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SharePoint developer/consultant with extensive exposure to .NET technology covering ASP.NET, SQL Server, SharePoint (2007 onward), SharePoint online and Office 365.


Visual studio, SQL Server, Branding SharePoint sites, Customising master pages, Content Query Web parts, BCS Service, External Lists, Custom application pages, jQuery, WCF Services, Web API, JSON, XML, XSLT, CSS and HTML, SharePoint Timer Jobs, SharePoint application deployment, Powershell scripts, some level of understanding of Workflows in SharePoint Designer / Visio / Visual Studio, Infopath and SharePoint forms development, basics of Amazon Web Services, JSOM, CSOM, Nintex Workflows and Plumsail Form Designer.

I also have hands on experience of Sitecore 7, 7.5 and 8. I have implemented several public facing responsive website with search functionality using built-in Lucene search engine.

I am also exploring new features of sitecore 9, Microsoft Flow, Power Apps and Xamarin Android Apps.

    Work experience

    Mar 2012Present

    SharePoint Developer / Consultant



    • Designing & Developing SharePoint applications to meet user requirements and industry standards.
    • Involvement in requirement gathering process to provide feedback on SharePoint related requirements.
    • working as SharePoint consultant to help customer to select a preferred system for intranet development.
    • Working closely with clients to make sure meeting the expectations.
    • Training clients on how to use SharePoint to maintain intranet and preparing training manuals.
    • Cost and time estimation of new SharePoint related tenders.
    • Maintaining internal leave, purchase request system and sharepoint administration/support.

    Tasks and Achievements

    • Developed SharePoint Online intranet with out of the box web parts and 3rd party apps.
    • Implemented branding solutions for different departments in an organisation with a goal to clearly define the functionality of each department along with company’s standard and policies.
    • Developed Powershell scripts to automate deployments which reduced the future deployment effort.
    • Configured out of the box web parts to reduce the development time and maintenance effort.
    • Developed a data migration utility for a client to transfer data from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.
    • Used SharePoint 2013 features to migrate data from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
    Jul 2011Feb 2012

    Principal Software Engineer



    • Scrum meetings for status updates and problem sharing.
    • Working closely with clients and QA team to make sure reported issues are solved and product meeting the client expectations.

    Tasks and Achievements

    • Designed custom master pages withe help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
    • Created page layouts, content types and custom columns for storing content data and user preferences.
    • Created expression builder and SharePoint list for displaying data in different languages.
    Aug 2010Jun 2011

    Senior Software Engineer

    Hira Software Solutions


    • Gathering requirements from sales and management team and translating them into technical documents.
    • Working closely with clients and QA and deployment teams in different countries to make sure reported issues are solved and product meeting the client expectations.

    Tasks and Achievements

    • Developed custom web pages, communication with IntraLinks exchange, web services and scheduling jobs within the environment of SharePoint Services.
    • Developed web parts, application design, user controls, custom pages and features in SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio 2010. 
      Oct 2007Jul 2010

      Staff Software Engineer



      • Communication with client for requirement specifications, elicitation and successful deployment of the project and integration with 3rd party modules.
      • Planning and Managing application issues, resource allocation and Time management.

      Tasks and Achievements

      • Migrated ASP.NET application into SharePoint 2007, redesigned database and implemented SharePoint related features.
      • Developed custom web pages, web services and scheduled jobs within the environment of MS Windows SharePoint Services. 
        Aug 2005Oct 2007

        Software Engineer



        • Client interaction, requirement gathering and project deployments.

        Tasks and Achievements

        • Designed Database, class diagrams and use cases.
        • Front-end page designing, business logic development and back-end development.

        Recent Projects

        Disaster Assistance (

        • Public facing responsive website for department of Attorney General built in SharePoint 2010.
        • jQuery AJAX and Web API used for fetching information from sharepoint lists and displayed on the client side.
        • Used sharepoint server object modal to read information from sharepoint lists and libraries.
        • Used content editor web part to render HTML and used jQuery to parse and display API returned JSON.
        • Type ahead search used to give user easy access to information they are looking for.
        • Powershell script used for solution deployment and upgrading existing solution.

        Responsibilities :  Worked as analyst programmer, designed the architecture, helped client in deployments.


        • SharePoint Online Intranet developed for Change2020.
        • SharePoint tiles list used for clients and every tile linked to a separate client site. Used javascript and CSS to customise the default behavior.
        • 3rd part APP used to display announcements in a carousal on the home page.
        • One drive sync configured for every client and trained them how to sync more libraries.

        Responsibilities : Worked as analyst programmer, requirements gathering,  designed the architecture, helped client to achieve more out of the box, delivered training and prepared helping material.

        BlastOne Intranet

        • SharePoint Online Intranet developed for BlastOne.
        • Created content types and columns with parent and child relationship to reduce the duplication.
        • Quick links section created to display links based on the current user's country.
        • Search web part used to display news items and events based on user's country.
        • Created a page library with multiple content types to store approximately 80k products.
        • Views and filters used to overcome the list threshold limit.
        • Custom page layouts created to show product information along with multiple content query parts to display product's manual and images on product's page.
        • SharePoint designer used to create custom page layouts.
        • Search result item template customised to display product image and related information.
        • Added a subscribe option on every product page and document and used content query web part to display subscribed content on home page.
        • 3rd party weather APP used to display weather of different offices around the world.
        • SharePoint tiles list used to display a list of departments and Yammer APP configured for every department.
        • Used CSOM to upload 50k products from excel spreadsheet to SharePoint pages library and created metadata fields.
        • Created search able mapped properties and used in search result web part.

        Responsibilities :  worked as developer, designed the architecture, delivered training and prepared helping material.

        Tafe Riverina

        • SharePoint 2016 Intranet developed for Tafe Riverina.
        • Out of the box content query web part used to fetch information from different sites and lists and displayed on different pages.
        • SharePoint out of the box announcement tiles list used to display important link on home page and customised look and feel using CSS and jQuery.
        • 3rd party events APP used to display events maintained in a list.
        • Blog template used to create a news site and search web part used to display news items on the home page.

        Rio Tinto Intranet development

        • Worked on client side implemented SharePoint 2010 branding sites for Compliance and Group Audit & Assurance departments.
        • Developed Content by Query web parts and used with XSLT and CSS.
        • Staff on site training on SharePoint on how to maintain and add functionality in intranet. /

        • Foetex and Netto are SharePoint 2010 application, supports branding and multilingual interface.
        • Developed custom master page, content types, page layouts and site.
        • Implemented JSON parsing of objects for communication client side and server side calls.
        • Implemented Modern jQuery carousal for products stored in Commerce server.
        • Used expression builder and SharePoint list to display content data in different languages. In first phase we included English and Danish language support.
        • Developed BCS service for fetching data from commerce server and indexed that data in SharePoint for easy and fast search experience.

          SPS(SharePoint Solution Set)

          • Defined an API for creating AJAX enabled web parts in SharePoint 2010. Web parts were capable of display data from exchanges and web part connections.
          • Created a Generic web part and exposed the AJAX functionality for all web parts inheriting from it.
          • Web part was designed to show some specific data with operations in SharePoint grid.

          SPIN(SharePoint Integrator)

          • A converter that connects to a third part content management exchange and synchronize data between SharePoint and that exchange.
          • Synchronize folders, documents, users, groups, custom fields and lists.
          • Developed some timer jobs and they are responsible to connect to exchange after a specific interval and perform sync. 


          Jan 2003Oct 2006


          University of Engineering & Technology

          Major subjects during the study were:

          • Visual Programming, Software Engineering, System analysis and design and Project Management.