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Citizen of the Netherlands, beginner proficiency through exposure to Dutch for 23 years through family 
Resided in Japan for 2 years, gained fluency 10 years ago and maintain intermediate speaking skills


Global public health, infectious diseases, herpesviruses, HSV! & HSV2, HIV/AIDS generation lost in Africa, global development, education and rights of women and children, maternal health, women in development

Work experience

Mar 2013Present

Graduate Research Assistant: Bertke Lab

Virginia Tech: Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Molecular Virology in Veterinary Medicine:

Investigating how Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 establish latent infections in neurons and reactivate to cause disease, and the role of the autonomic nervous system in these disease outcomes.

Skills associated: Cell Culture, DNA extraction, DNA sequencing, DNA electrophoresis, Multiplex PCR, PCR, Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy, Virus Culture, RNA biology, Immunohistochemistry, neuronal cultures, animal infections, animal care, animal evaluation, tissue harvest and dissection 

Jul 2013Present

Conference Mentor

Let's Talk Public Health: Virginia Tech

Participated as a mentor to fifty rising Juniors and Seniors from across Virginia in the Let's Talk Public Health Conference at Virginia Tech. At this conference we focused on exposing participants to public health issues in Virginia and aimed to increase their awareness of and interest in public health careers.

Led a student group in the making of a video to show the emergency preparedness skills they have obtained through the conference: 

Aug 2012May 2013

Graduate Teaching Assistant: Principles and General Biology Lab

Virginia Tech

Taught and facilitated six total Biology laboratory sections in the Biology department at Virginia Tech, for a total of 150 students taught over the course of the year. 

Spring 2013: Two sections of General Biology Lab 1016One section of Principles of Biology Lab 1116Fall 2012: One section of General Biology Lab 1015Two sections of Principles of Biology Lab 1115

May 2012Sep 2012

Research Assistant to Dr. Mizuho Nita

Virginia Tech

Grape Pathology at  the Alson H. Smith, Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center for Virginia Tech. 

Molecular virology work with Grapevine Leafroll Virus, viticulture, general vineyard maintenance and disease monitoring. Worked to assess vineyard infection rate by Grapevine Virus extraction and detection of Grapevine Leafroll associated Virus (GlaV). In addition, experiments were conducted to molecularly identify mealybug species, the vectors of Grapevine Leafroll Disease, in Virginia.

Oral Presentation:88th Annual Cumberland-Shenandoah Fruit Workers Conference. Molecular Identification of Mealybug Species, Vectors of Grapevine Leafroll Disease, in Virginia. Winchester, VA. 11/2012

Aug 2011May 2012

Research Assistant to Dr. David G. Schmale III,

Virginia Tech: Food Safety and Plant Biosecurity

Assist with diagnostic testing of mycotoxins to determine contamination in food and feed.

May 2010Sep 2010

Assistant to VP International Affairs

International Affairs Office at Virginia Tech

Assistant to past VP of International Affairs at Virginia Tech: John E. Dooley. Assisted with office calls, paperwork, filing and projects regarding the international affairs of the university.  

May 2009Aug 2009

Program Assistant

Biomedical Engineering for NASA INSPIRE, C-Tech2, and Imagination Summer Camps

Led a bioengineering project in health care class series: a hemodialysis design project for campers. Served as camp counselor and mentor to students. 

Aug 2007Aug 2008

Assistant to Director of Women in Development

Virginia Tech OIRED

Assistant to Director of Women in Development at the Office of International Research, Education, and Development. Projects and duties included reading and revising articles for database entry to create a comprehensive database for the Women in Development office. Assisted in evaluations for Women in Development records and assisted in  the organization of workshops and meetings for students and professors.


Aug 2012Present

Master's of Public Health (MPH)

Virginia Tech

Current number of credits completed: 25

Currently enrolled in 12 credits

Current GPA: 3.81

Jan 2009May 2012

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Virginia Tech

Graduating GPA: 3.54 - Cum Laude

Aug 2008May 2009

North Carolina State University

Transfer student to Virginia Tech in 2009