Mussab Sharaf Alzahrani

Personal Information

Date of birth: 19-9-1989

Mobile Number: 0555734523    E-mail:

Nationality: Saudi                         Gender: Male

Status: Married.

Work History

Work History
2011 - 2015

Armament Specialist

Royal Saudi Air Force, Taif, Saudi

Eurofighter/Typhoon armament specialist (level 5).

Working as trades-man. Loading missiles and bombs. Operating as a flight line technician. Delivering maintenance. Performing different tasks such as; towing, washing, EOR, hit team, crash team, flight line control, training cell, tool store.


2013 - 2013

Qualification Course

BAE System, Warton, UK

Authorization of Loading of missiles and different types of bombs.

Jul 2010 - Nov 2011

Armament and ejection seats Diploma

Defence Collage of Aeronautical Engineering ,Cosford, UK

Level 3.

2008 - 2010

Ae Diploma

Technical Studies Institute, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Graduated as a Sargent from RSAF.


Apr 2012 - Apr 2012

Human Factors & Error Management Awarness

Baines Simmons

general course in management awareness.

Jul 2011 - Nov 2011

Weapons Maintenance

successfully passing the following modules:

Military aviation policy and regulation

Aircraft Armament Expendable stores

Aircraft Assisted Escape System

Aircraft Guns Systems

Weapons Electrical Maintenance Practices

Aviation mathematics and sciences

electrical fundamentals

Basic Aerodynamics

Human Factors

Mar 2011 - Apr 2011

Information and Communication Technology

Royal Air Force, Cosford, UK

Level 1 Key Skills.

Mar 2011 - Apr 2011


Royal Air Force, Cosford, UK

Level 1 Key Skills



Personal quialities

Punctual and Reliable

team member

ability to handle work load professionally


English: Excellent.

Arabic: Excellent.


Typhoon 10th squadron Commander: Capt. Hassan Altuwairqi