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Work experience

Jun 2009Present


Bangor Single Moms Examiner

As the Bangor Single Moms Examiner, I write on a more local level for single mothers in the Bangor, Maine area. This is a wonderful experience. I took a sabbatical from writing for this venue due to illness, but am starting back on the column.

 ~I am currently on hiatus from this venture, but will be picking it back up again soon.~

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Sep 2007Present


Frugal Recipes

This blog features affordable recipes, as well as cooking tips and information. It is updated often with new information. You will also find eBooks and eCookBooks on the blog, as well as links to appropriate articles that I have written elsewhere. I have begun editing and allowing articles and recipes from other people, and have a featured writer on board. I am also publishing a newsletter on the blog: Frugal Recipes Happenings.

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Sep 2007Present


Living the Low-Income Life

This blog was created to help low-income individuals, families and those wanting to live in a more affordable manner. It is a companion site to Frugal Recipes. This blog also has eBooks and eCookBooks, as well as links to appropriate articles that I have written elsewhere. I have begun editing and allowing articles and recipes from other people, and have a featured writer on board.

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Oct 2010Present

Frugal Food Columnist


I write the Frugal Foods column for Experts123, as well as articles and answers to questions that readers ask.

Oct 2010Present

Freelance Writer

Suite 101

I write on a variety of topics for Suite 101.

Jul 2009Present

Freelance Contributor

Y! Contributor Network

I contribute articles on a variety of topics to Y! Contributor Network, including fitness, going green and business. I will begin contributing works of fiction to this publisher as well.

May 2009Present

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Administrator

How to Live the Freelance Life

I am the creator and owner of How to Live the Freelance Life, which chronicles my advancement through my freelance writing career on a year-by-year basis. I am currently on Year 3, which began May 1, 2011. I am creating eBooks for Year 1 and Year 2, and I have created an eNewsletter called Freelance Ponderings and Advice to go along with the blog.

Aug 2009Nov 2010

Content Writer

Rig Monkey Freelance Writing Specialists

For this company, I wrote how-to and informational articles in the DIY and gardening niches for online entities. I used this paying venue as a way to break into other venues. The situation was helpful to the company and myself.

Aug 2008Jan 2010

Blog Writer

Single Mom

Single Mom at ContentQuake is a blog for the single mother. Advice and articles from a single mother of two. The blog is still visible, though I no longer contribute.

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May 2009Jan 2010

Contributing Writer

This was a work from home position where I contributed articles to the Lifestyle section of I wrote on a variety of topics within the Lifestyle section, including neighborhood cleanup, bleach alternatives and plastic food containers. This was an internship.

Aug 2009Jan 2010


I was a columnist for, writing from a mothers point of view. My column was titled The Green Mom, and centered around my family and how we were learning to live greener, healthier lives. This was an internship.

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Jul 1982May 2009

Childcare Provider/Childcare Home Business Owner

Childcare Provider

From my meager beginnings as the local babysitter for everyone and anyone, to working in a daycare center and then to running my own childcare business from home for eleven years, I have compiled a multitude of knowledge and experience in the childcare field. I also had a newsletter that I wrote, edited and handed out to parents.

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Jan 2006Jul 2008

Newsletter Writer

The Homeschool Mom of 2

Writer and Editor of: 1. The Down Home(School) Gazette 2. Homeschool Friday Newsletter


High School Diploma

Old Town High School
Graduated from Adult Education/Echo Program.


Social Networking and Bookmarking
I utilize different social outlets for my freelance writing business. I currently use: MySpace Bebo Twitter LinkedIn Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
Business Management
Between writing and childcare, I have been running my own businesses for many years. These activities bring many skills to the table, including:   * Decision Making * Project Planning * Simple Bookkeeping/Record Keeping * Organization * Web Site and Blogging Skills * Newsletter Creation * Event Planning * Time Management * Research Skills * Health, Nutrition and Fitness Knowledge * Financial Planning   90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
Communication is important when running your own business. I have these communication skills:   * Spoken Communication * Written Communication * Instructional Skills 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
As a web site and blog owner, I find myself learning leadership skills when having others write for me. These skills include:   * Management of Projects * Initiative * Motivational Skills 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
I have been enjoying the act of blogging for the past five years, and have learned and/or enhanced many skills from this venture including:   * HTML * Writing * Community Management * Marketing * Editing/Proofreading 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
I write in a variety of formats, including:   * Articles     * Newsletters     * Letters     * eBooks     * eCourses     * Special Reports     * Short Stories     * Poetry     * Books 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
I use organizational skills a lot in my freelance writing business. I organize all of my projects before working on them, and re-evaluate every so often to make sure things are going smoothly. I enjoy the task of pulling together many things into one project. 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
Living Frugally
I not only write about living frugally at Living the Low-Income Life and Frugal Recipes, but frugality is a way of life for me. I live it every day. 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
I type a lot, being a writer, so speed is not an issue. 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
Theme/Plug-In Istallation on WordPress
I use WordPress for many of my projects, so I have a lot of experience with installing these items. 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01
I have been teaching myself HTML over the past couple of years, as I come across things that I need to learn for my writing business. I am learning a lot from this venture, and am proud of my abilities. 90552FB2-55FB-BB98-C18E-24CE763BCBA7 1.03.01

Passions and Personal Traits


There are a few things that I find are very important to me and how I view the world in general. These are:

* Educational Freedom and Advancement

* Medical Freedom and Advancement

* Helping Others

* Animal Rights

* Human Rights

* Environmental Issues

Personal Traits:

* Adaptable                                             

* Competent                                             

* Cooperative

* Creative

* Dependable                           

* Diligent                     

* Discreet                   

* Flexible

* Knowledgable 

* Professional

* Punctual

* Reliable

* Resourceful

* Responsible

* Self-Motivated   

My Online Publications


Professional Experience:

* Documenting my experiences in freelance writing through my blog How to Live the Freelance Life.

* Creating the Frugal Foods column on Experts123.

* Writing on a variety of topics for Suite 101, Tiond and Y! Contributor Network.

* Writing articles for and

* Author of eBooks, eCourses, special reports, and many articles. I have also delved into creating Mini eBooks, and now eCookBooks.

* Ten years of experience in the homeschool field, which led to the writing of many articles and tips I also offer help to new and veteran homeschoolers both through email and in person.

* More than fifteen years in the childcare field, working with children ages newborn-13 years, leaving me with plenty to write about on the subjects of childcare, childrearing and running a childcare business, as well as activities, fitness and nutrition.* Helping low-income families, as well as others looking to live more frugally, for more than five years, first through a website, and now through the blogs Living the Low-Income Life and Frugal Recipes.


* To help low-income families through my writings and email.* To help freelance writers by offering them advice and articles, as well as other products, to assist them in their daily and professional lives.

* To write in as many venues as is possible.

* To writes works of fiction.

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* To acquire more experience in authoring eBooks, eCourses, special reports, articles and blog posts, and become well-renowned in this field by continuing to build a freelance writing career.

* To acquire more experience in authoring short stories and books.

* To continue to help other through my writing and blogs.

* To write in a variety of fiction venues.

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* Photography

* Music Appreciation

* Theater

* Traveling

* Reading

* Movie Viewing

* Gardening

* Walking

* Card Making

* Crafting

* Scrapbooking

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