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Work experience


Film Challenge Producer / Web Specialist

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival

I have worked with the DWIFF each year to produce and facilitate a regional weekend film challenge known as the DWIFF Challenge.  Each year over 30 teams of film makers compete from awards and prizes.

I am also a founding member of the DWIFF festival and coordinate their website design efforts and online marketing campaign.

Aug 2003Present


SuperHouse Pictures

I am a founding member of the SuperHouse pictues production company.  Each year we have produced several short films, many of which have gone on to garner awards at a variety of film festivals.


Website Integrator

SuperHouse media

I started SuperHouse media at the dawn of open source web design standards arriving to internet application development.  Since 2006 SuperHouse media has created dozens of open source web 2.0 websites for a wide range of clientele.  My focus in specifically the Joomla! CMS.  We have designed and implemented complete custom Joomla! solutions for small businesses, newspapers, and learning institutions.


Creative Director


Created a variety of technical 3d renderings and animations based on CAD data for civil engineering projects.  Translated Autocad 2d designs to 3d designs in 3ds Max.  Textured, lit, and rendered still renderings and animations.  Extensive Photoshop / After Effects compositing.  Created video productions composed of recorded footage and rendered synthetic imagery for delivery on DVD and the web.

In addition to production creative work on active projects I also managed the day to day responsibilities of an in house media department.

  • Formalized the presence of multimedia technologies into a civil engineering business model
  • Generated a variety of demo materials and promotional CD-ROM / DVD
  • Integrated multimedia technologies into each of WadeTrim's departmental units
  • Created and documented group workflow
  • Formalized personnel descriptions
  • Created client interview process to determine application of multimedia technologies to new markets
  • Determined group training goals and directives
  • Set direction for new technology exploration and integration
  • Researched and determined hardware and software purchases
  • Managed one full time production artist and one intern developer



Network Administration
From small home office installations to corporate enterprise infrastructures, I have experience planning, procuring, and implementing a variety of computer network infrastructures and systems. Windows Active Directory, Server 2000-2008 R2 DNS and Router Configuration Storage Systems Printers and Desktop Support
Adobe Suite
I have been working with Adobe media products to create everything from photo fixes to feature films for over a decade.
3ds Max
I started out with 3ds Max 1.0, spent over 7 years using 3ds to create architectural renderings and animations.
I have been working with Joomla! since before it was Joomla! and have been building professional Joomla! based web solutions for over 3 years.

Video / Animation

Web Design


With an established talent for computer graphics and creative technologies and a solid understanding of the digital media production process, I am a well suited candidate for a creative technical multimedia position.  With a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering I am well versed in analytical problem solving techniques, advanced mathematics, physics, and real world design procedures.  I have shown long term commitment through my employment history and my dedication to the independent film and artistic community.  I have shown the ability to organize myself and others in startup environments composed of both corporate and independent media endeavors.  I have been a key activist successfully integrating new media initiatives into a well established 75 year old engineering company with a pre-existing non-media centric workflows and purposes.  I am the owner of my own successful web design firm focused on open source solutions for web 2.0 internet needs.


To find employment at a challenging creative work place that is a part of meaningful media and technology projects.

On the side...

I love the film making process as a collaborative art form.  I team up with my local community of indie film makers every year to produce several original screenplays and film projects.

Otherwise you will probably catch me reading something old.