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CAREER Objective: To utilize my Asian especially China experiences in the senior management position for a visionary organization that needs leadership in direct and energize the team/company to achieve a profitable and sustainable growth in business and to meet all compliance targets with high ethics and integrity standard.


Traveling, music, movies, cycling, reading, badminton, golf, skiing, and sea sports

Has enjoyed traveling either in business or leisure to quite a lot of places around the world, my global and China exposure is as follow:World: USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan.China: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzen, Guangzhou, Sichuan, Guizhou, Tibet, Xining, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Harbin, Inner Mongolia, Kunming, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hebei, Hunan, Henan, Tianjin, Qinghai.Taiwan: Tapei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Pintong.


ØUS Engineering graduate with 15 years of working experiences which 14 years of Asian working experiences.

ØA profession with strong commercial background with total 11 years of solid management experiences including P&L responsibility for the customized solution business in China.

ØStrong languages skills and with strong understanding our different and diversified cultures, history, and custom in Asia.

ØGlaring financial analytical skill and experiences towards cost control, pricing strategies, market trend either in B2B and B2C in all major cities including some of the strategic 2nd and 3rd tiers cities in China like Chongqing, Xian, Chengdu, Qingdao, Wuhan, Dalian, Kunming, Changsha, Wuhu.

ØSolid business development background by understanding and commercially acumen to customers’ future challenges.

ØA prudent risk taker with enormous experiences in promoting new products and technology together with entering new market.

Ø10 years experiences in market positioning, product rationalization as well as developing strategies towards highly competitive environment.

ØExperienced in offering support for merger and acquisition and partnership projects to top management since year 2001.

ØHighly sensitive upon market trend, customers’ need, global financial issues.

ØA strong team player worked in a multi-level management system.

Work experience

Jun 2006Dec 2008


Arch Chemicals


  1. Accountable for P&L, financial (EBITDA, RONA, ROI, revenue & margin), and business growth targets to realize the full potential in the Asian markets.
  2. Accountable for the achievement of quality, EH&S performance objectives in every aspect in all locations and markets.
  3. Develop and implement 5-year strategy and business plan in alignment with the global division and corporate strategy.
  4. Achieving established objectives and returns for the manufacture and marketing of products, process, and technology to ensure profitable growth.
  5. Identifying, exploring M&A and strategic alliance co-operations.
  6. Establishing the relationship in the governmental for both state and provincial level in China and other strategic region.


1.Working with the Managing Director Global Operation based in US to develop and implement strategic plans that are specific to the Asian business and in alignment with the Global strategic direction and plans.

2.Direct Management and control of the business entity in Asia including material sourcing, manufacturing operation, Quality Control, Finance and Administration, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, IT and communication.

3.Be the Leader in risk evaluation in this high volatile market including currency exchange, increasing raw material and transportation costs, downturn in the global economy, and rapid changes in business regulation especially in China (VAT refund, taxes, new labor law, anti-dumping issues etc).This risk evaluation also includes industry/manufacturing rationalization, competitive stability, together with talent retention and succession plan.

4.Kept close contacts with raw materials suppliers and customers to manage the product costs in order to establish benchmarking pricing strategies with local and overseas competitors.

5.Understood the customers’ current and potential challenges, and explored solution with great customers involvement.The principle of “Customer success is ours” has been at the fore of the mission to grow with our customers.

6.Implementing and complying with corporate policies and ensure a high standard of management in the company’s ethical and responsible care policies.

7.Ensuring that the company maintains a high level of quality, EH&S management, and achieved the record breaking lost time accident especially in the manufacturing facility.

8.Exploring options on strategic ventures, acquisitions and alliance partners in driving the growth opportunities.

9.Maintaining credibility with the company’s main customers, distributors and suppliers, ensuring through negotiation, the protection of key accounts and the development of current business.

10.Establishing a strategic relationship with the relevant state and provincial governmental bodies especially in China to protect Intellectual Properties, Registration, and Trademark and to lobbying the new regulations in favor to the International Standard and Compliance.

11.Liaise and co-ordinate with other senior management staff within the Global division to determine priorities for research and development and marketing strategies.

12.Actively engage in strategic teams like EHS, fiscal compliance, procurement, market/product development, etc.

13.Representing the Company in handling industrial association, media and other social responsible activities.


1.Lead the team to enter the new industry in container flooring by introducing a new product to the market, including product rationalization, setting up the pricing and selling strategies, directing the product technology to position the market needs and customers’ expectations.This particular business unit has become the most profitable segment in our divisions.

2.Setting up the manufacturing and operation plants in Suzhou, China in compliance with all International Standard including Health, Safety, Security, and Environment.

