Shana De Cock

Shana De Cock

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2007 - Present


Coffeeshop Capeau
Mar 2012 - Present

Backstage crew

Joy Fashion & Events

I worked as backstage crew member on several fashion shows. Some of my tasks where checking clothes, make workschemes, helping models get dressed, ... An internship where I got a lot of responsability and learned to work in stressfull situations. It started as 4 day internship but I have grown to be an accosional employee now. 

May 2005 - May 2005

Administrative clerk


An internship of 4 days with the well known travel agency Connections. Here I had to write tickets, contact the people this in a few languages: Dutch, French, English and German, update the accounting, help set up displays and decorate the office.





CRS Skills

CRS means computer reservation system. I can work with the following CRS software:   Amadeus Galileo BTN

Language Skills Beginner

I speak and write Chinese on a base level

Language Skills Intermediate

The following languages I can read, speak and write on an intermediate level:   French German Spanish

Language Skills Advanced

Currently I can speak, write and read the following languages on an advanced level   Dutch: mother tongue English

Microsoft Office

I manage the following software of Microsoft Office:   Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Frontpage Microsoft Expression Web


My objective to find a good job is to work hard and use my skills in a professional way. Variety is very important to me. I also want a job where I can use my creativity in a professional way. I learned a lot in my studies of Tourism and afterwards Event and Project Management. I regret not finishing my bachelor in tourism but I still have all the skills down to make and sell for example an incentive. So my main goal is to find a company that needs someone to organize events and plan business trips or trips for employees. Here I can put my creativity and project management skils to use.


There are many interesting and exciting things in this world. But my main interest is travelling, my goal is to see every main capital of Europe. I also have a desire to go to Australia and go and explore America.

Seeing as I want to be a creative person, I also enjoy developping websites and I learn as much as I can about software regarding websites, photoshop, music,...

I think many people enjoy a good book. In my spare time I like reading books from Nicci French. It might seam a little akward but I also like Shakespeare's work.

The last interest I have is movies. I'm working on a collection.