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Shahroze Naeem

Social, Digital & Offline Marketing Professional

Cover Letter

I specialize in supervising and co-managing talented marketing teams to create B2B and B2C marketing initiatives. My primary focus has been on creating sounder digital presences for businesses. I have worked as a freelancer for more than 7 years which is why I found my passion working on the social media.

Presently, I am working with one of the region’s leading systems integrators, Arcana Info. We have various business partnerships with global technology giants such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, VMware and Huawei Technologies.

I’m the primary Marketing warrior who is responsible to draft strategies for co-marketing partnership funds [~$100,000 per annum] and regulate the company’s own marketing budget [~$50,000 per annum].

Feel free to leave me an email at and ask me anything related to my educational/professional background.

You can also add me on Linkedin so that we can stay in touch. You can find me at

Work experience

Arcana Info

May 2015Present

Marketing Communications Specialist

I'm working with the Marketing, Sales and PR teams to develop strong content and digital strategies that target pre-launch and post-launch campaigns.

My responsibilities include:

- Promote corporate agenda with social media tools
- Position Arcana Info well with different target segments
- The role involves supporting global and local digital marketing programs that target both potential clients and employees
- Create and execute project work plans and revises, as appropriate, to meet the changing needs and requirements of the brand
- Supervise moderation of all digital channels
· Perform testing and quality check of reports and other deliverables
· Work with marketers and recruiters to incorporate/leverage the Internet in their overall marketing and business development planning
· Help marketers by designing and delivering effective individual Internet marketing programs
· Work with business unit leadership to deliver Internet marketing programs, tied to specific marketing, recruiting and business goals

Techaccess Pakistan

Apr 2014Apr 2015

Marketing Specialist

▪ My duties were to:

- Project lead the implementation of newly cooked, designed and developed brand image of Techaccess Pakistan
- Use the rebranded company image to devise a fresh social media strategy targeted at a defined audience
- Supervise and manage the branding/marketing crew to devise event ideas, souvenir themes, CSR attempts and marketing opportunities
- Lead and supervise the creation, development and implementation of Techaccess Pakistan’s social footprint in new regions
- Work with the VP Marketing to develop an appropriate voice and custom content management strategy

HiCon Soft (Pvt) Ltd

Apr 2013Apr 2014

Project Manager

I was a pivotal part of a very professional team of content writers and SEO experts who were responsible to provide opportunities of growth promotion and awareness to new entrants thru the World Wide Web.

I became the lead content editor and proofreader within the first year of employment, as a result of my quick adaptability and spontaneous writing skills. This working opportunity taught me the ins and outs of all things SEO, SMM, PPC, B2C and B2B marketing.

I worked along with my core of five professional wordsmiths to provide content copies for websites that received more than 20,000 views on a daily basis. Each of these projects were multi-million dollar yielding projects.


Nov 2012Jan 2014


Freelancing on Elance-oDesk was challenging, entertaining and very relaxing all at the same time. 

I secured some of the most rewarding jobs on the portal. I signed 3 NDAs and was hired for 40 additional jobs in that very period. In just under a year, I completed far more projects than I had planned on my own.

HiCon Soft (Pvt) Ltd.

Feb 2012Mar 2013

Sr. Copywriter

My responsibilities included:

- Furnishing, proofreading and editing SEO-friendly content copies
- Assisting the digital marketing department in creating witty one-liners for maximum online interaction
- Bringing new projects to the company by suggesting improvements to HiCon's current SEO strategy
- Work with a deadline-oriented project team to tackle all project challenges
- Lead the team of copywriters and help them work effectively under deadlines


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants - UK

Nov 2011Present


Cambridge University (The City School, CCI - Islamabad)

Jan 2010Jun 2011

GCE O Levels and IGCSE A Levels






Digital/Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Strategy


Online Advertising





Blog Posts

Marketing/ Branding

Brand Development

Product Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing


Online Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Content Strategy

Content Marketing


Buffer, Canva, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Sidekick, WordPress, Crowdfire, StatusBrew, Google Trends, Hemingway, Facebook Page Barometer/ Pages Manager, Yoast SEO, MailChimp

Email Marketing


Sales Copies


Graphics and Design

Adobe Creative Suite/ Creative Cloud

CorelDRAW Suite

Windows Movie Maker

Video Marketing

Video Production

Video Direction

Video Editing

Knowledge Base

Infrastructure - Network, Compute, Storage

Business Intelligence - Data Mining, Warehousing, Analytics

Platform - Middleware, Operating Systems


Security - IT Security, Information Security

Applications - Big Data, Integration, Enterprise Management Systems, Deployment, IoT