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I have been working with technology all my life. My first computer was a Commodore64 and was taught Basic at an early age. I got in trouble in grade school for making the game Oregon Trail do "bad things." It was funny watching adults not know what I had done. I have used nearly every Microsoft OS including 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, ME,  XP and Vista. I also have experience with other platforms and believe it is essential for a tech writer to "walk the walk." I have built my own computers for over a decade and believe that unique experiences with technology is what sets me apart.

Work experience


Active Rain Blogger

Active Rain

I am an Active blogger who covers a wide range of topics including real estate and technology issues for business. I love all things technology!

Feb 2007Jun 2007

Creative Department Intern

I wrote commercial ads for radio spots. I would write out a 30-60 second spot for on air production. My job was to come up with catchy phrases for different local businesses, some of which use my ideas still to this day. I would also get to pick out the music for the spot and then send it off to final production.I also worked with the satellite feeds recording them to be used for other parts of production for the different stations.




Bachelor of Arts