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Journal of the Institute of Economic Affairs (2009). Coauthored with Mark Frazier. “Online Free Markets and Entrepreneurship in the Muslim World.”  Volume 28.5.                                    Article Link


Multi-talented project manager brings expertise spanning acute, emergency-phase humanitarian aid and long-term, international development initiatives to serve as a proven team leader

Extremely versatile global-assistance project coordinator with experience across Southeast Asia, Central Africa, Southeast Europe, and the Caribbean. The ideal “plug-and-plop” manager, adapts instantly to meet the needs of virtually any initiative, team, community or goal. Excels in high-stress, emergency situations as well as isolated, independently run rural projects. Rapport skills that have forged alliances across vast cultural, political, and ideological differences, plus coalesced diverse and divergent teams. An expert of managing up as well as down.

Work experience

Project Manager - Grassroots Initiatives

Openworld Inc.

International non-governmental organization specializing in harnessing web and mobile-technology innovations to serve base-of-the-pyramid populations and achieve sustainability for pioneering nonprofits.

  • Independently implemented economic development projects in:
    • Sri Lanka: educational initiative to foster eLearning and remote employment opportunities for primary and secondary students, and provide market and climatic resources to local farmers.  Country's first 24-hour Internet connection located in an isolated village of 30,000 residents.  Wrote and won two large grants securing program funding for two years, plus garnered Ashoka Fellowship for the program's founder.
    • Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo: USAID-funded venture working to combat human capital flight and small- and medium-enterprise growth through offshore and telework employment. Conducted a pioneering global survey of Internet-enabled markets for remote services; created a digital database of results. Designed, facilitated, and led a series of training courses in latter three countries presenting to over 400 participants and local media outlets.  
    • Gabon: three-tiered endeavor explored integrating environmental protection and community development. Introduced computers to students and teachers in an isolated school in a Gabonese rainforest village. Created a proposal to institute "green" systems at a resort bordering a national park, conserving resources while ushering the locally owned business into the global eco-tourism market. Conducted an inquiry to gauge the feasibility of harnessing privately owned carbon credits to establish a community development fund providing healthcare and infrastructure to rural areas.
    • The Philippines: remote initiative establishing eScholarship networks for college students in isolated communities with little to no access to traditional banking systems.  Researched, tested, and administered full-circuit framework providing funding for students through the use of eRemittence funds and mobile banking. Instituted virtual grade and attendance reporting to donors via cell phone imaging.  [Sole project not implemented in-country.]
  • Clients included USAID, AED, John Whitehead of Goldman Sachs, and Emile Doumba, Minister in the Gabonese parliament
Feb 2010Present

Emergency Administration Coordinator - HR/Finance

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders

Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian aid organization providing emergency medical assistance in over 60 countries with an annual operating budget of US $400 million and an average staff of 27,000. In January 2010, Haiti was struck by a 7.0 earthquake killing over 220,000 and displacing 1.7 million. In October 2010, the nation experienced a large-scale cholera epidemic.

  • Member of emergency response team arriving shortly after the earthquake; responding again shortly after the outbreak of the epidemic
  • Promoted to country-level coordination after three months with the organization, overseeing all MSF emergency administrators on five projects spread across the nation, as well as 700+ national staff 
    • Declined subsequent promotion to second-in-command of emergency coordination to better serve the needs of the project
    • Facilitated an international emergency response team averaging 70 members, coaching many through high-stress and dangerous situations, team conflict, and across cultural divides
  • Primary role in the rapid recruitment of 400+ medical and logistical personnel in a 10-day period to staff three large-scale Cholera Treatment Centers
  • During first mission, drafted and controlled hospital budget of US $150,000 per month; during second, co-coordinated monthly budget of US $1 million and payroll of $300,000
    • [Staff payments in this context were particularly challenging as national security situation worsened from post-earthquake instability to post-election riots.]
  • Successfully transitioned both emergencies from crisis phase into long-term, stable projects
Apr 2009Sep 2009

Opening Manager - HR/Systems

The Jet Entertainment Group

Denver-based entrepreneurial group operating nine service-sector entities ranging from boutique hotels to upscale nightclubs. 

  • Contracted as management consultant to launch a new organic and environmentally sustainable venture
  • Interviewed, hired, trained, and managed a staff of over 50
  • Designed and implemented all company-wide policies and procedures; wrote all job descriptions and role responsibilities
  • Created more than 30% of company offerings
  • Lead editor of all business and promotional materials; assisted in design and copy writing
  • Co-managed company finances for $1 million-per-year venture

Contract Consultancies

Additional Accomplishments
  • Life Coaching Private Practice: specialized in career advancement and transition, goal clarification, and augmenting communication and leadership skills
  • E&A Management Consulting: managed all IT components for firm, increasing productivity of company President over 30%; led project and client research, training and event facilitation




Technical Skills
Microsoft Office iWork, iLife Quickbooks Quicken iBank HTML Social Networking Sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning, Flickr, Picasa, Livemocha, Gaia, XING WYSIWYG Content Management Systems: SquareSpace, Joomla, WebGUI Web Authoring Programs: Dreamweaver, NVU/Kompozer Project Management Systems: BaseCamp, Collanos, Zoho Projects Diagram/Mapping Software: OmniGraffle, FreeMind, MindManager, MindMap

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