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Work experience

May 2018Present

DevOps Engineer

Castle Global

Designed and implemented CI/CD Pipelines

Dockerized different kinds of apps.

Wrote Terraform modules for AWS/GCP

Dec 2016April 2018

Linux Administrator / DevOps Engineer

Appster LLP

Version Control Using Git, Bitbucket

Management of  DNS & SSL services
Managing Linux servers in Cloud
==> Ubuntu 16.04
==> Centos 7
Configuration Management with BASH shell scripting
==> Script to  install PHP runtime with Apache2 as web-server
==> Scripts to install java runtime and tomcat as application server and                                 Nginx as reverse-proxy server

Continuous Integration with Jenkins
==> Installation and management of Jenkins Server
==> deployment of builds[java, angular] to servers
Automated Provisioning of AWS and Goole Cloud Compute Resources with Terraform
==> Provisioning of Dev, Qa, Staging and Production  Environments in AWS & GCC
==> Created  custom modules for Servers, databases, Load Balancers , VPC,                        Storage  Buckets with Terraform

Deployment of various Amazon Web Services
==> EC2 for servers, RDS  for Database
==> S3 for object based storage, Route 53 for DNS Management
==> ELB & ALB  for load balancing, VPC  for Network Management
==> SES for Emails  , CloudWatch  for Monitoring various services
==> Autoscaling for handling Traffic spike and avoid downtime
==> CloudFront for Content Delivery Network

Deployment of Google Compute Cloud Resources
==> VM's for Server , Cloud Sql for databases
==> Cloud Storage for Object based Storage, Load Balancers
==> Cloud CDN for Content Delivery Network, StackDriver for Montoring

Provisioning & management of   Web& Applications Servers
==> Apache & Nginx  as web servers.
==> Tomcat 8 & Puma as Application servers

Monitoring InfraStructure with various Resources
==> Cloud Native Solution => CloudWatch for AWS & Stackdriver for GCC
==> Custom Soluions => Zabbix + Grafana , New Relic

Education Details

20122016 [Computer Science]

Kurukshetra University

Kurukshetra Institute of Technology and Management