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Related Experience

Mingle Media Design


  • Complete freelance projects for clients in fields ranging from real estate, non-profit and e-commerce.
  • Provide visual identity, web design, graphic design, social media consulting, email marketing, copy writing and editing services to small businesses
  • Create logo designs and marketing infographics
  • Build websites using knowledge of code, design principles, SEO and content management systems.
Accelerator Projects, LLC

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant to Accelerator Projects' Creative Director, Benjamin Oliver. I also help build the online presence of various projects and ventures by developing and maintaining websites and social media profiles. 

Chalon Entertainment, LLC

Director of Operations

Chalon Entertainment is a new event production firm staffed by experienced event planners. Our first official event, a special dinner party hosted by celebrity chef, Kai Chase was a huge success. Proceeds raised was donated to the Alvin Ailey Dance Company and Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Legacy of Love

Event Coordinator

Increased membership by 200% within the first year using social media. Planned and organized events for 400+ members on a monthly basis. Hosted several donation drives that generated funds and goods for various charities. Designed and produced CDs, DVDs, flyers, presentations and raffle prizes. Developed and managed an online community of 5000+ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Smalls Technology

Personal Assistant

Managed and assisted in the development of the" Lerrod Smalls" brand, designed & developed point-of- purchase materials and marketing collateral for various business ventures(print & web), compiled and created DVDs, videos and presentations, implemented marketing strategies using social media, email blasts and lead capture pages.

Citywide Office Solutions

Contract Marketing Designer

I was hired to update, create a branding kit, design a presentation proposal and various seasonal/holiday ad templates for print and web.

Assertive Creativity, LLC

Social Media Marketing Designer

Developed marketing content for eCommerce website and social media networks showcasing seasonal products.