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A fiction and nonfiction writer, I spend many hours a week writing and blogging. I am the author of The Camp Series and The Cemetery Hill Series, two groups of short stories from Tales from the Mountain. I love creating and sharing stories.

I am also a lifestyle writer, with my own blogs and sites. These outlets aid me in helping others in various ways, from those looking to cook and live frugally to those who want career advice. I enjoy creating content that others find useful.

Next to my family, writing is my life.

With a desire to write on a variety of topics in different formats, I am looking to expand my writing experiences.

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And see my portfolio over at Contently.

Work experience

December 2018Present

Administrator and Writer

Fabulous Frugal Life

Fabulous Frugal Life helps people who need or choose to live a more frugal lifestyle along their path.

December 2018Present

Administrator and Writer, Coach

You're A Success

Create Your Success with me! I'm here to help you to be your most successful self in all aspects of your life, from creating your own business, to having a successful family unit.

Sep 2007Present

Administrator and Writer

Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy

Featuring affordable recipes, cooking tips and other information, this blog is for people trying to eat healthier and is updated often with new information, featuring eBooks and eCookBooks, recipes and articles, as well as links to appropriate articles that have been published elsewhere.

Sep 2007Present

Administrator and Writer

Frugal is Fabulous!

Created to help individuals and families wanting to live the frugal lifestyle, whether they have to or not. It features articles and eBooks, as well as links to appropriate articles that I have been published elsewhere.

Jan 2007January 2019

Freelance Writer and Blogger

Live the Freelance Life

I write articles on a variety of topics around the web, and also run blogs where my writing is featured. Topics I cover include: Freelancing, Blogging, Food & Drink, Gardening, Green Lifestyle, Frugal Living, Parenting, Scrapbooking, Homeschooling, Childcare, Homesteading, Business, Personal Finances, Trash to Treasure, Crafting, and more.

I also author nonfiction books for freelancers and other businesses:

Green Your Freelance Business (Live the Freelance Life)

Organize Your Space and Stuff (Live the Freelance Life

Careers for Freelancers

Let Your Teen Help As You Build a Home Business: While Learning Valuable Skills for the Future


Fiction Author

Shannon L. Buck

It seems like I've been writing forever, from poetry to short stories, and newsletters to eBooks. I still have the first book I wrote in grade school, and a short story I wrote in junior high. I'm now a published author, with new stories and other eBooks coming out here and there. I love the act of writing, and sharing what I create. Horror, paranormal, and thriller stories are what I usually write, but I also delve into other genres.

The Camp Series (Tales from the Mountain)

Rascal (Part 1)

A Trip to the Outhouse (Part 2)

Auntie's Boyfriend (Part 3)

Hidden Camp (Part 4)

The Camp Series (A Compilation of the above four, plus bonus materials)

The Cemetery Hill Series (Tales from the Mountain)

The Beginning (Part 1)

A Child is Taken (Part 2)

The Visitors (Part 3)

Dragged Off (Part 4)

Seeing Things (Part 5)

Other Tales from the Mountain Stories



The Old Shack in the Woods

Tales from the Woods Stories


The Face in the Window

Don't go into the Woods Alone

My Mother

You Don't Know Me

Dark Surprises in Bear Wood

The Woods

Dead People

"Be Careful of This Woods"

Tales of Magick Stories

We Can See You

Where Am I?

The Woman in the Woods

The Shack

Other Stories


The Haunted Dinner Party




Home Studies

I am a life-long learner who has taught herself by taking eCourses, reading, and putting knowledge to practice. Marketing and self-promotion, self-publishing, eCovers and other graphics, freelancing, fiction writing, eBook creation, and so much more. Whatever I need to know I'll learn.

May 1997Present

High School Diploma

Old Town High School



Nonfiction Writing

Fiction Writing

Content Development
Web Content
eBook Creation

Freelance Writing


Enjoy a sampling of writing prompts. I give these away on my blog.