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After graduating from Science University of Malaysia's School of Chemical Engineering in 2014, he blended his internship and part time work experience with academic training, to offer solid and versatile skills in the workforce, and began his career at Nara Machinery Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, a company specializing in powder and particle processing technology.

During his tenure in school, he demonstrated exceptional ability to build and foster good relationships with people. A tenacious and detail oriented individual, he consistently met and exceeded targets in accomplishing projects and competitions, a testament to his conscientiousness and natural flair for perseverance. Having a penchant for leadership and teamwork, he routinely brainstormed and presented innovative solutions, alongside the team, to complicated problems encountered during his stint as an Exco Leader. His capability to juggle between daunting academic tasks, to arduous sports and club activities further proved his credentials in time management prowess.

With strong desire to learn different aspects of project and contract management out of his academic field, he incorporated a background in Quantity Surveying services to provide employers with proven organizational, communicative and scheduling competence, for he knows once he stops learning, he stops growing.

He has a bubbly personality and injects it into everything he does, supercharging people around him with optimism and positive energy. An ardent believer in hard work and self-belief, he views meritocracy and performance-based systems as core values. He acknowledges others who have uplifted him by sending personal thank-you messages, as for him, gratitude comes first.

At leisure, he genuinely seeks and enjoys strenuous adventures, having run in 42-km full marathons, conquered the highest peak in Southeast Asia located in Borneo's Crocker Range, and gotten disconnected from the world for 9 days in the middle of the largest desert in Asia.

Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Management Associate

Nara Machinery Co., Ltd.

Acquired exposure to diverse practice areas within the business operations namely HSE, QMS and EMS ISO accreditation, Japanese Business Etiquette, Business Management and Marketing, Business Law, International Business and Trading, Corporate Financial Analysis, Engineering Design Operations, and Manufacturing and Production Operations.

Assisted in international exhibitions with various powder processing equipment and systems on the line including drying, pulverization, granulation, sizing, particle design, surface modification, and glove box systems.

  • Powtex Tokyo 2014, a platform organized by The Association of Powder Process Industry & Engineering, Japan (APPIE) to provide the latest information on powder technology and relevant equipment responding to growing demands, and also a place to exchange ideas and opinions between the industry, academia and government.
  • Fooma Japan 2015, organized by Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers'​ Association (FOOMA), it undertakes diverse activities to promote advancement in the food machinery industry worldwide, where it accounts for an important facet of culture and figures profoundly as measures for conserving energy and safeguarding the environment.
  • Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech) 2015, Japan's largest exhibition gathering all types of mechanical parts such as bearings, fasteners, mechanical springs and metal and plastic processing technology.
  • Interphex Japan 2015, the world's leading and firmly established B2B trade show specialized in Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing.
Aug 2014Oct 2014

Project Assistant

Econcos Consultants Sdn Bhd

Supported senior Quantity Surveyors, in ensuring projects are delivered within allocated budgets, on time and in alignment with the clients' organizational goals.

Prepared basic services of Quantity Surveying including Preliminary Estimates and Cost Plans, Bills of Quantities, Tender Documents, Contract Documents, Order Variations and Final Accounts.

Performed Value Management and Engineering Works before and after awarding tender for Lakeville Residence Project by Mah Sing Group Berhad in Kuala Lumpur.

Jun 2013Sep 2013

Engineering Intern

Sime Darby Berhad

Underwent training on products in areas of Chemical Engineering such as Instron for Plastics Testing, Brookfield Viscometer and Rheometer for Viscosity Testing, and Mocon for Permeation Testing.

Obtained direct engagement with a team of experts in the Service Team where hands-on calibration, servicing, and repair of Brookfield Viscometers sent by clients for annual checking and maintenance were involved.

Assisted the Sales Team in identifying potential clients among Learning Institutions in Malaysia using Cold Calling Method, specializing in particular fields of studies utilizing particular testing equipment.

Contributed in after-sales services by following up the existing customers for Brookfield Viscometer via interactions through phone calls and emails, at the same time emphasizing the needs and importance of external calibration, including the introduction of packages of ppm.

Prepared data analysis and deduction based on statistics and charts in determining alternatives to increase the after-sales services.

Design of a Palm-based Biomass Plant - Production and Utilization

This design competition is initiated by the Chemical Engineering Technical Division (CETD) of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM), with the objective of enhancing the design competency of all Chemical Engineering undergraduates in Malaysia, both practically and methodologically.

Our team representing USM designed a plant in utilizing the gasification of palm oil biomass (empty fruit bunch, EFB) to produce clean hydrogen-rich syngas via in-situ carbon dioxide capture, using calcium oxide as a catalyst with steam acting as the gasifying agent. The operating range was within 923K to 1023K, where other different reactions such as methanation, water gas shift and carbonation taking place. After undergoing several separation steps namely flash drum, absorber and membrane, high purity of hydrogen was produced, with the plant production capacity of around 55,000 ton H2 per year which could be fully capitalized.

