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Work History

Oct 2015Present

BDL1 Tier - 1 Fulfillment Associate

Amazon Fulfillment Center BDL1

 The job requires one who can adapt to individual situations, have strong backbone, understand the design of the warehouse, and have a want to innovate the shipping process. In the year I've been here, I have immersed myself with with the Lean Manufacturing Process. 10 Hours daily 4 days a week each year, my peers see me as a well managed, self promoting and well eligible candidate for the job. As top 10% in pick path for OUTBOUND Pick and Pack, I have what it takes to reduce muda or waste and maximize efficency.

Apr 2016Present

Electronics Technician Apprentice

United States Armed Services

Electronic Technicians or ETs for short are the Navy/ Coast Guards rate (job) title given to those who specialize in technical computer networks. The rate ET is similar to a civilian electrician and is an specialists in troubleshooting in circuitry and connectivity issues. ETs are responsible for the repair, refurbishment and make service claims for million dollar electronics equipment.

Dec 2011Present

Clerk / Sales Associate

7-Eleven / Seven & I Holdings Co.

Taking Care of day to day tasks to complete customer satisfaction. The job requires each associate to order write, prepare hot foods, stock and load product and must clean all while taking customers. Per occasion a handler must deal with printing and dealing with the lottery systems, service and understanding of the machine as well as the schedules. On Other occasions, you must also deal with explosives and flammables such as gasoline handling or propane refilling. Also you are responsible for logistics and inventory management when you write orders using the MOT system for 7 Eleven and adjust inventory as well as closing the day too. It's a very high energy demanding job.

Jun 2015Jul 2015

Inbound Dock Proccessor (warehouse associate)

Sleepy's : The Mattress Professionals Warehouse

Started on June 29th 2015| Job entitles filling in for tasks that companies dont want to do or cant handle under strenuous ties or by failure of complying to hire and train associates, typically general labor entails, you do whatever a company asks, my currant task requires handling unloading of trucks, servicing mattresses, bailing cardboard and plastic, Servicing Mattresses and inspecting for quality product.

Jun 2010Jun 2013



Good DEAL LLC is second hand store that buys and sells gently used goods and resells them to the public. It was run in the heart of Hartford, Connecticut and immerses the shopkeeper in deep Latin American, African, Indian Asian, and Urban Culture. All workers must have at least a small understanding of Spanish as well as English and Mandarin as well as being able to handle different cultures and ethic groups and be able to communicate properly.

Buying an selling also requires the keeper to know how to book via Microsoft excel and proficient in the multitudes of channels for online marketplaces (eBay, amazon marketplace, Alibaba,, etc.)

Sep 2005Jun 2010

I.T. Teacher

University of Hartford's Professional Development Center in collaboration with the National Science Foundation

After school program instructor as well as a human resource to the public. Our goal was to provide service while attempting to close the digital divide by providing service to a panel as well as a total of twenty young minds in Hartford High School. A teacher at the after school program has the responsibility to understand and be a mentor to children, feed their appetite and keep them up to date on homework. As a teacher they also must provide a rigorous course in artwork, understanding of the software provided and keep up tabulations on grades and class atmosphere.


Dec 2016Present

Cisco Certified Network Professional

Manchester Community College
Aug 2011Jun 2013

Associate in Arts

University of Hartford

Liberal Arts -  Incompleted

Sep 2007Jun 2011

High School Diploma

Classical Magnet School

Liberal Arts Focus


Handling and Logistics

Lifting Over 1000+ pounds per day. Packaging over 100 units per hour. Knows how to service mattresses and inspect for quality. I can handle the heat of labor and can count down inventory. The back breaking laborer and the tabulations can and will be handled all at once if need be. Working in the cold is also not a problem. I can handle an electric pallet jack and know how to use a forklift and can quickly build walls.

Computer Refurbishment

Studied under the care of Ken Carens, Local Business owner of Computer Works. Studied for the A+ Certification there as well.

Computer refurbishment skills also apply to the service of all devices, mobile or personal computer systems. Soldering together Read Only Memory (ROM) to motherboards is an example of the hardware refurbishment and unlocking phones and removing bloatware and rooting android and iPhone devices is an example of software side of computer refurbishment.

Store Operations / Keyholder

Money counting / money management, Lifting of 40lbs+, Handling with customers, order writing (via mobile operations tablet and by hand), Stocking and cooler operations, Fronting and Facing a storefront and maintaining a positive aggressive sales attitude.

As a keyholder you are the storefronts first and last defense, operations of the daily storefront from open to close are your responsibility. Every task is important. From money managing to loss prevention these roles have priorities that are established that are constantly changing throughout the day. One of my job must meet those needs to ensure that the storefront stays well in stock, people are stealing from the shop, the store is closed properly if need be. All equipment is managed properly and malfunctions are reported to the proper channels and dealt with timely and efficiently.  All while managing day to day sales.

Teaching and Leadership

Taking care of children or adults takes a certain finesse to help them accomplish their goals, it requires a set of three core values that the Romans provided us. These values are Gravitas,  Dignitas and Pietas. In order they stand for Gravity or seriousness, Dignity or respect, and Piety or Loyalty unto others.

At Amazon we have these 5 Pillars of the exceptional few. The one most important pillar of them all is Safety. As an Amazon fulfillment associate who does both the Pick role and Pack role here at BDL1 in Windsor CT, its understood by those who want to outlast the systems expectations to carry out the highest standard of safety. Highlights include but are not limited to: Obey safety signage, following proper ergonomics (don't go against your bodies tendencies), and observe proper station etiquette.  As a survivor of the two and a half years without a sustain heavy work related injury, I can ensure the safest of employees will be established at your site.