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M.B.A. in Finance, with undergraduate degree in Electrical engineering. Experience in Asset Management, Energy Markets, Business Analysis and design. Strengths include working under highly stressful environment with a great ability of co-ordination. Detail Oriented. Willing to undertake complex projects alone or in groups. Seeking a challenging full-time position in which I can utilize my skills, education and previous work experiences.


• Total 4 years of diversified experience as a Business Analyst/ Research Project Engineer/ Analyst/ Client Support Analyst with extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing innovative business process and system solutions using state-of-the-art approach like Rational Unified Process (RUP).

• Extensive experience of working as liaison between management and IT team. Detail knowledge of Project Management skills. Experience working in fast-paced environment with knowledge of various report preparation and trouble shooting from different ends.

• Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and a thorough understanding of its phases like Requirements, Analysis/Design, Development and Testing. In depth knowledge of RUP's Iterative Software Development Life Cycle process i.e., Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition.

• Experience in business requirement elicitation/gathering techniques like interviewing, questionnaires, brainstorming, focus groups; conducting Joint Application Discussions (JAD), Rapid Application Development (RAD), project meetings, reviews, walkthroughs, customer interviews and coordinating various technical and managerial teams at all levels.

• Experience in preparation of deliverables; business process design and workflow, business requirement documents (BRD), detailed business functional and non functional specifications, use cases, test cases while assisting in preparation of systems requirements specifications (SRS)

• Knowledge of UML methodology for preparation of Use Case diagrams, Dataflow diagrams, State diagrams, Activity diagrams, ER diagrams, Class diagrams and Collaboration diagrams.

• Acted as liaison between management and development team for Requirements and QA testing during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase and involved in user interfaces, requirements and data modeling sessions.

• Possess excellent problem solving and analytical skills coupled with good inter-personal and communication skills. Strengths include ability to work under highly stressful environment with a great ability of co-ordination. Detail oriented. Demonstrated a "go-getter" attitude in previous job roles.


Sep 2006Sep 2008


Hofstra University
  • Recipient - Lawrence Roman Scholarship awarded to only few students among 1500 students of Zarb School of Business.
  • Dean's Scholarship Award - Hofstra University.
  • Vice President - Hofstra Investment Banking Association.
  • Graduate Representative - Dean's Curriculum and Standard's Committee.
Jun 2000Jun 2004

Bachelor Of Science

L.D. College Of Engineering


Anoop Rai

Dr. Anoop Rai is the professor of Finance at Hofstra University. I worked  with him as Research Assistant for two research papers.

K.G. Viswanathan

I worked with Dr. Viswanathan as Research Assistant and co-authored paper on cross listing of BRIC companies and its effect on their Operating Returns

Thomas Papa


Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Business Analyst

  • Worked as liaison between business group and Information Technology.
  • Ensured application-wide tools and systems are being developed, tested and released to the business user group.
  • Kept the Management updated about the project development and updated schedules.
  • Defined the scope of the project with inputs from different managers and stakeholders.
  • Documented user requirements, analyzed and prioritized and converted them as system requirements that must be included in to system.
  • Started from the As-Is processes, defined To-Be processes, identified gaps and impacts to different groups and systems.
  • Coordinated JAD Sessions with different groups associated with the project.
  • Developed strategies with Quality Assurance group to implement Test Cases for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Documented the defects and their trailing history and helped developers identify the modules and code sections to be fixed by executing the related scenarios with different combinations of data.
  • Interacted with Project Manager, Users, Developers, and Testing team during the SDLC.
  • Used RUP methodology for project development.


MS Visio, RUP, UML, HTML, MS Project, Microsoft office 2000, Rational Rose, Rational Requisite Pro, Rational test manager

May 2007Jan 2009


Ivy Asset Management
  • Worked extensively with firm’s research team for scoring various hedge fund managers.
  • Liaised with research team to perform quantitative analysis like VaR analysis, portfolio composition analysis, risk-research analysis. Used Matlab, SAS and C++ to perform various quantitative analyses.
  • Developed variety of models in Excel using VBA for developing Ivy’s structured products.
  • Responsible for conducting research and analysis on various CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligations) managers. Extensive experience with mortgage backed securities and its related products.
  • Performed roll rate analysis, loan level analysis and rating analysis for firm’s CDO managers.
  • Helped develop white paper on Distressed Credit Fund.
  • Responsible for developing and updating Fund Update Summary using excel and SAS.
  • Compiled various statistical data into SAS to score firm’s each hedge fund managers. These scores are used when as a benchmark for investing in any hedge fund manager.
  • Responsible for co-ordination and management of multiple channels of verbal and written communication, including marketing presentations and performance reporting.
  • Responsible for preparing Request for Proposals (RFP) for prospective clients and consultants.


Microsoft office 2000, IRIS, Pertrac, VBA, Lotus Notes, RFP writer, C, C++, Intex, Bloomberg, Markit

Jun 2008Sep 2008

Client Support Analyst (Financial)

Openlink Financial
  • Provided technical and financial support to Openlink client base. Extensively used Citrix environment to analyze client issues.
  • Gathered user and business requirements through open-ended discussions, prototyping and observation of the compliance department and work environment.
  • Documented the user requirements, analyzed & prioritized and converted them as system requirements that must be included while developing the software.
  • Interacted with Project Manager, Users, Developers and other resources in understanding the client issues.
  • Used the SQL queries for abstracting from the database and used for various purposes.
  • Conducted iterations and communicated results and milestone achievements to the stakeholders while keeping the developers closely updated on all documented refinements.
  • Created and maintained complete development plans that included functional specifications, requirements engineering, Use Case modeling, risk assessment and mitigation, internal and external workflow
  • Helped in creating end user manuals and procedure manuals post testing/deployment. Created active risk mitigation and management plan and tracked the same using progress reports in weekly basis.
Sep 2006Sep 2008

Research Assistant

  • Assist Finance professors with research paper on "The Lending Behavior of Foreign Banks During the 1989-90 and 2000-01 U.S. recessions". Developed complete comparison model for assets of 1000 foreign banks using Excel and compiled sample data in SAS for outcome.
  • Assist Finance professor with research papers on "Contingency Of Emerging Markets in Asian Countries"
Jun 2004Aug 2006

Research Project Engineer

Indian Space Research Organization
  • Nominated as a team member for India’s first moon mission project, “Chandrayaan – I”.
  • Assisted team of senior scientists for developing test bench for the CCD system application.
  • Used C and Visual Basic for developing software interface with the CCD unit.
  • Used MS project for planning various phases of the payload.
  • Prepared documentation outlining methodology, new designs and major enhancement of existing Cartosat payload.
  • Experience with liaising with QA, DSP Processing and Mechanical Assembly team. Worked with Project managers and system analysts to integrate the payload with other interfacing units.
  • Researched and identified redundancies and gaps in existing system and proposed various solutions.
  • Evaluated various hardware and software solution alternatives and improvement opportunities for satellite payload.


CVS, SDLC, Waterfall
RUP, UML, Rational Rose
Microsoft Office
Windows, Unix,
Intex, Bloomberg, Pertrac
C, C++