the work done by team and suggest appropriate changes to maintain quality standard. Attending the meeting with Onsite coordinate on daily basis to discuss about work plan and Client requirements. Preparing daily work plan for offshore team and distribute the work as per team member capabilities. Writing ABAP(Advanced Business Programming language) according to the requirements of the user and map to the SAP BW system Testing, debugging, diagnosing and correcting errors and faults in an applications written in ABAP programming language in BW backend within established testing protocols, guidelines and quality standards to ensure programs and applications perform according to specifications. Created Sales Overview dashboard in WAD where user can see quarterly material sales for a selected

Bi Consultant

BCLC(British Columbia Lottery Corporation)
CANADA Duration 7 Months Industry Manufacturing Project Description BCLC has chosen to implement SAP BW as a means to access the extended coding block of the New GL in SAP ECC in order to improve financial transparency and insights for the enterprise Function BI Consultant Responsibilities/De liverabl es Performed BI Content Activation of G/L Accounts: Transaction Figures(0FI_ GL_ 20), G/L Accounts: Line Items(0FI_ GL_ 40), Cost Centers: Costs and Allocations(0CO_ OM_ CCA_ 20) and Cost Centers: Actual Line Items(0CO_ OM_ CCA_ 40) Created Infocubes ZFIGL_ C01 for flow of 0FI_ GL_ 40 and 0FI_ GL_ 20 and ZCCA_ C01 for flow 0CO_ OM_ CCA_ 20 and(0CO_ OM_ CCA_ 40) Created Multiprovider ZCCFI_ M02 for flow ZFIGL_ C01 and ZCCA_ C01 Written start routine and formula in ABAP for different business requirements of medium level complexities. Created a separate flow for live data for MultiProvider ZCCFI_ M01 which sits on top of ZFIG_ R01 and ZCCA_ R01 Remote Cube, which are in turn loaded from 0FI_ GL_ 40 and 0CO_ OM_ CCA_ 40 datasources, respectively. Created process chains for loading Master data(Z_ MD_ ALL) for attributes, text and hierarchies. Created process chain for loading transaction data Z_ TRANSACTION_ DAILYDELTA. Created following complex queries in BEx: Profit Centre Actual/Budget/Prior(ZCCFI_ M02_ Q0001) Balance sheet comparison(ZCCFI_ M02_ Q0002) Profit Centre Actual/Budget/Prior Lottery(ZCCFI_ M02_ Q0003)


SAP BPC 10. 0
struggled to develop reliable product standards that integrate and reflect improvement Initiatives. they decided to implement SAP BPC 10. 0 to integrate their Planning and reporting Functionality Solution Delivered Preparation of Functional design descriptions(FDD), Report design descriptions(RDD), Workflow Design Descriptions(WDD). Managing a team and attending various meetings with project manager as well as onsite team and defining the scope, allocation of work as well as staff augmentation Development of complex reports and Input Schedules related to Budget(like as P&L, SG&A and Balance Sheet), Workflow and PS Working with BW team and responsible for performing integration between BW and BPC and deciding various strategies for relevant data sources as well as Info objects required for mapping dimensions in BPC. Involved in writing and debugging Script-logic. Some critical scenarios other than normal calculations are mentioned below Based on a particular product dimension property, all id's were collected using Select statement and stored in a variable and then used For loop Based on these products and then user will enter a value in statistical an Account and result will be calculated and stored in a another statistical account and then we have perform currency translation to move this statistical account which was in Japanese currency to move to USD. This I handle with the concert of Lookup to Rate model. Destination_ App Logic There were normal scenarios in which I moved GL accounts from workforce planning to Budget, Sales to Budget etc. One special scenario I handled that we moved GL accounts after doing calculations based on cost per unit from Budget model to Statistical accounts of Sales Model and we have to assure that these statistical accounts were not present in Budget Model. This was never achieved in BPC script logic and I was appreciated for this work from IBM as well as BPC community. Allocation logic to move Revenue Target from External business units to Global business units for both North America and Japan environment. Involved in creating and maintaining data manager packages Worked with ABAP team in giving functional input in writing ABAP codes for


Manager Packages. Built a solution to help getting Live data to users in an interval of 6 hours which provided a great deal of Support during their forecasting process. Provided solution for light optimization process which helped in improving report and forms Performances. Enhancement for additional mulltiposting for multiple entity in Journal templates and trained user to Copy, unpost all previously selected posted journal to new one just keeping all dimensions same and just select new entity and thus reduced the repetitive tasks in Consolidation Model. Automation of JV related profit centres in Transformation file which was manually maintained by business. For Budget to include extended years Time_ Budget conversion was created as Time was maintined only for a year. American Honda Duration 1 year 11 months Industry Manufacturing Project Description BPC 10. 0 Implementation for American Honda both in US and Japan. Earlier the client was using Cognos Tm1 as a planning tool so we moved the complete solutions from Cognos tm1 to SAP BPC 10. 0 Function Consultant Responsibilities/Deliverables Client issue Company had disparate business rules, extensive use of Excel for reporting and data entry. The

Planning Model

IBM India Private Ltd
Planning Model Rewritten script to allow FX translation to run for Budget years(external quarters for 2016 and for additional Years) Automated FX calculation and PL to Retained Earnings calculation when the Regions enter and Save Forecast data. Rewritten script that used to copy forecast data from Planning(periodic) to Consolidation(YTD) to Include 4 different quarter and 3 years extra. Worked in Shared service allocation model which require to build 5 scripts based on calculation for value and quantity to generate volume and required to perform currency translation first with Look up method and then moving this to Planning cube Solution Delivered(Maintenance and Support) Created package links which consists of packages with prompt properly set to get scheduled at their Respective time. Take corrective action and help support team member in case of failures. Implemented Email Functionality for sending messages to users when there is a failure in data

Consolidation Model

IBM India Private Ltd
Consolidation Model Copy of data from Consolidation to Planning based upon version selection and enhancement came to run the same process for Single month to improve performance. Rewritten script of Balance carry forward which was earlier executed through script through Business rule to improve performance as well as allowing user to select multiple categories and time periods. Modification in FX not calculating across fiscal years during the budget process while Executing through default logic. In JV(joint venture) to equity script it was required to move all P+L to share of profit, Assets and Liabilities to Investment for a certain Joint venture profit centres. Worked on a part of script logic which is calculation Cash flow. In this assignment was to calculate Management and statutory cash flow which was in periodic to YTD

Senior Sap

Project Description BPC 10. 0 Implementation, Go live Support and Maintenance Function Senior SAP BPC Consultant Responsibilities/Deliverables Client issue

IBM India Private Ltd

IBM India Private Ltd
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