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Work experience

Sep 2013Oct 2013


Practical experience in the implementation of ceiling grid.: Study and research in sound recording and playback, the speakers, the chassis design and Speaker Stand..
Mar 2010Apr 2010


Work and practical experience repairing gasoline engines.: Research and study on multi-axis gearbox design(Drills designed for multi-axis machining university project" drilling" peugeot automatic front seat floor). 5. 2013: Classic car restoration experience 6. 2013: Research and practical experience in the paint and car paint 7. 2011: Various design and implementation of interior decoration(Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, flooring and.). 8. 2012: As an executive overseeing the project, 25-unit building in Tehran, Saadat Abad.
Jan 2009Feb 2009

Reading Specialist

Research & Professional Experiences
Reading specialist in internal combustion engines and the principles of operation, troubleshooting and repair them.: A comprehensive study of 8-cylinder engines, the engine of change, upgrade and strengthen its.




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