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I am a software developer and a tech geek with a passion, a quick learner and could come with innovative and creative ideas, also I am a persistent problem solver, graphics/UI design is a huge plus.



Microprocessor, Microcontroller Advanced Course

Jelecom Panasonic

User Experience for the Web (WebUX)


MCSD Certification - Microsoft

I have studied the course from the original Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC), no exam has been conducted.


May 2009Present

Graduation Project 2009/2010

Fingerprint Recognition System

That project focused on identifying people by their physical characteristics (in our case using their fingertip fingerprint) in which the user has to enroll him/her self first by scanning his/her fingertip through a specific fingerprint scanner (UPEK) and provide essential information about him/her self (including his/her photo which could be taken from a live webcam or a stored photo in the hard disk or equivalent storage medium), then the system can operate in two different modes:

1-Identification mode:

The system doesn't know the user at all, after the user scans his/her fingertip using the connected fingerprint scanner the system searches his fingertip fingerprint template against all the enrolled persons in the database and if the system found a match then the system gives a feedback that it found the identity of the person and display his/her picture and personal information.

2-Verification mode:

In verification mode, the user says he/she is a specific person by providing his/her PIN (personal identification number, which is auto generated by the system for each enrolled person) then the system ensure if the user is actually the person claimed or not.

P.S. That was my graduation project, I was the developer and the UI/Graphic designer of the whole project as the team was a team of one person -me- due to the lack of available team members.

P.S.S. No third-party controls/components have been used, everything has been created from scratch and the only third-party component is the SDK(s) of the fingerprint scanner/reader which was written in C++ (provided by UPEK) and I had to port it to be a compatible .NET SDK.

Side note: the project was developed as a WPF application and the UI/Animation design was created using Microsoft Expression Blend.

Jan 2013Jul 2013

UX Developer / Cofounder @ MikaEG

MikaEG - CrowdSourcing System

I was the front-end developer, Web Designer and Graphic Designer on that project and did a little of the back-end coding. The technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3+CSS3 PIE, PrefixFree
  • JQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • KnockoutJS
  • MVC 4 (C#)
  • Razor

Note: The online Team Foundation Service (using Scrum technique) has been used to work on the project with my other teammate as we weren't in the same place.

Note2: InVision prototyping tool service has been used to communicate the design ideas between me and my teammate before final decision and implementing the proposed UI.

Note3: please see the portfolio (embedded with the CV).

Jan 2011Aug 2012

Developer/UX Designer - Silverlight @ Offok company

Al-sirah Alnabaweya

Silverlight application that illustrates prophet Muhammad's biography in a new innovative way using a satellite map (powered by esri, the map has been modified to look old as if it was 1400 years ago), on-map compass and distance measurement tool (the on-map compass and distance measurement tool base point is Makkah or Madina), dynamic historical events interactive timeline bar with search (by event date/name/category, prophet Muhammad age, place), dynamic on-map historical events (timeline-related) with detailed event description and date, on-map dynamic animations of the historical events, on-map historical places and locations pinpoints, remarkable historical events' participants and their own biography, innovative user-interface design with animations

Note: the entire Silverlight web application (Al-sirah Alnabaweya) is an MVVM-based.

P.S. My responsibilities in that project:

• Developer

• Layout designer

• Animation designer

• Quality control

• Tools programmer

• UI graphics design assistance

• UI controls development

Feb 2011Jul 2011

.Net Web Developer @ Offok Lilparmagiate

Oloum Quran

A web application that uses MVC, Razor, JQuery, Knockout, C#, EF, SQL Server 2012.

P.S. My responsibilities in that project:

• Tools programmer

• Back-end Developer

• Front-end Developer

Oct 2010Jan 2011

Developer/UX Designer - Silverlight @ Offok company



A web based (Silverlight) application that is used in browsing/searching Quran, interpreting Quran verses and more. It is one among the first projects to be built using Silverlight technology.

Note: I was mainly responsible for creating advanced layouts, animations and creating controls and a little of coding, also I have assisted (it was a second-role) in the creation of the visual design (colors and effects).

