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      Hello there and welcome to a little overview about me. I am well versed in both Bahasa Malayu as well as English and Interested in careers in the Film and Animation industry. Prior Service Military and over 2 years in documented heavy lifting/manual labor and almost 7 years in retail and customer service.Hello there and welcome to a little overview about me. I am well versed in both Bahasa Malayu as well as English and Interested in the Career Fire Fighting.

      So I can assume you're bothered by how to pronounce my name so for all intents and purposes call me Shamir Suhaimi. I currently a delivery driver for a Chinese restaurant and I have hailed my way into city hall as a call to my community. I am a hard-working individual and passionate about working in a team, not to mention I understand the basics of firefighting and want to make an honest career out of this opportunity if I was selected for the opportunity.

      I believe that the Hartford Fire Department is an impressive company whose values I share. Becoming a career firefighter is a call to the community and I have what it takes to answer those calls. Whether it be late nights or holidays, out at the schools or places that the sun don't shine. I am trained basically in firefighting and can beat any skills assessment to prove my worthiness to the company. I am professional and I thrive in a fast-paced environment and I know that I have the skills, experience, and attitude to excel in this position.

        I would love to meet in person and discuss what I can bring to this role. I can be reached at my work cellular number 8607194823 or at my email [email protected]. Looking forward to your response, good or otherwise,

        Meor Shakimshamir Meor Suhaimi

Thank you for your time!


Dec 2016Present

Associates Degree

Manchester Community College

A.A. Communications

Sep 2007Jun 2011

High School Diploma

Classical Magnet School

Liberal Arts Focus

Work History

Dec 2011Present

Delivery Driver

Peking Chinese Restaurant 

7 Day work schedules 5:30 to 11:00 (Nights)

Just following orders and delivering to customers. what else is there to say?

Oct 2015Feb 2017

BDL1 Tier 1 Fulfillment Associate

Fulfillment Center - Windsor CT

 The job requires one who can adapt to individual situations, have strong backbone, understand the design of the warehouse, and innovate and simplify to optimize warehouse performance. Top 10% performer in Productivity to Plan for OUTBOUND Pick and Pack.

Apr 2016July 2016

Electronics Technician

United States Armed Services

United States Navy Seaman Recruit. 3rd Class Swimmer, Navy Class Fire Fighter, Basically trained sailor. ARCPO Division 213.

Jun 2015Jul 2015

Inbound Dock Processor (warehouse associate)

Sleepy's : The Mattress Professionals Warehouse

Started on June 29th 2015| Job includes: Loading and unload trucks, servicing mattresses and processing returns, safely attach trucks to dock doors. Customer service is also spent on these mattress to the manufacturer.

Jun 2010Jun 2013

Store Owner

Good DEAL Thrift Store LLC.

Good DEAL LLC is second hand store that buys and sells gently used goods. Owner of two storefronts with a staff of five in both the East Hartford by CT BLVD and Hartford by Park Street and Sisson Ave.

The Store Operates currently through an eBay storefront.

Sep 2005Jun 2010

I.T. Teacher

University of Hartford's Professional Development Center in collaboration with the National Science Foundation

After school program instructor as well as a human resource to the public. Our goal was to provide service while attempting to close the digital divide by providing service to a panel as well as a total of twenty five young minds in Hartford High School. A teacher at the after school program has the responsibility to understand and be a mentor to children, provide adequate sustenance and keep them up to date on homework.


Customer Service

Sales representative for 7-Eleven for over six years.Communication skills rating 8 out of 10. Language Navigation skill 8 out of 10. Native and formal speaker of 3 different languages. Linguist in Bahasa Malayu and Bahasa Indonesia. I understand, speak and am able to write in the language on paper. Worked and trained in hotline answering, great at note taking and looking forward to assisting the client base in an efficient and productive manner in three easy and simple steps : listen to your customer complaints and comments and take notes, make a promise to the customer then follow through with your promises. Easily applicable to firefighting.

Information Technology

Studied under the care of Ken Carens, Business owner of Computer Works. Studied for the A+ Certification there as well. I can troubleshoot and debug in Windows and for Zebra Printers. 4.0 in computing in freshman year in college, Ive been working in for projects in Microsoft Office (word, power point, outlook and access) since 2010. I would say I'd be a fair bridge to the digital divide in the workplace. Worked alongside KIVA robotics from 2015 - 2017. Damaged returns processing since 2011.

Store Operations / Key Holder

Money counting / money management, Lifting of 40lbs+, Handling with customers, order writing (via mobile operations tablet and by hand), Stocking and cooler operations, Kaizen Six Sigma management. 5s, Opening and Closing store, Day count, day close, finance reporting via MOT, I know the back room as well as I run the front room please do ask because there isn't enough time to put everything here.

Teaching and Leadership

Certified graduate of the Great Hartford Leadership Program in 2010

Graduate of the Hartford Bridges Program in 2011

Leadership Team and team lead in Our-IT. Hartford based tech company from 2007 to 2011.

Productivity Specialist for Amazon in Pick and Pack Path two years running. Trainer and mentor (2015-2017)