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I love reading, writing and dancing. I enjoy being outdoors and riding my bike. I'm very passionate about animals and the environment and try to integrate my passion into everything I do.


I would like to find employment with an organization that brings to light the information necessary to improve animals lives and environmental and human health.

Work experience

May 2007Present


Farm Sanctuary - West

As a Farm Santuary volunteer, my experiences included:

  • Helping at annual events including the annual Hoe Down and Celebration FOR the Turkeys by manning registration tables, cleaning, greeting visitors and providing information to guests
  • Manning the front desk on tour days when needed - rang up customers for their purchases in organization's store, supplied visitors with any information needed
  • Helping out with farm tasks during monthly volunteer work parties including cleaning, painting, yard work and planting trees.
Jun 2009Dec 2009

Volunteer Coordinator

Butte Humane Society
  • Recruited, trained, scheduled and supervised 200+ volunteers for shelter activities
  • Organized and led volunteer orientations, trainings and meetings
  • Developed strategies for improving the volunteer program and relations with volunteers
  • Created pamphlets, documents and fliers for BHS distribution
  • Attended weekly staff and volunteer meetings
  • Interviewed and supervised work assistance workers
  • Developed an open and inviting volunteer program
  • Prepared monthly reports for BHS Board of Directors
  • Assisted with organization and execution of outreach events
  • Better developed and reorganized entire volunteer program
Sep 2008May 2009


Green Campus Program - Chico State

As a team manager, my responsibilities included:

  • Overseeing all Chico Green Campus events and projects
  • Maintaining communication between the team and our program's supervisor in Arcata, Calif. and providing him with weekly updates
  • Planning semi-annual stakeholder meetings and inviting all stakeholders
  • Leading and planning Chico Green Campus weekly meetings
  • Attending other on-campus environmental organizations' meetings to maintain relationships between groups
  • Writing articles for and putting together the organization's monthly newsletter
  • Training and supervising interns and volunteers involved with the organization
  • Creating and implementing energy efficiency presentations for conferences and events
  • Participating in projects when needed
Aug 2008Dec 2008

Public Relations Intern

Farm Sanctuary - West

As a public relations intern with Farm Sanctuary - West, my responsibilities and tasks included:

  • Promting events in the community by posting to community calendars, hanging fliers and talking with other organizations
  • Creating opinion-editorial pieces about YES on Proposition 2 in California
  • Soliciting various companies for donations for a silent auction
  • Representing the organizationa at a variety of events by handing out information and tabling
  • Participating in events including Celebration for the Turkeys, Walk for Farm Animals and others
  • Pitching stories to media about Farm Sanctuary events and projects
  • Distributing leaflets and tabling for YES on Proposition 2 and Farm Sanctuary
  • Writing event sidebars for an upcoming Farm Sanctuary cookbook
  • Representing the YES on Proposition 2 campaign on the Chico State campus
May 2007Sep 2008

Project Coordinator/Secretary

Green Campus Program - Chico State

I began my work with Chico Green Campus as a program coordinator and secretarytreasurer and was able to work my way up to become director.

As program coordinator my responsibilities included:

  • Coordinating programs and events to educate students and faculty about energy efficiency
  • Creating and distributing press releases for projects and events as needed
  • Working with stakeholders on campus to make the campus more energy efficient
  • Writing articles for the program's monthly newsletter
  • Helping to supervise interns and volunteers involved in the organization when needed
  • Participating in the implementation of most Green Campus programs and events
  • Implementing energy efficiency presentations for conferences and events

As secretary, my responsibilities included:

  • Reconciling receipts on a monthly basis and putting together a monthly reconciliation report
  • Purchasing items needed for the organization
  • Keeping careful track of the budget
  • Taking meeting notes at each Green Campus meeting
  • Participating in secretary phone meetings with other Green Campus secretaries when needed
  • Recognized as "Most Outstanding Secretary" for the 2007/2008 school year at the California's Green Campus Program's end of year meeting
Jan 2007May 2007

Cat Care Specialist/Volunteer

Chico Cat Coalition

As a volunteer with the Chico Cat Coalition, my responsibilities included:

  • Caring for more than 100 felines in two housing units (one of which was for HIV positive cats)
  • Feeding and cleaning up after all cats
  • Giving cats medication when needed
  • Playing with the cats and giving them attention
Aug 2006May 2007

Sales Associate

The Creative Apple

As a sales associate at The Creative Apple, my responsibilities included:

  • Providing customer service in a retail setting
  • Ringing up customers for the their purchases
  • Assisting customers in finding what they needed
  • Cleaning the store
  • Answering phone inquiries
  • Stocking and pricing product for the store
Aug 2006Nov 2006


This Way to Sustainability Conference Committee

As an organizer and volutneer working on and with the conference committee, my responsibilities included:

  • Participating in planning the outreach portion of the planning process
  • Pitching news stories to local news media and inquiring about advertising space
  • Hanging fliers around campus and the community
  • Visiting local radio stations for advertisement of the conference
  • Volunteering at the conference by manning registration tables, providing directions for visitors and encouraging visitors to take energy pledges



Aug 2006May 2009

Bachelor of Arts

At Chico State, I majored in journalism with an emphasis is public relations and I minored in environmental studies.

I maintained a 3.4 grade point average and was on the Department of Journalism's Dean List.

While attending Chico State, I founded and was president of a campus animal rights group called Chico For Animal Rights (CFAR). I founded the club in August 2007 and was president until May 2009. I'm proud to say that the club is still going strong with wonderful new leadership and participants.

Aug 2003May 2006

Associate of Arts

I maintained a 3.5 grade point average while attending Shasta College.


Office Administration
Working within non-profits, I've worn many hats, including office administrator. I've had plenty of experience filing, scanning, faxing, utilizing the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook), data entry and scheduling.   Through these positions I have also honed my multi-tasking and organizational skills and have become extremely efficient with my time and work.   I also type 70+ words per minute and have impeccable accuracy when doing so.
Educational Outreach
I believe that education is one of the essential components of a successful program or project.   Most of the jobs I've held and the internships and the volunteer activities I've participated in have concentrated on educational outreach and I think that I have extensive experience in this arena. I've felt myself come alive when participating in educational outreach and have a passion for teaching others about important issues.
Project Coordination
Because of my work with Chico Green Campus and as founder and president of Chico For Animal Rights, I have gained extensive experience in the creation and implementation of projects, presentations, events and programs.   I have also gained experience supervising others and providing oversight on projects.