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ShadowTraders' VisualCV Blog


A leading educational enterprise, ShadowTraders educates people regarding online futures trading. Based in Clearwater, Florida, the seven-year-old company holds interactive seminars and online courses to students from many different countries. The weekly webinars are free, and ShadowTraders also offers online courses for busy professionals. Beyond online courses, the company holds comprehensive in-person seminars for those who want to learn how to trade in less than a week. ShadowTraders is led by Chief Executive Officer James Horne and Chief Information Officer Barbara Cohen.Students can sign up for the free weekly webinars on the main ShadowTraders website. The webinar is a no-pressure introduction to the ShadowTraders system, and it is full of information for novices and experienced traders alike. During the online session, instructors talk about the futures market in general, as well as the company's proprietary system used to trade online. Other topics of discussion include fractal geometry, successful trading strategies, and how to maximize profits. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions. The ShadowTraders website has an extensive collection of articles related to trading. Anyone may access these articles, the subjects of which include e-mini futures, currency trading, basic strategies, night trading, and many more. In addition, the website hosts several free videos recorded from live chat rooms. In each video, Chief Information Officer Barbara Cohen demonstrates her live trading strategies. Ensuring connections in the financial industry, ShadowTraders is a member of the National Futures Association. It adheres closely to the organization's regulations on conduct. Dedicated to philanthropy as well as education, ShadowTraders supports the non-profit group Goldcoast Greyhounds.