Mar 2005May 2006

Chief Representative

Hallmark Cards


1.Identified the strategic alliance and partners in new geographic regions of China to further expand the existing USD 300 million procurement businesses.

2.Supported Hallmark US, UK and Asia to enter the paper buying market in Asia.

3.Developed the non-paper bags business in Northern China up to US$10MM.

4.Worked with Labor, EPA, Commerce Department and other governmental bodies in China to ensure all vendors meeting the compliance.


  1. Responsible for the merchandising for the greeting card, paper bags, and gift- wraps, plush, and other (like pottery, crystal & glasses) in Eastern and Central China.
  2. Self starter in identifying all partners and vendors in China except HK and Southern China.
  3. Managed all the procurement business of “Asian Paper” for Hallmark US, UK and Asia.
  4. Lead the assignment for all printed products outside HK and Southern China for Mark & Spencer, UK, Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, and Dollar General.
  5. Responsible for the sourcing of the non-paper bags business in other area of China outside Guangdong province.
  6. Assessed the paper suppliers in terms of quality, supply chain capability and forestry sustainability.
Apr 1998Feb 2005

Business Manager-China/Chief Representative

National Starch & Chemicals


  1. Developed the starch market and established the industrial starch team in China.
  2. Set up the representative office, trading house and manufacturing plant in China.
  3. Keeper for company’s corporate culture, accountability, innovative, together with safety, quality and improvement.


  1. Accountable for full P&L, finance, budgeting for the industrial starch division in China.
  2. Established the pricing strategies by keeping track on the competitive prices, market trend, and the movement of the raw materials prices.
  3. Managed the product portfolio by introducing new technology, up-grading products and applications to conduct continuous improvement on the business profitability as well as the customers’ greatest interest.
  4. Responsible for managing key customer relationship and lead senior sales negotiation.
  5. Worked with local and provincial government bodies, local financial bodies, custom, and taxation officials to identifying the manufacturing plant site in China.
  6. Hired, trained, mentored, couched and consistently developed new and existing team members and built the team from stretch.
  7. Assist the management team to build the starch manufacturing plant.Before, spent substantial amount of time in identify and sourcing potential acquisition target and manufacturing locations.
  8. Launched every new product by conduct seminars and training to customers and distributors.
  9. Established the sales offices in Guangzhou, Shandong, Suzhou, and Zhenjiang.


1.Achieved the top line growth from US$0.5MM to US$4.0MM for the year of 1999.

2.The industrial starch business has growth up to US$10MM by the end of 2002.

3.Persistent in supplying to the paper giant APP during their financial crisis and able to dominate the market share by more than 80%.

4.Successfully finalizing the starch-manufacturing site at Songjiang, Shanghai.

Jan 1995Mar 1998

Regional Technical Service-Asia Pacific

National Starch & Chemicals


1.Provide technical service and support to customers around the region in Asia Pacific.

2.Build up a laboratory for the industrial starch division in Singapore.This included the design of the laboratory, purchased the relevant equipment and hired a laboratory technician.

3.Developed the tissue and loose filled market in Asia Pacific by introducing the new water based and biodegradable product


1.Responsible in setting up and conducting trials in the paper mills in Asia Pacific.

2.Conducted the technical seminar for the existing and potential customers.

3.Assisted the sales managers and executives to develop new accounts in Asia Pacific.

4.Provided training for all the new hired executives in technical knowledge and laboratory testing.

5.Handled customer’s technical complaint by identifying the root causes and worked out solutions for the customers.

6.Strengthen the conventional starch business in Asia Pacific and further developed the new customers and market in the region.

7.Assisted the sales manager in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand to develop the starch market in the paper industry in the respective areas and countries.

8.Set up a co-operation project with the loose-filled manufacturer in Taiwan and Australia.

9.Conducted the technical seminar for paper makers in Australia, Philippines, and New Zealand.

10.Conducted a market survey for the paper industries in China.


Promoted to Chief Representative/Business Manager for China.

Jun 1994Dec 1994

Technical Service Engineer

National Starch & Chemicals


  1. Provided technical support to customers around USA and other Canada.
  2. Learnt all related product lines and other working knowledge.


  1. Assisted the senior technical service engineers to conduct trials by running laboratory testing, collecting technical data, and compiling the relevant data.
  2. Collected all the pre-trial technical data as a baseline reference for the trial.
  3. Conducted all the competitor analysis at the laboratory.
  4. Responsible for laboratory testing of the stimulated Asian pulp with the new developed products.


Sep 1989May 1994

B.S. Chemical Engineering


  Proficiency in PC, MS Office, MS Window, Mac
Proficiency in various languages like English, Mandarin, Cantonese,and Malay