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Life Coach and motivational speaker Shannon Graham founded his company, Shannon Graham Life Coaching, more than five years ago. As Chief Executive Officer, Shannon Graham serves his clients, which include Fortune 500 companies as well as individuals, face to face, via the Internet, and over the telephone. He loves assisting people in creating happier, more productive lives. As detailed in his book, The Revolution of Self: The 3 Keys to Personal Liberation, however, he did not travel a smooth trail to his current success.

Born in rural Vermont, Life Coach Shannon Graham lived his early years with his single mother on Peak’s Island, off the coast of Maine. Although his parents reunited for a time in Florida, the relationship did not last. By the age of 14, Shannon Graham worked as a housekeeper to help support the family. Distance running, martial arts, and school could not hold his life together. He turned to alcohol and drugs for self-medication, and that worked for a while. He also found thrills in minor crime. Eventually, Life Coach Shannon Graham cleaned up his act, read all the self-help books he could get his hands on, and graduated from high school a year early. He decided not to pursue college, and his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him from Vermont to New York City.

At age 22, Shannon Graham placed an online classified ad that offered life-changing services. Two days later, he found himself counseling a Wall Street businessman at a coffee shop. Initially dubious, his first client found the advice offered by Shannon Graham well worth the money. The following year, the young entrepreneur founded Shannon Graham Life Coaching, now based in Santa Barbara, California. He offers live seminars in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Boston, and states including Texas, New Jersey, and Colorado, as well as other parts of the United States. Shannon Graham’s courses include “Life Transformations” and “Dream Life.” To learn more about the programs and services available from Shannon Graham Life Coaching, go to the company website

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Work experience
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