Shandrey Krone

Shandrey Krone

1110 Railroad St. Beloit, Kansas 67420, (785)-738-5484, Email- [email protected]

Work Experience

Work experience

Teller/ Odd Jobs

2014 - Present
First National Bank

Teller for the bank, cleaned out basement, shredding, destroyed bank files that needed to be destroyed


2010 - Present

Watched little kids at night and sometimes in the day, varies in ages, 


2015 - Present
Plum Creek Resturant

SIt people at a resturant, help clean off tables, take phone calls, take orders, clean bathrooms, help out waitresses



High School Diploma

Beloit Jr/ Sr High School

May 2016 Graduation Year at Beloit High School

1711 N. Walnut Beloit, KS 67420 (785) 738-2858

College Classes- College American History, Teacher Cadet, College Psychology, College American Government, College Speech, Composition I, Composition II, College Human Growth and Development, College Algebra

Senior Year Classes- Weights, College Psychology, Physics, Accounting I, College American Government, College Speech, Consumer and Personal Finance, and Composition I

Extracurricular Activities

Basketball, Track and Field, Volleyball, FCA, B Club, History Club

Community Hours

Referred little girls volleyball, helped decorate for Project Graduation, clean around the Beloit Elemantary School, helped mark for Jr. High/ High School Track


Aaron Lampert- Coworker/Boss, Company: First National Bank of Beloit, Phone: (785) 738-7183, Address: 101 E. Main St. Beloit, KS  67420

Angie Porter- Coworker/ Boss, Company: First National Bank of Beloit, Phone:(785) 534-3378, Address: 101 E. Main St. Beloit, KS 67420

Brett Wichers- Boss, Company: Plum Creek Restaurant, Phone:(785) 738-3893, Address: 118 E. Court St. Beloit, KS 67420