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Highly organized and independent; able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity. I am a very dependable hard worker. I strive to learn and I am am very outgoing person. I am computer savy and can learn new task quickly. Giving the opportunity I believe that I would be a great asset to your company. There is not anything that I am not willing  to learn.

Work experience



Paris Coffee

Open the shop, run cash register, make drinks


Data Entry

Loadtrail - (903) 783-3900

My job has been a temporary position to input all the old information from the old system to the new system.  It has been data entry.

Supervisor- Shane Richard


Kitchen manager

Cozy cappuccino (903)737-9119

Prepare food for the day, cook, prepare the plates for customers. Help with catering and general needs of the restaurant. Take inventory of food and products needed for tbe restaurant twice a week and place oreder with thefood service company.

Owner/ Nelson Miller 


Online college

I decided to take classes online while my son was in treatment for cancer.


Nursery worker

Little rascals (903)784-3543)

Worked with infants in the nursery by feeding them, changing them and keeping a safe environment. 

Amanda Moore/owner





I just studied the basics and played volleyball, basketball, and cheerleader 



Phoenix online

I took the basic beginning courses for education. Art, English, algebra, business. 


Shanda Swanner

I have the skills of computer knowledge, excel, word, powerpoint, friendly and professional appearance. Easy to work with. 


Tony Bowden (903)715-5934 owner Tony's Tuxes

Roy Gwinn (903)517-2938 Owner / insurance company 

Lennard Thiessen(903) 249-8825 Loadtrail 

Amanda Moore (903) 715-0462 Little Rascals

Korey Miller (903) 314-0133 Cozy Cappuccino 

Tommy Chalaire (903)272-0989 (903)737-2830 Chisum ISD Superintendent 

Dave Milsap  (903)272-2554  Super Dave on the River

Text section

Other past job experiences are customer service manager at Walmart in 95-96, trainer at applebees and chilis in 98-2001. I can run a cash register and am very willing to learn and thrive.