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At New Me Clinic in Beverly Hills, California, Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD, demonstrates a dedication to his clients’ well-being. For over a decade, Dr. D. S. Sheibani Davidson has cared for patients as a cosmetic surgeon fellows of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in addition to the American Board of Laser Surgery and American Society For Laser Medicine and Surgery. 

Since becoming a cosmetic and laser surgeon, Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD, (Dr. New Me of Beverly Hills) has performed thousands of procedures for clients from around the world. His revisional, corrective, and reconstructive surgeries have earned him accolades. In 2003, Dr. Sheibani received the Los Angeles Daily News’ Reader’s Choice Best Plastic Surgeon Award. As Chief Medical Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Surgeon at New Me Clinic, D. Shane Sheibani, Davidson MD, accepts patients seeking rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, face lifts, body and neck liposuction, and Botox along with other Cosmetic injections. Furthermore, he provides his insights to others as a teacher, law firm consultant, commentator on international television, and author of 15 books.  

Highly educated, D. Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD, earned a Doctor of Medicine from the Ross University School of Medicine and a Doctor of Naturopathy from the Clayton College of Natural Health. Afterward, Dr. Sheibani served as a Research Fellow with the University of Southern California prior to learning about orthopedic, transplant, and cardiothoracic surgery; urology; and neurosurgery as a resident in general surgery at the Yale School of Medicine’s primary affiliate hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, and at St. Vincent’s Hospital-Manhattan. With an interest in cosmetic surgery, D. Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD, dedicated the next three years to completing fellowships in the field in Los Angeles. 

Residing in California, Dr. Sheibani enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters. He likes to relax by reading, writing, and enjoying nature with horses and dogs. Additionally, he contributes to the philanthropic organizations Professionals Helping People Foundation and Messiah International Foundation.

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