Hydrogen is the simplest element known to man, which is also the most plentiful gas in the universe. In many ways, hydrogen is the perfect fuel, owing to its abundance, high efficiency and absence of pollutant emission. With Malaysia being the world’s biggest palm oil exporter, where the enormous abundance of EFB could account up to 15.8 MnT per annum, coupled with the fact that it is a waste needing to be disposed off anyhow, subsequently reducing insufficient landfill space problems, we are further convinced and are confident of the capabilities of this plant in terms of its feasibility and potential as an alternative future energy source in Malaysia.

Consequently, producing hydrogen from biomass does not only offer zero net carbon emission with its combustion to get electricity, it could also be stored and transported moreover used in the existing technology and infrastructure. As a result, hydrogen economy could be realized and indeed accelerated via further and advanced investigations on efficient and clean hydrogen production from biomass

National Chemical Engineering Symposium - Carbon Conundrum

NACES is an annual event organized by Chemical Engineering Student Society in collaboration with Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) of Malaysia. Serving as a platform for undergraduates to demonstrate our creative thinking, effective communication and technical knowledge in generating innovative solutions for global development issues and challenges, we were exposed to the realm of the profession with sustainability awareness in support of the social and economic development.

Our mindset was geared towards creating sustainable environment whilst developing plausible routes for sustainable production of clean energy. In this year's theme, the focus was on pragmatic solutions to curb carbon emissions in Malaysia, practically. And off we go, deciding to make hybrid technology as our focal point, which offers the best of both worlds, being a highly fuel efficient way to power vehicles using a combination of electric battery power and petrol.

Unaware to the society, the most influential movement originates from us. According to a press release issued on April 16, 2014 by Nielsen, Malaysia has the third-highest rate of car ownership in the world, with 93 percent of households owning a car. That is to say, only 7 percent of Malaysian households do not own cars. On the other hand, introducing another form of energy would definitely involve consuming much time and energy, due to the relatively low efficiency of the world's current technology in renewable energy. However, if we retain the form of energy optimization and conversation (i.e via hybrid technology) as the backbone in carbon emission mitigation, the need for an alternative energy source would be hardly felt, at least for now. Therefore, the fact that each and every one of us has the ability to make a change had convinced our team to zoom in into the transportation sector.

We emerged as the champions in Technical PowerPoint Presentation from a total of 15 universities with 237 delegates competing.

Guided Assembly of Magnetic Nanocomposite for Water Remediation

1. To synthesize surface functionalized SiO2-core/iron oxide-shell nanoparticles using different configurations of polymers (linear and branched) as their linkages.
2. To compare the environmental engineering feasibility of both the aforementioned structures in terms of their dye removing abilities from aqueous environment.

In this globalized epoch with rapid urbanization, magnetic nanoparticle technologies are becoming a boon, especially in areas of biomedical engineering, bio-sensing development and bio-separation technologies. Ubiquitously, the application of magnetic nanoparticle technology to solve environmental problems has received considerable attention, due to their reactive surfaces and large specific surface areas.

However, bare magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (MIONPs) are prone to fast agglomeration due to van der Waals and magnetic attraction experienced among them. Coupled with their nanotoxicity induced, novel nanostructures of MIONPs being integrated into three different types of polymeric networks assembled onto silica colloid surfaces have been synthesized via layer-by-layer technique. Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) was employed to monitor the evolution of these structures from silica colloid to silica colloid-polyelectrolyte(s)-iron oxide composite. Moreover, Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) was utilized to investigate the structural morphology of nanostructure synthesized at each stage.

The ultimate nanostructures manifested good colloidal and catalytic stability, as the synthesis allowed the silica colloids surfaces to be modified and functionalized with MIONPs in order to possess both the magnetic and catalytic bifunctionalities in one unified nanostructure. Here, the potential environmental engineering application of these nanocomposites was demonstrated by taking organic dyes, Methylene Blue (MB) and Methyl Orange (MO) as our model system.

Sports - Medallists

Best achievements include:

  • Champions, Badminton Team Event in 2013.
  • 1st-runner up, Squash Team Event in 2013.



Bachelor’s Degree (Honors), Chemical Engineering

Universiti Sains Malaysia

USM Career Fair 2012
Exco Leader of Corporate Relation Bureau
Led a team managing and maintaining welfare and well being (food, accommodation and transportation) of Company Representatives.

USM Sustainability Secretariat
Exco Assistant
Assisted in IronHorse Project, where usage of bicycles around campus/schools was encouraged and promoted.

College Residential Council
Exco Assistant of Sports and Recreational Team
Managed the college’s sports and recreational events such as Inter-campus Sports.

USM Dance Club
High Committee
Performed and organized numerous dances in various events such as Chinese New Year, Welcoming Night, and Cultural Show.

USM Career Fair 2011
Committee Member of Public Relation Team
Contacted and sought for sponsorship across international corporate and companies.

Activities and Societies: IEM Chemical Engineering Design Competition, National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NACES), USM Chemical Engineering Student Society (CHESS), USM Career Fair Exco,USM Sustainability Secretariat, College Residential Council