P.S. My responsibilities in that project:

• Layout designer (XAML, MS Expression Blend)

• Animation designer (XAML, MS Expression Blend)

• Quality control

• UI graphics design assistance (XAML, MS Expression Blend)

• UI controls development (C#, XAML, MS Expression Blend)

Sep 2010Oct 2010

Front-end Developer/UX Designer - Silverlight @ Offok company

Flash Website (dynamic content)

A flash website that depends on dynamic content (text, photos, videos, pdf files ... ETC) by using external XML files which store the metadata of the content which is used by the flash app (using Action Script 3) to reach the actual data which can be updated, changed or deleted dynamically by updating the external XML files without  touching the original SWF file (the main flash app) , also the flash web app was divided into 4 SWF files (for each section on the site) to save bandwidth, also the sections on the site is designed (visually and coding including creating custom controls) entirely by me except the main header of the site.

Note: please see the portfolio (embedded with the CV).

P.S. My responsibilities in that project:

• Developer (Action Script 3)

• Layout designer

• Animation designer

• UI graphics designer

• UI controls development

Oct 2010Oct 2010

Developer/UX Designer - [email protected] Offok company

Quran Media Player (El-Moqre2)

A special media player for Quran that enables the user to listen to Quran verses (Ayat) and read them as the Quran verse (Aya) that the user listens to, is displayed with 'Uthmani font', also the user can change the Reciter on the fly and read more information about the reading of the verses (Ayat). Also the user can go to specific Sura, Juz, Aya with ease and listen, read and learn immediately.

Note: The project was a WPF MVVM-based application.

P.S. My responsibilities in that project:

• Developer (C#, MVVM pattern, XAML)

• Layout designer

• Animation designer

Oct 2005Feb 2006

ITA Science club Member @ Thebes Academy

Universal IR RC

A .NET Winform application that controls any computer with any infrared-based remote control available at home, using a "hand-made" external universal infrared receiver (connected through a RS-232 port), the application can identify any infrared-based remote control from its unique IR signal code, then for each IR remote control stored/identified, the application can be trained to identify the remote control keys by their IR signal codes then the user can assign a pre-defined action (from a collection of categorized built-in actions, ex., "Turn On/Off the Screen") to each stored/trained key, after that the application is ready to go.P.S. No third-party controls/components used, the application has been made from scratch.

Feb 2006Feb 2006

participated in "Best Creative Project"

Arab Universities Youth Week

Participated as competitor in the contest of best creative project.

The creative project was a system that developed by C# to implement this effective functionality:

"To control any computer with any infrared-based remote control available at home".

P.S: More information about the project and the project itself are available upon request.

Mar 20042006


ITA Science club

I was a member in my academy science club (programming field) in which we -the members- represent our academy in any organized competition that the academy participates in.

Feb 2005Feb 2005

Participated in "Best Presentation Contest"

Egyptian Universities Youth Week

Participated as competitor in the contest of best Presentation about my academy.

P.S: tools used:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Action Script
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

P.P.S: The presentation is available upon request.


WPF/Silverlight (C#)
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop CS6
MS Expression Design
MS Expression blend
C++ (as an assistant language)
P.S: when some functionality is not implemented in the .NET Framework, I use C++ to implement it and compile the code as a DLL then using the DLL through C# by marshaling, but marshaling can be avoided by using C++.NET.
It's similar to the binding technique including the use of the MVVM pattern that WPF/Silverlight technologies have but in normal web applications no matter the technology used ( web forms/MVC, PHP, Ruby on Rails ... ETC)
Entity Framework (EF)
WCF Ria services
Used in Silverlight applications to facilitate data communication process between Silverlight app (client-side) and the data on the server-side
MVVM pattern
Model-View-ViewModel pattern used in WPF/Silverlight apps to separate the code from the view and facilitate the development/maintenance process
Reverse Engineering
P.S. more info upon request.  
Regular Expression
Team Foundation Service
I have been using the online Microsoft Team Foundation Service to develop project(s) with other teammate(s).
UI Prototyping (Mockups)
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Drawing (by hand)
MS Sql server 2008/2008 R2 Express
P.S: also MS Sql server compact edition 3.5
.NET Developer

Work History (official)

UX Integration Developer (WPF/Silverlight)

 - OffOk Lilparmagiate

. Net Web Developer 

- OffOk Lilparmagiate

UX Developer / Co-Founder 

- MikaEG

Sitefinity CMS Web Developer (Front and Back-end) /Content Management