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Infectious disease epidemiologist / microbiologist with over 22 years of experience Principal investigator on several infectious disease biomedical research protocols Successfully acquired extra-mural funding to support infectious disease biomedical research Published nearly 100 peer-review biomedical / scientific articles Participatory instructor / lecturer for graduate level epidemiology, biostatistics and microbiology courses and workshops Peer reviewer for biomedical manuscripts submitted for publication in recognized international medical journals Directed / mentored university students from several schools in USA, Egypt, and Indonesia Active participate in establishing and implementing several international health organizations, WHO, sponsored educational workshops to train foreign Ministries in SE Asia for infectious disease surveillance, outbreaks and response

Work experience

Nov 2003Present

Head, Bacterial Diseases Program

Supervises / directs daily scientific activities of both American and Indonesia scientists, laboratory technicians and university students participating in ongoing biomedical / infectious disease projects of interest in SE/E Asia. Collaborates with colleagues and host country scientists / public health officials, including Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, VietNam, Singapore, Europe and USA to develop, implement and execute systematic infectious disease studies; enteric, fever, respiratory, sexually transmitted, antibiotics and other disease. Responsible for securing both intra- and extra-mural funding to support all operations.




University of Iowa