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Sep 2013April 2017

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.), Retail Management 

  • Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Graduation: Winter 2017


  • Retail Operation Management 
  • Issues and Innovations in Retail I & II
  • Visual Merchandising & Space Planning 
  • Managing B2B channels 
  • Identifying Business Opportunities 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Finance  
  • Marketing Management 

Work experience

August 2017Present

Associate Channel Marketing Manager 

ODL Canada 
Jan 2015Present

Founder & Owner 


Black orchid is an Eastern inspired pop-culture brand. Black orchid's revenue streams are e-commerce, consignment, wholesale and fashion event sales. 

Fully manage value chain including supply chain. 

Managed projects according to timeline and seasonal changes. 

Drove sales by developing business strategies, marketing plans and merchandise assortments. 

Managed  budgets and financial plans. 

Displayed and presented clothing and merchandise for fashion shows. 

Design new products to fit with the brand image.

Built a reputation of credibility and responsiveness with customers. 

Develop e-commerce website and create ongoing content.

Collaborated with photographers and bloggers/social media public figures  to effectively elucidate The Black Orchid brand and merchandising standards. 

Manage Social media/ create creative content 


** Please check Black Orchid's media mentions in the link bellow:

Jun 2013Feb 2014

Market Research Intern


Conducted primary and secondary market research on the success of Sensible's digital receipts and payment mobile application in the Canadian market to provide the next-step recommendations.

Gathered market data that reflected the Canadian market's acceptance of the new technology, quantified the revenue potential and identified all risks involved.

Accurately complied analyzed and compiled large amounts of information to help make informed business decisions from micro and macro-level economic perspective.

Analyzing competitors and studying the company's competitive advantage. 

Jan 2012Jan 2014

Office Administrator/marketing Intern


Office Administrator/Marketing intern '-Aug 14'

Ensure efficient flow of office work and in responding to customer's questions and concerns.

Assisting in producing marketing material and managing the incorporation's website.

Created presentations showcasing the company's construction projects to future clients for marketing purposes.


July 2015Present

Ambassador of Outreach

ZLAS Zone Learning Analytics Zone 

Work with the marketing team on ZLAS's marketing campaigns. 

Represent ZLAS in events, classroom talks and booths.

Work with the rest of the ZLAS team to execute events and activities. 

Jun 2014July 2015

Brand Manager/Graphic Designer 

SAGE  - Students for Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship      

Positioning and Managing SAGE's brand in a manner that aligns with SAGE's current goals and objectives

Developing marketing strategies that translate SAGE's brand messages

Continuously measuring and evaluating the ongoing equity and quality of the brand

Work closely with the entire SAGE team to plan and execute conferences.

Working along with the rest of the marketing team to produce marketing materials such as flyers, newsletters, posters and digital content.