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I am an MA (Hons) Business Management Graduate from The University of Edinburgh with a 2:1 (Second Upper-Class Honours) in my degree. I have taken several professional internships with leading organisations in various industries and functions such as XM-JWT (WPP group), Adaro Energy, and Enterprise-Rent-a-Car. These experiences have equipped me with valuable professional experiences and skills to thrive in a workplace.

I have been involved in organisations such as AIESEC UK, Freshsight Ltd, and TEDx University of Edinburgh. As an aspiring young leader, I am highly passionate about personal development, youth and women empowerment. These extracurricular activities have helped me tremendously to acquire and develop soft skills such as communications and leadership. I am certain that my willingness to learn, will be valuable to any organisation that I will join.

Work History

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Edinburgh, UK

May 2015Aug 2015

Management Trainee Intern 

Working in the flagship branch in Scotland & Northern Ireland, it was a vibrant and fast-paced environment. I passed my Airport Sales Qualification with a 94% mark. At Enterprise, I have acquired a skill to balance and excel in sales and delivering excellent customer service. Working in a sales-oriented team with a sales coach, I acquired B2C sales skills and knowledge. In my first month, I was ranked 25/65 employees throughout all airports in Scotland and the next month, my sales figures moved up to 17/65. 

Adaro Energy, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jul 2014Aug 2014

Investors' Relations Intern

Adaro Energy is the largest coal and mining company in Indonesia and one of the drivers of Jakarta Stock Market. My main responsibilities were to create and implement marketing strategies to promote the "Positive Energy" (clean energy) campaign targeted at the Indonesian market. I was in charge of the Facebook and Twitter profiles. I gained knowledge and exposure about content-driven marketing and SEM. 

IBM, Hursley, UK

Apr 2014Apr 2014

Consultancy Experience  Spring Programme

An intensive programme which allows candidates to learn different aspects of consulting from ideation to delivering the presentation using storytelling method. We were introduced to various technology concepts such as: Cloud Computing, Near Field Communication (NFC), and social media & collaboration tools. We were given a case study to solve and present in front of the directors. My team won the "Best Recommendation and Solution" out of the 5 other teams. 

XM-JWT (WPP group) Jakarta, Indonesia

Jun 2013Aug 2013

Account Executive Intern

I had the privilege to have worked in the new joint venture of the two Asia's leading advertising agency. As an account executive intern, I was in charge of the main communications and aligning expectations of the three stakeholders: accounts team, the creative team, and the client. Our team handled many great clients such as: The Body Shop (Jakarta Fashion Week), April Asia, and Gudang Garam. I was in charged of the Jakarta Monorail and Philips (Breast Cancer Awareness campaign). 


The University of Edinburgh

Sep 2012Jun 2016

MA (Hons) Business Management

I am currently pursuing my degree in Business Management, a 4-year undergraduate degree at The University of Edinburgh and on track for an Upper Second-Class Honours in my degree. I have taken courses in all parts of Business Management, from Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Operations, and Accountancy. However, in my honours years, I have focused particularly in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Operations. My dissertation surrounds in the topic of Design Thinking.

Overseas Family School, Singapore


International Baccalaureate

Standard Level: Mandarin B, Maths, and Indonesian Literature

Higher Level: Biology, Business Management, and English

Additional: Theory of Knowledge


Consultant at Freshsight Ltd (September 2012 - December 2014)

Freshsight Ltd is a student-led management consultancy group for socially conscious clients. I have worked on 5 projects ranging from marketing to financial focus. I gained knowledge about applying design thinking in consultancy and as well as working in a team with such diverse backgrounds throughout the 8 weeks length of the project. 

Student Mentor at Citrus Saturday                                   (April, 2013)

Citrus Saturday is a project of Princess' Trust, supported by the Edinburgh Council. Working with another mentor, two of us mentored a group of students from Woodland High School (a special needs' school), to guide and inspire them to start their own business from marketing to product development. In this project, they created a citrus stand in Edinburgh Zoo, whereby with the careful planning we won the "Most Sold Drinks" award.

Vice President of Business Development  at AIESEC Edinburgh                                     (July 2013 - July 2014)

I was leading a team of 8 in Business Development team, otherwise also known as the sales team. As a business development vice president, I was in charge of creating a presence in the local companies, especially in Technology, to promote and sell our Global Youth talent programme. I have learnt a lot about B2B selling using various mediums such as: cold-calling, Linkedin, and attending various networking events. Our team reached 400% of growth in the end of the term. 

President at AIESEC Edinburgh (July 2014 - July 2015) 

Leading the Edinburgh branch of the world's largest youth-led organisation, I was directly leading 6 executive board members and 42 members. Some of my responsibilities are as follows: planning and tracking, coaching, culture creation, strategic making, national strategies alignment, and communication between teams. In the end of the year, our team was awarded with 3 awards: "Excellence in Finance", "Excellence in Business Development", and "Local Committee of the Year".

Team Leader of Business Development National Support Team at AIESEC UK             (August 2015 - present)

Leading a team of 4 talented individuals who are part of the national support team. I also work as the right hand of the AIESEC UK national team to co-create strategies, and to ensure that my team members are supporting the 17 local committees to achieve their goals. My main project is to create data-driven strategies to lower the conversion rates and shifting the CRM tool to assist the change. 

Speaker's Development (Organisations) at TEDx University of Edinburgh           (August 2015 - present)

My main role is to ensure that we TEDx University of Edinburgh runs smoothly and have guest speakers from variety of organisations with topics that are aligned with our theme. I also work alongside the Speaker's Development Coordinator who is in charge of student training to run on-campus marketing and recruitment for the students speakers opportunity, and to create & run 8 weeks training for speakers to develop their ideas.

Certifications and Awards



Excellence in Finance 

Awarded by AIESEC UK for the excellence in Finance for the year 2014-2015. It was awarded to us for our successful implementation of finance department to our daily running into the society such as: strategic investing and returns on investment.



Excellence in Business Development

Awarded by AIESEC UK for the excellence in Business Development for the year 2014-2015. It was awarded to us for our sustainable success from the year 2013 - 2014 and our continuous innovation to reach excellence.



Local Committee of The Year 

This was awarded for the local committee that has achieved excellent performance throughout the year for the holistic running of the organisation. It was awarded to 2 local committee out of 23 in the UK. 

The University of Edinburgh


Edinburgh Awards

Received Edinburgh Award for employability and careers development from the Business School. The award is given to show the proactivity and careful planning taken as an undergraduate for our careers development.


Bahasa IndonesiaNative
MandarinProfessional Working Proficiency